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Dining in Bermuda

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11 hours ago, MetsFan5 said:

I have a feeling I may not eat all that well. Being in the Hamilton Princess. 

  That’s okay anything is better than this rainforest like climate in the NYC Tristan’s area right now. I’ll be on my own for a few days and maybe nights. Is it safe for me to explore the area around the hotel on foot? If not I’ll just stick to Marcus’s and the pool bar. 

  Is there a decent Uber presence there? I’m thinking we should hit up duty free on the flight out. 


You'll have the opportunity for some good meals.  There are lots of restaurants in Hamilton and some are very good.  There's nice shopping too if you are in to that sort of thing (I'm not much of a shopper).  


Bermuda in general is very safe, especially during the day.  You will be OK in town alone.  Stay in the main areas and out of dark alleys 🙂  Most crimes are petty theft and the like.  It's rare though.  For example yesterday my husband went to the market and left his iPhone X with his license and credit cards in the wallet part of his phone case in the basket of his shopping cart.  When he realized and went back, it was still sitting there.  Someone had opened it and looked for cash, but nothing else was touched (no cash in there).


Uber as such does not exist on Bermuda.  There's a different app you can download, HITCH, which is kind of like Uber.  There are not always drivers available though.  You can always call a cab, the drivers are wonderfully nice.

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Avocado fries! Why have I never thought of that before?! That sounds delightful and decadent.  Other dishes on your more recent restaurant post are also inspiring. 


Since you don't plan to do much in the way of restaurants in the near future, please remember that we are also fascinated with local grocers and what you do with that food in the rental kitchen. :)

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 I forgot that last night was our one dinner out with the group.  We went to Mickey's Beach Bar and Bistro at the Elbow Beach Hotel.  Wahoo seveche




Wahoo carpaccio




Fried calamari




Tuna tartar




Rigatoni bolognese








Local grouper




Mixed grill with shrimp omitted




Grandma's Cake




Chocolate dome



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10 hours ago, MetsFan5 said:

@liamsaunt thanks for the advice. My husband has works dinner 2 of the 5 nights we will be there so I’ll be solo. 


  Is there a grocery store in Hamilton? Do you have any recommendations for a solo female diner? 



The finest grocery on the island is right by your hotel, Miles Market.  They have everything you could possibly need, from fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fish to prepared foods like soup, sushi, grilled meats etc.  They have a large selection of beer and wine, plus a full liquor selection.  There's a Godiva cafe in there, and a large (for an island) bakery.





As far as dining, there are a bunch of restaurants on Front Street (the main road through town and the road your hotel is on) that have outdoor dining looking over the street and harbor.  The outdoor seating is up on the second floor so you can have a good view for people watching to entertain you while dining solo.  Most of the tables up there are for two, so you should not have a problem getting seated at one.


I remembered the name of the Indian restaurant I mentioned earlier: House of India.  Last time we ate there we were seated next to the Premier of Bermuda, so you know it has to be good 🙂


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Now that I am home and organized I'll post our last meal.  My niece and nephew begged us to go back to the Frog and Onion on our last full day because they offer all day waffles on Saturdays.  Of course we caved.  The waffles




Blackened wahoo salad




Fried calamari--very tender




Fish and chips




Chicken and mushroom pot pie








Apple crumble




My husband and I are coming back for a long weekend at the end of next month and will be exploring some new to us places, I hope.  We are staying at Elbow Beach for the first time so a repeat visit to Mickey's will definitely happen.  Everything else is up for grabs.  If you eat anywhere good on your trip MetsFan5, post it here!  Until then...


My favorite beach, Warwick Long Bay





Last sunset of the trip




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extra photo (log)
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@liamsaunt thanks for sharing. I have been curious about The Frig and the Onion. 

  We don’t land today (omg I need to go to bed) until 8:30pm and I’m worried we won’t be able to get dinner. Seems like the Lobster Pot May be open late. Also, the shopping is super appealing. I’ll add to this thread soon enough. 

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  • 1 month later...

I'm back in Bermuda for a long weekend.  There's a rain shower passing through so I thought I would update this topic while waiting it out.  We flew out yesterday and had breakfast at Legal Sea Foods at Logan Airport.  Airport food is very much hit or miss but :Legal usually does a pretty good job.  My husband ordered a lobster omelet.  I should have taken a picture after he cut into it because it was completely stuffed with huge chunks of lobster




I ordered a crab cake and egg sandwich.  I asked for the egg to be over easy, but as you can see it was completely overcooked.  I just pushed it off and ate the crab cake with the avocado and tomato.  The crab was very fresh.




