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  1. When I was in the Navy I was stationed in Sasebo, Japan. The McDonald's there had a teriyaki burger. It was the standard sausage patty on a burger bun with cheese, lettuce, mayo, and teriyaki sauce. It was actually pretty good!
  2. I'm so sorry to object, but saying "man-aise" was how I was raised. I think this one may just be chalked up to regional differences, rather that the pretentious slather of overly-wordy know-nothings who like to seem important. (like me! I posted on a forum thread!!)
  3. LOL! (sorry for the zombie reply) MRE ... "Meals Rejected by the Enemy!" Not bad food if you've been humpin' it all day. The hot sauce really helps! Had quite a few of these back in the day.
  4. The wife wants another DW. She thinks the current one isn't doing a good job. That's partly why I started this thread. But if she gets a new one I will have 2 in that kitchen. Cabinet space is not a problem. Me and my table saw can fabricate anything!
  5. OK, here's an update: I've taken mightily to these suggestions, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. I start by emptying the DW and the racks completely. I found it works best if I put everything away, even if it means getting it back out moments later to cook with. Sometimes I'll make an exception if an item is totally obvious. Then I move on to setting up my mis en scene, or as I like to put it, I create a "messy scene". Cook, clean as I go, and it gets better each time. The DW is no longer crying. In fact, since my last posting here, I managed to skip a day running the DW. Just did a Rinse-and-Hold to get everything wet to prevent hardening since there wasn't a full load. Thanks everyone! This really helped! -John
  6. So a consensus seems to be that I'm not excessive. I do cook most meals from scratch. And on leftover days the dishwasher is definitely more sparsely populated. Still, I could do with less, I think. Any tips for using less during the course of the day? I reuse my breakfast plate for lunch. And I've taken to mixing some things in the pot they cook in (like meatloaf). Is there already an organizational thread on the forum somewhere, or you wanna' just throw ideas at me? Bring'em! I'd love to be educated on this. Thanks! -John
  7. Hi! I hope this is the right place to post this. Mods, please advise. I'm shaping up to be a good cook, but I do have one problem: I can't manage my home kitchen worth a darn. Each day, the dishwasher is jam-packed with stuff to wash, and I'm only cooking for 3. That's 2 for breakfast, 1 lunch, and 3 for dinner. It's just me and family, so nothing fancy. The dishwasher is jammed and there is stuff to hand wash. The racks are always full. So my problem is using too much stuff to make food. I clearly lack to organizational skills needed for a home kitchen. Can anyone throw me a link to a page somewhere that gives guidance on how to defeat this problem? My dishwasher begs you! Thanks! -John
  8. @JohnT; thus the mystery is solved! I used your suggestion, and it was just the trick, Now I can hinge those baguettes back and forth for days before they break. OK, not really. But this worked perfectly for my needs. Thanks, and thanks again! -Johntodd
  9. @JohnT; this retains moisture, right? And that's why they stay soft? Will try tonight! Home-made McRibs on the menu, will notify tomorrow after I wake up from passing out from overindulgence and run-on sentences. Thanks! -John
  10. C'mon now, Subway is a legit business. This is just their take on the sub/hoagie/grinder type sandwich. We can make ours however we want. If we like it, then it is good. Even if that means making a sub out of bologna that was marinated overnight in lime koolaid! If you like it, eat it. (please don't offer me any of that.) -John
  11. Sounds good. Anybody have a tweak to my recipe or a new recipe that I can use with my perforated metal baguette pan? Thanks! -John
  12. They wouldn't let anybody outsmart them like that. They broil it with the cheese on it. No broiling the veggies, although I guess they would if you asked.
  13. CDH; you may have nailed it. Although I can't see how they can broil the cheese so evenly in that configuration. -John
  14. I'm merely a novice at this; what's the diff? And if anybody wants to throw me a link to a recipe, I'm all for it. My desire to make good food my family loves overshadows my big, fatheaded ego.
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