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  1. Anyone been to Wink recently? It looks interesting.
  2. Don't know yet, most likely the downtown area, I have not sorted out my hotel situation as of yet. I don't mind traveling a bit if it is accessible Any recs on areas to stay, I don't know austin well.
  3. Also, I won't have a car so somewhere that is accessible by taxi or public transport.
  4. Hey all, I have a stay over in Austin from a weekend trip and am looking for a few recs. I am looking for somewhere for dinner sunday night and a lunch spot monday before I leave monday evening. Maybe some BBQ? For dinner something unique, nothing crazy high end but would like something nice, say $50-$75 including a glass of wine or drink? No tex-mex as I already eat a lot of good mexican food because I am from Socal. Thanks! -S
  5. I think for a dive bar burger Rocky's is far superior to Hodad's even though Hodad's gets most of the press. Some of my favorites: Cucina Urbana - Probably the most talked about restaurant in SD right now, casual rustic Italian (think Batali), inexpensive (all under $20). Absolutely amazing place. I second the Linkery, absolutely awesome. Whisknladle - La Jolla, rustic farm to table stuff, really delicious menu and great patio type seating. Sushi Ota - Best sushi in SD. The owners also own a place called Hane in Bankers Hill, havent been but hear it is good Market-Upscale in Del Mar, very w
  6. I arrive Sunday evening and want to grab a quick bite, something near Soho where I am staying. I'd like something not too pricey, maybe $40 or less including a glass of wine. I definitely don't want to deal with huge crowds either. I was thinking something casual, maybe winebar-esque, maybe just a bunch of appetizers or small plates. I'll be alone so bar dining would be ideal. I thought of inoteca? Or a gastro pub? I'd like something close but I don't mind getting in a cab to go nearby to the WV or something but I really don't want to trek uptown or anything. Thanks!
  7. Not to continue the hijacking of the Ko thread but.... I had a wonderful experience dining alone at Tailor about a month ago when I was in town. The lounge downstairs is a great place to dine at the bar. The food was spectacular and the barmen were exceedingly nice. I highly recommend it. The bartender Ludo who was working that night was great. Be wary however, he does enjoy feeding his customers shots of whisky.
  8. Market Restaurant in Del Mar is a must. Check it out at its website: www.marketdelmar.com You will not be disappointed. However, they are always full so make sure you have your reservation before you go and they are not cheap - starter around $10-15 and entre $28-40. ← Good rec....
  9. Tough call, there really isn't anything very comparable in SB/Montecito, or Southern California for that matter. The bar at the Hungry Cat does a good job, you might check that out, they make some well crafted cocktails.
  10. I actually ate at Mozza again last week so I would say your comparison is pretty good though I thought PO was a bit better than what your opinion was. That being said Mozza really is on another level.
  11. Swicks

    Trip Report

    Regarding Corner Bistro, I had read it was a highly regarded burger so it was a definite disappointment. Regarding Tailor, I loved it overall and would definitely return. I kept thinking to myself "How has this place fallen off the radar so much?" given how good it was and the high level I felt it was executing at. Though given the insane pre-opening hype part of that is probably natural. I think certainly it is on a very high level within its niche and also deserves a place among the best restaurants in the city. Take into account though that this was only my second trip to the city and m
  12. Hello all, thanks to everyone who offered advice and help. My trip was phenomenal and my dining experiences were all absolutely superb. I'll just offer some highlights of the best meals. Jean Georges - Lunch - Surely this restaurant has been lavished with praise here and elsewhere and suffice to say it lived up to all the hype. Two words define this experience, flawless and balanced. The dining room is beautiful and serene, service was friendly and very polished. As stated many times the food was superb. The flavors aren't in your face but the precision, balance and subtlety of the food
  13. Hey everyone, thanks again for all the advice here and on the other threads, in particular the JG thread. I am thinking I might add another high end dinner to my trip, probably over the weekend, ideally sunday but my guess is a lot of the higher end places are not open sundays? If not I would have to choose another night Ideally price wise I'd like to be at between $100-150 out the door. I was thinking maybe EMP or the salon at Per Se, what are the thoughts here? What is the solo dining situation like at EMP? Maybe Corton? Would it be very very hard to get in at this late juncture? Maybe a
  14. Thanks for all the input everyone, very helpful.
  15. Ah, I see. What are your favorites? What would you recommend for a first timer? Someone upthread mentioned they added a few new things very recently.
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