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Breakfast! 2013


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Its been a long long time since I've posted here... so I'll start by posting my absoulte favorite winter breakfast, as had this morning -

Glutinous rice congee, cooked with ginger root and turkey necks and/or backs in the crockpot; served with miso and lots of black pepper, maybe a bit of honey. Yields a nice warm tummy glow to start the day with, and the protein component helps the calories burn slower, in case lunch is a long ways off...

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Played around with the SVdash app and the fast cooked egg. These were extra large eggs not measured for size

Cooked at 170.5 F for 16 min 30 sec The eggs were immersed in 130* tap water in a zip bag and added to the bath which was set 4 degrees higher to allow the water in the bag to get closer to the bath temp. The results were far better than a previous attempt at a slow cook method of 145.5 for 125 min which left the whites very liquid and the yolk gelatenous. I would still like for a more runny yolk yet firmer white. I guess a little higher temp for less time?


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Approximately one minute's walk from my apartment is a very popular noodle shop. It is open from 6 am until 2 am when they clean the place from top to toe. People travel all the way across the city to eat here. It is never empty. You have to queue up even in the early or late hours. Taxi drivers and cops use it a lot.

And I often eat breakfast here.

They only do three dishes. In order of preference. Although all are good. They can be breakfast, lunch or supper. Or a snack.

猪脚粉 Pig foot noodles


干捞粉 Dry scooped noodles


鲜肉粉 Fresh pork noodles


Being in the south of China, the noodles are rice noodles.

Unfortunately the shop is closed for a week for the Chinese New Year, so this morning's breakfast was a poached duck egg on toast.

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Oh, my goodness! What an amazing assortment of lovely looking and sounding breakfasts. Mine is awfully tame:


Scrambled eggs w. Korean hot sauce, smoked ham (Mr. Kim’s from Christmas – a freezer bonus), biscuits w/ fig preserves. The biscuits and preserves are home made and the ham home smoked, but still. Y'all are astounding!!!

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Simple but satisfying breakfast of vegetable soup in chicken broth.

Carrots added to some of the salted & well-gingered chicken broth (poaching liquid) with generous chicken fat floating in it, from yesterday's Hainanese chicken lunch; the mix simmered a bit; large-ish common (button-type) mushrooms added in and the broth just barely brought to a boil again; chopped Taiwanese-type "Wong Nga Pak" [a.k.a. "Napa"] cabbage added, the mix stirred and the heat shut off at once.

The long, relatively skinny type with less leafy parts than the more usual ones. The upper parts were used this time.


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Breakfast the other day:


Scrambled eggs, peameal bacon and toast. This was the last of the peameal and I’m really sorry it’s gone! We order our regular bacon so I guess we could order the peameal. But the peameal prices I’m seeing are crazy – almost $30 per lb. and Benton’s bacon (just about the best we’ve ever tasted) is $6 per lb.!!!

Breakfast this morning:


scrambled eggs, Benton’s bacon and morning buns.

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Kim – Nice morning bun! I gotta learn to bake some day . . .

The kitchen was sorta empty this morning, but we did have pasilla and guajillo chiles, onion, garlic, Mexican oregano, eggs, and, um, lemon Stilton. That’s enough to approximate one of my favorite breakasts – Diana Kennedy’s huevos al albanil. Hit the spot – even without tortillas.


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