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Dinner 2015 (Part 3)

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It's fairly warm here so I'm trying not to cook inside too much. Another trip to the farm for eggs and new potatoes in order to make potato salad. Also picked up some tomatoes. I have a couple of sprouting trays/containers and use them mostly for various kinds of sprouts, but have been using the tray lately for growing pea shoots. 


So we have had a couple of dinners almost exactly the same, rotisserie chicken, potato salad, fresh tomatoes and pea shoots. Berries or cherries for dessert (or snacks). 


Pea shoots in small tray:







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Feel free! I shelled the largest pods, and left the small ones to be blanched in salted water. I sliced the pods and sweat in butter then added water to make a stock to cook the peas. I quartered a few strawberries, and added them about 3/4 of the way through the cooking of the peas, along with the whole pods. Once nicely glazed, off the heat, I added some thin slices of strawberries, some sorrel, and a touch of olive oil. I finished with the basil and lemon zest. Enjoy!

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FauxPas---LOVING the pea shoots.  I may have to do that.  


MM--Is that a slate or chalkboard that the tacos are on?  I think I have the same one and I love it.  We eat a lot of striped bass .  Good stuff.



I'm going fishing in the river at our house tomorrow morning.  I'm braving the hummingbird size mosquitos and the monster flies that bite the living hell out of me in the garden so I'm sure they are much worse down there.  BUT, I will be bringing beer and tomato juice...that will take the sting out lol.  Maybe we'll have some fresh fish for dinner tomorrow night.   Anyway, tonights dinner was chef salad.  All veggies from the garden.  In the middle of the platter is a bit of tuna salad that I made up.


photo 1.JPG


photo 2.JPG


photo 3.JPG

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Shelby, I love growing pea shoots. They are one of my fave uses for my sprouting trays. They are especially nice in the middle of winter. But when summer heat gets intense, they can be a lovely delicate addition to meals.


I also love sprouting mung beans for stir-fries, chickpeas for hummus or as a salad addition, etc.


Some people say you need a growing medium but I have been successful with pea seeds in a tray and I just spray them a few times a day. They are gorgeous within a week to 10 days.


Really REALLY hoping you will share some fishing stories from the river!!!! Please?

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Dinner here was sous vide pork chop seared in a little grapeseed oil with sage.  Even if I had to go out at midnight in the pouring rain to pick the sage.  My lima beans were informed by the recent eG thread on wrinkled peas.  They turned out quite nice indeed.  Side dish was unsweetened apple sauce with a good grating of nutmeg.


There is more of a story to the potato.  I have been experimenting with retrograded potato starch.  A while back I cooked several small russet potatoes sous vide, chilled in an ice bath, and stored in their vacuum bags in the refrigerator.  The first two potatoes I boiled for an hour before peeling and mashing.  The results were raw and gritty.  Not good.


This time I removed the potato from the bag, peeled it, which was a pain, and pressured steamed it for fifty some minutes at 15 PSI (note pazzaglia and I do not entirely agree about the pressure, but I stand by my measurements).  Before adding salt, lots of butter, and warm cream.


Quite a tasty mashed potato.


The beverage was methode rotuts.  Which froze.  The effect was reminiscent of the famed culinary histrionics of Harpo Marx.  Think possibly garbure.  I leave this to the imagination.  Though I always felt of the brothers Harpo was the most eloquent.  But in the words of the editors of The Kitchen as Laboratory, which I am currently reading:  "One-dimensional eating experiences are generally not memorable."


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Kai Tom Khamin (ไก่ต้มขมิ้น) (Southern Thai Hot & Sour Chicken Turmeric Soup).

Based on the recipe on pg 92 of Leela Punyaratabhandu's book.

Ingredients include: Chicken stock, fresh turmeric; lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves (all fresh), salt; chopped chicken thighs, scallions, Thai chillies, fresh lime juice.


Pak Bung Fai Daeng (ผักบุ้งไฟแดง) ("Red Fire Water Convolvulus"; water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) stir-fried w/ taucheo & chillies). 

Really, really hot pan, hot/almost smoking oil; water spinach (kangkong, ong choy), smashed garlic, taucheo (salted bean paste/sauce, oyster sauce, smashed hot red chillies.


• Thai Hom Mali rice.




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A few things from the weekend.


Cherokee purple tomatoes with sea salt, pepper, and hot brown butter.



Venison sous vide at 128 then rubbed in veggie ash and seared quick on cast iron. Pomme puree, basil oil, blueberry red wine sauce, and fried parsley.



Rasberry and coffee gelato with vanilla whipped cream, pressure cooked bananas, candied almonds, and some raw honey.


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Last night was grass fed tri tip steak sous vide at 122F for 35 minutes; oven roasted frites and baked okra with onions and mint.  On Friday we made the four hour round trip to Vernon area to Vale Farms to get some of their wonderful meat.  They have a 'meat store' where you can just pick the cuts you want rather than buying a whole half or hind.  Needless we did a little 'cherry picking' of the good stuff:  rib eyes, porterhouse, tri tip, flat iron and prime rib roasts along with some pet food, soup bones and ground beef.


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There is a whole thread on lamb ribs!







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