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  1. Thanks for your replies and suggestions - thanks also particularly to Simon for giving me the heads up. I realize that two weeks is not much time, but I'll be travelling for about six weeks and I thought that two weeks spent in one place, doing something pretty intensive would be worthwhile. My background is mostly in pastry - right now I am a pastry assistant at a wonderful restaurant in Maine. I'm not sure if I want to continue doing pastry exclusively -- I just love food and cooking and its myriad faces. But I'd be pleased to find a restaurant that would take me in for that amount of time. I don't expect to be paid AT ALL although if I could stay somewhere for free, that would be wonderful. I'm not sure if anybody has any more to add to this discussion, but if you do don't hesitate to post. If people have names of places that would be open to me coming in for a short time I'd love to hear what they are. Thanks again.
  2. My post will undoubtedly echo the sentiments of some earlier posters but I thought I'd throw this out there anyway. I am a cook, pastry cook, traveller and writer. I will be in Spain for a month and a half early next year and would like to spend some of that time (two weeks or so) staging in a great restaurant there. The names I see over and over again are those mentioned here on egullet. Given that I have no connections with any Spanish chefs but a real desire to dig my heels in somewhere and work would anyone have any advice about how to make this happen? Would it be most appropriate to write letters to the restaurants? Would it be better to call them directly? Are there certain restaurants that are more open to stagiaires than others? Should I just show up and roll up my sleeves? Also, I think to myself, wow, Arzak, wow, El Bulli, but I'm just as keen on restaurants that are doing what they do well, regardless of fame and Michelin stars. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance, and thanks also for the great posts that occur here every day. I learn so much each time I log on.
  3. I'm not sure if this is appropriate here, but I thought I'd throw it out there nonetheless. Does anyone know of any seasonal kitchen jobs or of the direction I should take in looking for something? I'm pretty much interested in the East Coast but am open to virtually anything. Are there websites I should be looking into, or should I just contact restaurants outright? Thanks!
  4. I went to Arrows years ago and it was fantastic...don't remember the meal precisely, but remember loving it. Plus, the grounds are incredibly beautiful, a lot of attention to detail. I'm from that area and it has a great reputation.
  5. Does anyone have recommendations for eating out in Bermuda? Also, any insight on Bermudian specialties that ought not be missed? Thanks!
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