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Making Pizza at Home/Homemade Pizza


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23 minutes ago, ElsieD said:

Thank you.  If I can bother you again, can you give me the measurement of yours, including and excluding the rim?  I want to make sure I order the right size.  My stone is 11.5" wide, 12" with the rim.

No bother at all.  11" inside measure, 11-3/4" outside meas.

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35 minutes ago, ElsieD said:

That size doesn't show in your link.  Did you get yours from Amazon?

Yes.  Although they call it 12 inches.  It's slightly under so it would fit a 12" opening.

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Last night, I tried something I've never tried before:




Pan pizza - with a dough from Ken Forkish (overnight pizza dough).  I didn't quite get the stretch I wanted; his recipe called for a 9" cast-iron - this is a larger pan, but the closest I had.

It was very good, topped with smushed Bianco tomatoes, some shredded mozzarella, and Parmesan. (Here's a tip - don't touch the pan).


Also did another flatbread at the same time, in a sheet pan, in order to stretch it further and make it thinner. Didn't use any mozzarella on the rectangular one, just tomatoes, oregano, and some Parmesan.




Not bad...




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