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Grocery Shopping

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16 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:




Still I must believe something has changed.  In my about to be seventy years experience with New Jersey markets I have never seen alcohol purveyed next to groceries before, ever.  Except once.  That was at a small Greek market attached to a Greek restaurant.



Do report back when you find out what has changed. 

There is a bill in the NJ Assembly (A1278) and Senate (S2282) to allow the # of retail liquor licenses held by an individual or corporation to increase from 2 (the current level) to 10, gradually over ten years.  

I believe those bills are both still in committee.


I find the wide range of state liquor laws amazing.  New York State also forbids wine and liquor sales in grocery stores and restricts the # of retail liquor licenses to one per individual or corporation, so no sales by chains either.  It also forbids retail liquor stores from selling anything besides liquor and wine (food, cigarettes, etc.) except for a few specified items like ice, corkscrews, wine publications, etc.


7 hours ago, rotuts said:

one Tj's , in Brookline , I believe also sells liquor.


it a pain to get here and part.   Iv always wondered on their prices.


I can't speak to your local situation, @rotuts,  but liquor prices at my TJ's, by and large, are generally within a dollar or two (up or down) of the prices at Total Wine.  They do have some of their own labels and sometimes get in a name brand product that is quite a good deal but those things come and go and can't be relied on.  


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I happened to notice the great price on Klondike bars in the Sunday flyer, but failed to notice the Limit 2. Undeterred, I made the required 5 trips  into the store to achieve  my ten count goal.





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So, my freezers are full.

My fridge is pretty buff.

I go to the store for a few things.

So tempted by various good looking stuff which I would normally have purchased but I resisted probably for the first time.

Gotta keep it up.


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