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  1. Breakfast! 2014

    Banana walnut pancake
  2. Dinner! 2014 (Part 4)

    Sushi rice, lightly grilled teriyaki salmon topped with togarashi
  3. Dinner! 2014 (Part 4)

    Good to see you still making stunning dishes Max.
  4. Breakfast! 2014

    Spanish Chorizo and fried egg on an Asiago bagel
  5. Breakfast! 2014

    Wow! Those are some nice looking yolks
  6. Breakfast! 2013

    In Spain? My immediate impression was potato fries. Hmm?? Yes, they are shoestring potatoes which are crispy yet delicate and the egg yolks make a wondering sauce. The Spaniards typically cut up the eggs and mix them with the potatoes.
  7. Freaking Awesome! I was about to spend $2500 on a custom tandoor oven, now I can try this!
  8. Breakfast! 2013

    Glad to see people still enjoying their breakfasts. I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately, but promise to post, including meals from a recent trip to Barcelona. Here is a sample: Huevos Cabreados
  9. Breakfast! 2013

    The sausage was from Hartmann's and believe it was Swiss cheese, though it tasted stronger than indicatged on their website - http://www.hartmannssausage.com/shopping_detail_view.aspx?productPacksKey=15&categoryNamesKey=1
  10. Breakfast! 2013

    Nice crepe! Kim, the eggs benedict in a basket and breakfast kebabs are excellent ideas. As for the Kolaches, unfortunately, I did not make it myself but rather bought them from a restaurant who makes them fresh to order. Suspect they used a bit of egg wash to brown them. A few catch-up posts.... Last of the lobster - French Omelette with Lobster Sauce Lobster & Shrimp Curry Cheese Sausage w/Fried Egg Alphonso Mango
  11. Breakfast! 2013

    Nice hash Ann. Those Kolaches are addictive. I now have the phone number of the place programmed in my phone and call them at least once a week, 20 min ahead of time so I can pick-up a ham, egg and cheese embraced in a pipping-hot-super-flaky-slightly-sweet dough. Had to use up 5lbs of lobster this week, so besides lobster rolls and lobster bisque I made for dinner, we had: Truffled Lobster Scrambled Egg Lobster Eggs Benedict Lobster & Shrimp Fried Rice w/Fried Egg
  12. Breakfast! 2013

    A few breakfasts from weeks past... Korean Fried Rice and Kimchi w/Egg Scrambled Egg w/Bacon Pieces Ham and Cheese Kolaches - flaky, chewy, slightly sweet dough Crab Florentine Eggs Benedict
  13. Breakfast! 2013

    Beautiful Breakfasts all. A few breakfasts past... More bacon and chicken sausage w/eggs Bagel Egg & Cheese A few healthier options from Brunch yesterday... Roasted Beets w/Pistachios and Feta Fiddlehead ferns w/Morel Mushrooms Moroccan Lamb w/Eggs
  14. Commercial BBQ Sauce Question

    Love the "Bone Sucking Sauce" rubs as well.
  15. Dinner! 2013 (Part 2)

    Kimchi Fried Rice w/Fried Egg