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  1. I think we were both at that event. Some of the dishes were amazing.
  2. John Curtas certainly raved about Esther's Kitchen. I'll check it out next trip, if it's still around. Would certainly return to Vetri and Partage. My whole review of the culinary journey is here: Seem Real Land The maitake dishes were off the menu at both Sparrow and Edo but they made them for me anyway. I worry that dishes I love at any restaurant (except Le Cirque and Guy Savoy) won't be there the next time I visit. I wanted to try the peas at Guy this time, but they insisted it was only a spring dish. Considering the bad weather in mid-Feb, I think a spring visit is definitely the way to
  3. I had the tomato bread, which was excellent. Also the Maine Lobster Salpicon, not bad. Forgot to have the Bikini, but I would order it were I to go there again.
  4. Best thing I ate: Maitake and shimeji mushrooms on top of cauliflower custard at Edo Tapas. You'd have to go to Spain to find anything this good, and even then, it would be very, very difficult. Best use of eggs ever: Frittata Bianca and Italian Omelet at Veranda in the 4 Seasons. Astonishing breakfasts. Best chicken ever eaten in a restaurant: Jidori chicken at Le Cirque Worth eating: Crab, scallop and lobster dishes at Partage. Crab dish at Mordeo. Lime crab at Zuma. Hamburger at NoMad bar. Still great: Langoustine fritters at L'Atelier Kinda worth checking out: Porc
  5. Of that list, I've only eaten at China Poblano, which was OK, and Raku which was excellent. The scallop and the agedashi tofu are about as good as those dishes can get.
  6. I'm looking forward to trying Sparrow and Wolf on my next trip to Vegas. I've had great pizza in Vegas before, particularly downtown. I"m looking forward to a pizza place called Monzu. One of the best things I've ever had in Vegas, and something I make at home all the time is the warm grape salad with shiitake, feta, chives and mint at Yonaka. Maybe the best $8.00 I've ever spent on food.
  7. I share your fondness for Milos, Yonaka and Andre's beef. I don't think I've visited any other restaurant on your list.
  8. The best food I've eaten in Vegas would be: Prawns at Mix (predecessor to Rivea), John Dory at Twist along with the mushroom potato dish I had there in Feb. Sea Bass with delicate spices at Guy Savoy. Lionfish at the late, lamented American Fish in the Aria. Also late and lamented, the warm grape salad at Yonaka Modern Japanese Cuisine. The single scallop and the agedashi tofu at Raku. A lot of great food at Le Cirque. I regret not having the langostine fritters at Atelier and the truffled maitaki at Bar Masa on my most recent trip, but will have them again next trip. I always have lunch
  9. Re, Jose Andres. One of the great humanitarians in the world. What he's doing with World Central Kitchen in Haiti, Puerto Rico and other places is extraordinary. I met him once and he was just as great in person. However, his food, not so much. I had some decent tapas in his original restaurant, also called Jaleo in DC in 2005 and he insisted I try his Vegas Jaleo, most of whose dishes I found inedible. His China Poblemo was slightly better but hardly worth going to. The only good thing I can remember about my $300 meal at e was a very good mocktail featuring pear juice, green tea and jasmine
  10. I save up for a couple of years so I can eat wondrous food at Le Cirque, Twist and other places in Vegas. Just back from mostly wondrous experiences there. Not sure if I can post this here, but my Vegas trip is here: http://seemrealland.blogspot.ca/
  11. Just back from 5th trip to Vegas. Some comments: Carson Kitchen : orc food. Eat: Enough potatoes to cover Idaho. Bring an army. Great fruit bowl! Downtown Cocktail Room: Don't know what the first drink was except it had arrack in it and was excellent. The apple of your eye, 2nd cocktail, was too sweet. They don't answer their phone, fax or email. What are they hiding? Payard: The tartine de tomate is wondrous. Your taste buds will dance. Raku: Get the scallop. Nobu: No. Good cocktail, crab tempura makes you wish you were as dead as the crab. Eiffel Tower: Get the baked vegie crepes. Guy Savoy:
  12. I was thinking about a lunch pizza at Spago next trip to Vegas, but not sure. Milos was great the first 2 times I went there, but the Lavraki had definitely gone down hill when I last visited in Dec, 20113. Salad was still awesome. Another lunch favourite, the vegetarian crepes at Eiffel Tower had sadly declined in pleasureabe possibilities. Maybe December is not a good time to go to Vegas. Food has always tasted good in Feb.
  13. Elrushbo, I'm sorry to hear of your cancer. I've survived skin cancer thrice, though streaks of good luck last only so long, or there would not be a Las Vegas. You can probably eat as well in Vegas as you can anywhere. The best food I've ever eaten has been in Vegas, although long vanished from its menus. Listen to everything David Ross says and take his advice. He's into Vegas like ham is into a ham sandwich. If you haven't dined there already, check out Le Cirque. Your palate will thank you. Just riffing here, but I think if I'd said to Robin Williams yesterday, "Hey Robin, put that belt bac
  14. Not much of a beef eater (though had a wonderful corn beef on russian rye with sourkraut, swiss and mustard for lunch) but the only really memorable beef I've had in Vegas was the tiny French burger, usually served as an appetiser at Guy Savoy. From Nebraska, the waiter told me. The teppanyaki austrailian wagyu at Tets was edible at best and his sauces were designed for the palates of people who think sauces come out of jars.The truffled maitaki next door at Bar Masa is why I keep going back there. Had a great Lionfish at Amercian Fish, but it's vanished from their menu. I've eaten better in V
  15. The Tea Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel has to be one of the mellowest spaces in Vegas. I'm there for an exotic tea cocktail called a Maple Tree Bird. Thankfully lacking in maple flavour, instead it is steeped in tea goodness and assorted good spirits. The magically dissappearing crab thing of the hour before is washed away by intellectually challenging and palate delighting liquid. I'd heard great things about Lobster Thermidore and Andre's brags about theirs. Must be good, eh? A cocktail called a Willly Nilly: Vanillla infused vodka, cranberry juice and peach liquer pulls the lobster i
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