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9 hours ago, jmolinari said:

But I wanted to clarify that it doesnt contain diacetyl.


You know this how? Because they say? (And I think it's yellow 5 & 6, not 2).


There are always bigger things to worry about...

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10 hours ago, heidih said:

Recycled but still goofily enjoyed scripts. On a food note many involve some nice baking & cooking 


And to go almost completely off topic they just filmed one of these in the town next to mine, right in front of where my sister works.  She reported that it is going to be Christmas themed and they covered the entire street with fake snow (in July no less) and there was a horse driven sleigh involved.  The street runs in front of a recently restored vintage theater, so maybe they filmed inside there too and some finger footsie with overfilled popcorn bins will be involved 😆

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On 9/13/2021 at 12:23 PM, gfweb said:

Commercial additives might be less benign than assumed...


Note that this is about "popcorn worker's lung". 


No matter how much coal Santa puts in my stocking, I don't think I'm gonna get black lung disease.

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