We had a bumpy flight in including alarms blaring and lots of turbulence but we made it.  We are staying at Elbow Beach hotel.  Here's the beach




Last night we had dinner at Mickey's which is at the hotel.  Cocktail of champagne with elderflower and mint








Wahoo carpaccio




Poached shrimp with torched avocado and orange




Tuna with broccolini and olives, with a cape sauce.  This was delicious and I managed to finish most of it




husband had the seafood mixed grill




Another beach shot




And just like the that, the sun is out.  Off to find lunch!

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22 hours ago, KennethT said:

How is the Elbow Beach hotel?  For a while, they were advertising quite a bit on the business news radio station I listen to...


It's very nice, very old Bermuda.  We are staying in an ocean view room, and those are a bit separated from the rest of the garden view rooms.  I don't think I would be as happy in a garden view room.  It does not have as many amenities as some of the other hotels (for example, there is no on site dive shop or even a resort gift shop).  There are multiple very good restaurants on property that are managed by a different group than the one that runs the hotel.  The beach is beautiful.  There is definitely at least one corporate group here now, maybe more.  You can spot them by the drinking on the beach at 10AM and the use of amplified music 😉  Luckily the beach area is large so it's easy to avoid them.  


So, yesterday for lunch we headed in to Hamilton to do some errands and stopped in for lunch at Harry's Bar.  We decided to split a couple of things.  Tuna tartar in wonton tacos




Salt and szechuan pepper shrimp (a tad too salty)




and then we split a fish sandwich.  The kitchen split it for us in the kitchen which was nice




Last night we had dinner at the Ocean Club at the Southhampton Princess.  View




Bread service with kaffir lime butter and amuse bouche of pea puree with scallop tartare









Tuna tartare




Lobster duo of lobster seveche and lobster cappuccino




By the time the entrees came it was pitch black.  My husband had a grilled Bermuda lobster but you will have to take my word for it because the picture did not come out.  I had the seafood mixed grill which was wahoo, calamari, shrimp, and scallops with lemon butter sauce and fries.  I'm sure you can tell how dark it was from this photo!




Too full for dessert.  


Today we had breakfast at the Lido.  View




Omelet with tomatoes, onions, and cheddar




Smoked salmon plate with poached eggs.  There was a ton of salmon, I did not come close to eating it all



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Last night we went in to Hamilton and dined at Marcus, which is Marcus Samuelsson's restaurant in the Hamilton Princess Hotel.  










bread service




Fish chowder bites with the flavors of Bermuda fish chowder (rum and sherry peppers)




Deviled eggs




Local wahoo




Crab spaghetti--this was amazing




Creme brûlée for dessert.




Overall a fine meal.

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Last post for this visit.  We went back to Mickey's for dinner last night but it was much too dark to take photos.  So here are our last breakfasts from Lido.  Yesterday I ordered the Lido breakfast, which is eggs, bacon, sausage (I omitted that), mushrooms, potatoes and spinach, cereal (omitted) toast, juice and tea.  Yes it was way too much food!




Husband went for the salmon breakfast 




And then this morning we both went for the "Healthy Breakfast" which is a piece of country toast topped with goat cheese, radishes, tomatoes, avocado and arugula, two poached eggs, yogurt with granola and berries, juice and a green smoothie.  Again, too much food, but tasty.




That's it until the next visit.



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On 7/26/2018 at 10:31 AM, liamsaunt said:

 I forgot that last night was our one dinner out with the group.  We went to Mickey's Beach Bar and Bistro at the Elbow Beach Hotel.  Wahoo seveche




Wahoo carpaccio






The first time through, I read Wahoo as "WAHOOOOO!"  I was wondering why you were so excited.   Like maybe you just really like ceviche and carpaccio.  :blink: Then, I realized it was probably a fish.  Further scrolling confirmed - fish.  Where's the facepalm emoji :D 


(Post quote trimmed to relevant parts)

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16 hours ago, MetsFan5 said:

I didn’t enjoy the good much at Marcus’s. I found it aggressively spiced. The crab spaghetti wasn’t on the menu when I was there. I did like their burger. 


I'm sorry to hear that.  We thought it was really great.  Was your food too salty?   Ours was perfectly seasoned.  Every place has an off night, I guess.  I hope the rest of your meals in Bermuda were more enjoyable!

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On 10/3/2018 at 12:02 PM, liamsaunt said:


I'm sorry to hear that.  We thought it was really great.  Was your food too salty?   Ours was perfectly seasoned.  Every place has an off night, I guess.  I hope the rest of your meals in Bermuda were more enjoyable!


i didn’t find it too salty, more like aggressively seasoned. Certain spices just don’t sit well with me— it’s just a personal thing. 

   The scallops and froze at 1609 were great. We enjoyed most of our meals! 

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  • 9 months later...

