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  1. Countertop convection ovens.....

    There's this older thread, which is primarily about countertop models. I'm still a big fan (get it) of my 11 year old 1/4 sheet Cadco oven, but those are now selling for over 600 bucks. I did not pay nearly that amount back then, and I'm not sure if they're still made in Italy, so I can't say if it's still a good rec this time.
  2. Dishwasher Detergent

    STPP is preferable to TSP in hard water areas. And seeing that you're in SoCal, as am I, you might want to check it out: https://www.google.com/search?q=stpp+vs+tsp I buy it in small quantities (under 10 lbs) on eBay.
  3. Actually, the last Tribute pot I bought online, a 4.5 qt sauce pan, was manufactured in China. After receiving the pot, I called the vendor, and then I called Vollrath. They both confirmed that most of the production was shifted offshore. At least my frypans were made in the U.S. My advice is to check out your local brick-and-mortars for any old U.S. stock...
  4. Looks like unmarked Wagner Ware. I have a few from this particular vintage -- the modern font, and lack of MADE IN USA stamped on the bottom, suggests that the pan was made around the late 1950s to early 1960s. https://www.google.com/search?q=identifying+unmarked+cast+iron
  5. Mugaritz CalX - anyone know what it is?

    Would pickling lime be a substitute?
  6. An old saying: I'm in the Porthos camp. But, gfweb makes a good argument, too. (Where'd the devil emoticon go?)
  7. So my Anova One 'died'

    Having just recently posted a gripe about my Anova, I feel for you. And, one of the thoughts that popped into my mind during the Anova Fail was, "Hey, maybe it's about time for a PolyScience." Yes, this is the disposable world we live in. No, I don't like it. My effing Anova scroll wheel should function normally after 13 effing months. I'm lucky that I'm still able to use the Bluetooth function to control my Anova, but it makes me wonder what will fail next. Luckily, I still have a Sous Vide Magic controller on standby, which I am beginning to doubt will ever die...
  8. Anova Precision Oven

    Thanks for the heads up on Reddit forum. I just might give that a go...
  9. Anova Precision Oven

    FWIW, I exclusively use the Bluetooth app for my Anova. Mainly because the scroll wheel stopped working after the warranty expired. Contact with the CSR drones proved futile, as they deflected any suggestion of working with me on how to fix the problem. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth, which will soon be rectified when I pull the short ribs out of the water later today
  10. I also have a MyWeigh scale, a KD-7000, that I purchased from Old Will Knott in 2006. Last year the membrane keyboard cover finally wore out, and the power and tare switches were poking through the plastic. I contacted Knott about service and/or parts, and they responded that they do not provide any service on their scales. They just give you a new scale!! I had to mail a copy of my receipt and the battery door from my scale. A week later, I had a brand new KD-7000. Now that's customer service!
  11. BBQ safety

    For the last ten years or so, I've been using a refillable grill brush (like this one -- here are the refills). Here in SoCal, the Land of Year-Round Grillin', I go through about two pads per year. And to attack the really baked-on junk, I use a pumice stone from the dollar store. Works for me...
  12. And the olive oil doesn't go bitter, even after you mix "until your mixer feels too hot"? Hmmm... I'm just thinking out loud here: Wouldn't it be better to break down the basil with a small amount of neutral oil, and then whisk in olive oil at the end? (I tried David Lebovitz's recipe for basil vinaigrette a few weeks ago. I'll try your version with lemon juice sometime soon...)
  13. Superfoods are bollocks

    And then very, very recently the number being thrown around is 50/50 Revised Estimates for the Number of Human and Bacteria Cells in the Body (August 19, 2016)
  14. Actually, I drink them down along with some kefir. In my case, I make kefir daily and only keep 12 grams of active grains on hand (not counting the emergency supply of dried and frozen grains kept on hand). After a week or so, as Andie illustrated above, the grains multiply. Since I only need 12 grams to kefir a given quantity of milk, the excess go down the hatch! There's probably more probiotic activity in a couple of kefir grains than a small serving of yogurt...
  15. Allow me to give a shout-out to the Kefir Lady! I bought my dried grains from her three years ago -- they reanimated very quickly, and they continue to multiply. (I just eat the grains I don't need for making kefir.)