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Reports on Hong Kong dining


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I love the street scenes too. HK is so utterly full to the brim with life. This is my view from bed; I lie here and look out and think of all the lives going on in those buildings, the love stories, the peaceful families, the lives of quiet heartbreak and desperation..all of it.




Anyway, re food; a tiny light dinner tonight at Xin Dau Ji.


Pidan/century eggs with pickled ginger:




Suckling pig:




Crisp-skinned soy sauce chicken:




Oyster, green onion and ginger hotpot:




Crab, conpoy (dried scallop) and egg white fried rice:




An elegant sufficiency.


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On 11/15/2016 at 3:47 PM, rarerollingobject said:

Amazing dinner at The Chairman in Central last night, the star of the meal being a heart-stoppingly delicious steamed flowery crab with aged Shaohsing wine and chicken oil and fresh flat rice noodles..would drink sauce with spoon, and did (the waiters nodded approvingly.)


Other things; crispy crab meat and mushroom dumplings:




Crispy Sichuan lamb belly with zucchini ribbons and coriander:










Long-braised and then deep-fried and glazed spareribs with preserved plum and caramelised Chinkiang black vinegar:




Ginger gailan:




Fried rice with fresh prawns, dried prawns and prawn paste (SO UMAMI):




Wolfberry ice cream and hot sweet almond milk tea:




Thought all that was very good value for AUD$100 (US$80).


Then on the way home I swung by City Super to clear out their stocks of Lu biscuits (my friend's kid is obsessed with them, you can't get them in Australia, so I buy them for her whenever I travel):




And gawk at their mind-boggling oyster selection: 


It looks as though the gailan above has been peeled. Is that a thing in HK?

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@catdaddy, maybe just this place because it's fancy. It did make them incredibly tender.


Anyway, last meal in HK; more dim sum:













And now I'm in Seoul, so over to that mildly-offensively named 'Elsewhere in Asia' forum! Starting here: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/13019-dining-in-seoul/?do=findComment&comment=2081329


Thanks for all your comments and questions. It makes it much more motivating to post to know that someone's reading!

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Thanks for posting the photos. I think I'll be making dumplings and lotus leaf packs this weekend.

I'll be following the Seoul thread although I'm not as familiar with Korean cuisine as I am with Cantonese.





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I know it's stew. What KIND of stew?

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Great report, thanks for sharing!


I haven't been back to HK for almost three decades, even though one of my parents is from there.  Hoping to make a visit soon - I'm sure a lot has changed since then!

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Thank you, @rarerollingobject!  I very much enjoyed this series with your beautiful photos.  The street scenes, in particular, bring back good memories of trips where I tagged along with a friend who grew up in Hong Kong.  She generally spent the days catching up with friends and family so I had my days free to explore the city with my maps and book of walking tours and my trusty Octopus card, joining them at the end of the day for dinner.  So much to see!  So much to eat!    

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