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  1. Thus invalidating every fucking thing she has ever supposedly taught us throughout her sordid and, IMHO damnable, career. She could've saved so much time. If only her name was Birdseye.
  2. I'm not sure if this is relevant, or even how true it is, but it is a story about BS knife skills. I listen to a podcast called Penn's Sunday School, hosted by half of the Penn & Teller comedy magic duo, Penn Jillette. Here, I heard a story that made me laugh, Penn & Teller do a TV show on the CW network called Fool Us where magicians come on the show and do a magic trick meant to fool them. They win if P&T can't divine how it was done, or are wrong in their guess (guesses.usually couched in inside obscure magic jargon). In order for this to work, there has to be a judge who knows how the trick works, yet not reveal anything to the audience (the magician's code and all). This guy is named Johnny Thompson and is, as Penn tells it, the one guy who knows how every trick is done - And can pretty much do all of them. Now, a little aside: Magicians are students of all forms of hucksterism, trickery and especially the performance that accompanies them. And they do study and emulate people like Vince From Shamwow. They actually want to practice that craft - but from an entertainment perspective rather than the (often fraudulent) commercial one. So, anyway, Johnny Thompson is asked what was the most difficult act he'd ever had to learn. He said "Doing Ginsu knife demos." That, apparently, is the level of skill required to make those pieces of crap look good.
  3. Brine loin chops and sous vide. Flash chill. Bread lightly and deep fry until just golden enough.
  4. Polyscience bags are for chamber vacs, no? How much did you actually pay for the ability to use their 18 cent bags?
  5. Presumably because you've saved some coin on your meat purchase and don't want to put it in a 50c disposable Foodsaver bag.
  6. Okay, Sandy Toksvig I get, But Noel Fielding? Edit: Should add a link...
  7. Wait, is this the crux? She wants pork and eggs, but needs fiber. But you don't want pork and eggs and maybe are not excited about the fiber either?
  8. I was using AB as someone who has embraced other forms of breakfast, whereas I, and many like me, have not.
  9. Learning to Cook

    Thanks. That general Idea came from a drawing class I took in college. We were drawing a live model and she was told to change positions every two minutes - so we had throw out what we had done and start over. Again and again. You simply didn't have time to fix your mistakes. Just not do them again.
  10. I don't think that was meant to mean that the OP was uniquely hung up on what breakfast food is. Many of us are. Anthony Bourdain, for instance, likes a big bowl of Asian noodles for breakfast. But that's not for me. No rational reason given.
  11. Learning to Cook

    I think there are two things to learn straight out of the gate... 1) To paraphrase Emeril - those knobs on the stove? They're there for a reason. Never cook on high - or even medium high - unless you have a specific reason for doing so. 2) Taste your food as you go along - and especially towards the end. I can think of multiple occurrences from my experience where someone has placed a dish on the dinner table and said "I hope it tastes good..." Hope is not a good cooking strategy or technique. Ok, and a bonus one... Think small. As a learning exercise, boil a small portion of spaghetti. Drain, and over very low (or maybe even no) heat, add a little pat of butter and mix, Taste. Add a little salt and mix. Taste. Add a little pepper and mix Taste. If at any step it's to much, throw it out and start over. Don't make your failures traumatic. Use them to remember what not to do. Because cooking well is about adjusting. Edit: Link didn't work. youtube: "Jacques Pepin Recipes" "
  12. I'm curious as to why you'd need Wifi. There's no app for my phone, and frankly, I don't care. I use the manual controls to set the temp and have a watch (and a calendar should it come to that).
  13. Solar cooking

    Crap. I believe I have one in my basement that is destined for the dump. I'll now be obliged to take it apart. But it kinda' seems like the cooking equivalent of wrestling a grizzly bear.
  14. I read the topic title as "Is $275 Steel Food Safe?" I thought "Yeah, but you're paying too much."
  15. Bangers and mash

    I impulse-bought some Irish Bangers I found at ALDI last week and served them the other night with pierogies and sauteed onions. The bangers had a very light texture - almost souffle-like. I guess that's the bread content.