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  1. Not Another Way To Roast Chicken!

    What kind of heater?
  2. Pizza Baking Steel

    A baking steel helps pan pizza quite a bit. I've perfected my Detroit Style pizza with a pizzatools pan and a baking steel. I haven't yet tried a more traditional style yet because the DS is so good. But it will require some trial and error to find the right temp and steel placement for your particular oven.
  3. I don't like ketchup on my hot dogs. But I dislike prejudice even more....
  4. " What Good Cooks Know "

    I don't understand this rotuts writing style - or why a book that is explicitly about their last twenty years needs to include something new. We know that they don't do sous vide, or apparently the Insta-Things, but if you're a person who knows this, then this book isn't for you.
  5. Chuck Eye Steaks - Finding Them

    It's really difficult for me to directly compare. Primarily because I think of a ribeye as two completely different cuts that come joined together. The deckle/cap/callotte has a completely different nature than the other part that I call 'the eye'. To me, the eye is like an inferior filet, or more like sirloin, or Manhattan steak (basically a New York strip cut in half and trimmed of fat). They need totally different cooking in a traditional sense and in a perfect world, I would always buy a ribeye roast, cut the eye out, and roll up the cap to cut steaks out of. The chuckeye shares more character with the deckle/callotte/cap than with the eye. My traditional way of cooking both is to pan sear each side at a really high heat and then turn the heat down to almost off for and extended period - maybe 15-20 minutes (during which time I'm adding butter, garlic and mushrooms). With a ribeye, this results in OMG deckle and overcooked eye. With a chuckeye, the flavor of the deckle is there, but it hasn't broken down as much so there's some stringiness. But, for the price, quite acceptable.
  6. Chuck Eye Steaks - Finding Them

    I hate to disagree, but that's not true in this part of the country. Not only are they routinely cut into steaks, here's an advertised special.
  7. Solidified Brown Sugar

    A little bit of microwaving usually gets me over the hump. But I recently bought some molasses with the idea that I wouldn't have to deal with this issue any more as brown sugar is simply sugar with some added molasses. I haven't actually used this trick yet, but Serious Eats has a feature on this theme.
  8. I am so doing this. But minus the sweet, and all of the savory. ETA: Please tell me that that would still be Znood El...(something).
  9. Chuck Eye Steaks - Finding Them

    I've cooked them SV and traditional. Haven't noticed a difference. Unless you need to SV it a long time like a chuck roast,
  10. Chuck Eye Steaks - Finding Them

    They have a very similar flavor to ribeye, and even have a bit of the fibrous look of the deckle, but are tougher. Still very good, but you're in for a little more chewing. It must be a midwestern thing because I can buy them off the shelf at most of my local groceries. Cheap too -- usually around $3/steak.
  11. Did I ruin this pork?

    I once slow roasted a pork roast to 188 and sliced it and it was perfect. I've got to think your meat has to have benefited somewhat by 'the stall'. I'd be curious as to whether the outside portions (other than the surface) ever got above 160. Probably too late to check now though.
  12. Wholesaling your wares

    I wouldn't view it as insulting. It could be quite a compliment even though it doesn't align with your goals. It just depends on your business model and finding partners that compliment that..
  13. Pirate Joe's is no more

    Thank you. So, in my incredibly inexpert opinion, although there's a jurisdictional issue in play, the real problem is the fact that the items were transported without the strict controls that TJ's might impose. In the worst case, someone could be trying to sell a rotting TJ product in Canada - represented as something you might buy at TJs.. The claims concerning brand confusion, to me, are silly given that they spend so much effort emphasizing the 'pirate' nature of the business. But I wonder about the knock on effects of any importer without the explicit approval of the manufacturer.
  14. Pirate Joe's is no more

    Does anyone know how to find the decision of the 2016 appeal case that did them in? I can't imagine why the original dismissal didn't stand.
  15. I love chives with potatoes. Put them in the mash, or to top baked ones. Try putting equal parts margarine (seems to work better than butter for some reason) and sour cream in a bag with a load of chives and a bit of salt. Mash them up to mix and put in the fridge for a spell. The put a fluted pastry tip on the bag and dispense into baked potatoes.