I am back in Bermuda. Here is the view from our suite




we we went to the Dock for cocktails last night. Left, a Ginny McCarthy (gin, raspberries, grapefruit butters). The drink on the right was my husband’s and it is not on the online menu so not sure what it was




little snacky things




dinner was at the Ocean Club. View from our table




amuse bouche of compressed watermelon with whipped feta




bread service




Wahoo seveche




tempura prawns




Round two of cocktails, why not it’s vacation.  Watermelon jalapeño margarita and a garden thyme spritz (gin, cucumber, thyme, elderflower, lemon, seltzer)




Seafood mixed grill with wahoo, scallops, shrimp and calamari.  The wahoo was over cooked but everything else was good




complimentary key lime pie. I was wondering why my husband told them it was our anniversary as we celebrated our 22nd back in June. He reminded me it was the 27th anniversary of our first date. Aww 🙂



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We are currently waiting out a passing thunderstorm so I thought I would update. Yesterday was beautiful at my favorite beach, Warwick Long Bay. 




After swimming to work up an appetite we twizyed over and had lunch at Henry VIII pub. Restaurant view




Cocktails. The one on the left is a Pink Sands (vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juices, seltzer). The one on the left...I have no idea.




Snapper sandwich..  The bun was over cooked but the snapper was fresh. We just ate the insides of the sandwich and left the bun and fries.




Fish tacos. These were tasty and had some heat.




We taxied in to Hamilton last night for dinner at Marcus. Restaurant view was yacht-o-mania




Cocktails.  Left was...no idea and mine is one the right. I know it was called Yes Chef and had gin and elderflower but I do not remember the other ingredients and the cocktail menu is not online. It was a bit too sweet for my liking.




Bermuda fish chowder bites. We got these last year and I did not like them then. Husband remembered differently and really wanted them so we ordered. Sure enough, we both disliked them. Most of this went uneaten




Scallop seveche. Now this was terrific. Slices of scallops in a watermelon and cucumber broth with crunchy kaffir lime bread crumbs.




We we both ordered the crab tagliatelle for our entree. It had XO sauce, squid ink pasta, crab, shrimp, citrus bread crumbs and tomato sauce.  It was perfectly pleasant but not nearly as delicious as the crab pasta we had here last year.




We were too full for dessert. 

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Some scenic photos






We had lunch yesterday at Jasmine. Cocktails. Left is a Pool, which was gin, aloe Vera juice, lime and cucumber. Right is a Crashing Waves margarita. It was described as a standard margarita but in reality it was insanely spicy. My husband had to send it back. They kindly removed it from the bill.




coconut shrimp




and we we split a snapper sandwich with pineapple salsa and slaw. This was very tasty. We opted for a side salad instead of fries.  






we returned to the Dock for a pre dinner drink. Husband sampled a locally brewed IPA and I opted for a blueberry mule.




dinner was at the Waterlot. We were seated in the very dark wine cave so taking photos was difficult. Amuse bouche of tuna tartar




Caesar salad for two prepared table side. Very old school




bread service




Local tuna steak




Shared sides of creamed spinach and mac and cheese




My husband’s dinner—grilled shrimp, ribeye and Wagyu strip steak




way too full for dessert.  

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On ‎7‎/‎27‎/‎2019 at 9:19 AM, liamsaunt said:

Cocktails. The one on the left is a Pink Sands (vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juices, seltzer). The one on the left...I have no idea.





Must have been strong at least.


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17 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


Must have been strong at least.




Hahaha! No it is just that I did not pay attention to what my husband ordered and the cocktail menu is not online.  🙂. I just asked him and he said it was a grapefruit martini and quite bitter and not very good.


Yesterday we had lunch at the beachside cabana at our resort. We attempted to walk to Horseshoe beach next door for lunch at their rum bar but the cruise shippers had invaded. We took one look and turned around and went back to our resort. Horseshoe Beach on Saturday, with no ships in port




and yesterday, with ships in port




To start, we ordered drinks. I had wine and my husband ordered a frose because he was hot 




wahoo sandwich with remoulade and slaw on raisin bread with fries




husband opted for for salad instead of fries




he used the salad to justify ordering this frozen margarita




For dinner we we went back to Mickey’s. View




Drinks. A lemon martini and a Flora Dora (gin, lime juice, strawberry syrup and ginger beer)




Wahoo carpaccio with black sea  salt shaved zucchini and capers. We agreed that this was the best thing we had eaten on this trip, with the scallop seveche at Marcus coming in as a close second.




Snapper seveche




local tuna




Seafood mixed grill (shrimp, scallop, bonito, wahoo, octopus)




No room for dessert again. 

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Last post for this quick visit. One final lunch at Jasmine 




Cocktails! Haha just kidding we have to drive home from the airport in the insane Boston rush hour traffic so we just had iced tea




We we shared a margarita flatbread. Suspiciously missing any basil but we were starving so it all got eaten




Caesar salad with shrimp




salad with grilled wahoo, avocado and mango




And that’s it until the next time.   The flight home is less than two hours and we gain an hour with the time zone change so see you later on the Dinner! thread.



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