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  1. I found this video while viewing many others on this topic. Italian chefs react to the most popular Aglio e Olio videos. No cheese, you heathens...;) I really like the rest of these Italia Squisita videos as well.
  2. You're going to walk that tightrope with a circulator you can buy off the shelf at Target?
  3. It seems to me that you are focusing quite a bit on the exact temperature of your bath as measured by various instruments, but are not talking about the results in terms of the resultant food. Is there a reason we should care about a 0.1-0.2 degree variance?
  4. IndyRob

    Why we fell for clean eating

    Unfortunately, those are sitting on the shelf right next to bullshit and idiocy, which are out-promoting and out-selling the former.
  5. IndyRob


    In my experience they'll operate like that for a bit, but then close for about a month to finish. But when they do open again they'll send out 25% off $40 or more coupons. 25% off ALDI prices is gold.
  6. I was brought up on frugality despite a well-to-do background. So I like these sort of challenges. You don't have to be dirt poor spend your money intelligently. And if you do, you can find yourself with more choices in life. About 20-30 years ago I came up with a rule of thumb budget for meals - $1 for breakfast, $2 for lunch, and $3 for dinner. Originally that got us ribeye steaks a couple of times a week. Now they're chuckeyes, but that's really the only difference. A couple of Eggs and an English muffin (Thomas's - not a substitute) + butter costs me about 70 cents. I would never complain about that breakfast. Sure, it could be Eggs Benedict for 50 cents more, but it's not really necessary for everyday. That's where it becomes a chefly challenge because, while you may not be thinking about the food cost of your meal, your favorite chef certainly is.
  7. IndyRob

    Best Cola I've ever had

    Then it's a wonder it's not challenging Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola for market share. But I will say that it can be difficult to taste alternative sodas in America. So, thanks for your dedication.
  8. IndyRob

    Best Cola I've ever had

    23 minutes? Did we really need 23 minutes?
  9. IndyRob

    Best Cola I've ever had

    Well I guess we can forget wine snobs and craft beer embooziasts.
  10. I think most would agree that blaming (or equating) other professions for problems in the one in focus, is not going to be persuasive. It smacks of deflection. Politicians would be the worst comparison -- At least we're not like them.
  11. That bringing up Weinstein serves no purpose. And that it only invites comparisons to a number of recently disgraced high-profile chefs.
  12. So anyway, back to the topic (sorry)... I recently perfected a dish that I wish I could have many years ago. But I don't think I could have without all of the various mistakes I've made over the years while experimenting. I don't know if one can become a good cook just by repeating. Even if that will be the ultimate goal.
  13. IndyRob

    Best First Cookbook

    It seems to me that there are two ways to go. First, a compendium of simple recipes (say, The Joy of Cooking), or something that will actually teach them the whys and wherefores. For the latter I would suggest Alton Brown's I'm Only Here For the Food. His few pages on roasting meat (for example) and how the heat actually penetrates will automatically make you a better cook if that's something you didn't already know. It all depends on whether you think the recipient will sit down and read the book, or simply use it as a reference when the need arises.
  14. You can make $12/hr working as a McDonald's shift manager in Indiana. How can anyone survive in NYC on that? Why would you take that job? I get the resume enhancing angle, but when does that pay off?