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17 hours ago, kayb said:

My Aldi today -- I presume it was chain-wide -- had their Appleton Farms spiral sliced hams for 85 cents a pound

The price here was 95 cents/lb for the spiral cut hams.  That price is still the same here but I am tempted by this week's 69 cents/lb for the unsliced 

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Have not been to my Local Aldi just yet


5 minuts away


TJ's  : 12 minutes away.


they have senior hours tue / thurs.


Im one week out for Vaxx # 2.


I might go to Aldi tomorrow


the Aldi I used to goto


in the Era Before 


20 - 25 minutes  away


was not very well stocked,


I did enjoy their selection of European


choloclat bars.


wish me luck !




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I went to Aldi , and was very brave I thought.


I did fib a bit :  its 10 minus away , leaving 2 minutes to put on my BodyArmour


and Respiratory System.  


in the parking lot.  


one person ahead of me , and already in the store.


plenty of wipes and hand sanitary stuff as you enter


the store i huge.  2 - 3 X the previouos store Ive been to in era Before.


very wide aisles.  fully stocked.  some shelf space next to a few items , but 


those items were in stock , just not a zillion boxes.


two people that worked there were in the store and one took me to the Ham selection ,


fully stocked including the sale ham.  so many interesting items Id


forgotten about.


chocolat selection had everything.   A favorite tortellini selection


I would get at RocheBro  brand name Buttoni :  chicken and herb


they had , at 1/2 the price.   their store brand , but ingredients looked the same


will try tonight.  RocheBro has taken a serious hit


cheese selectio9n a bit weak.  will continue to use Tj's for that.


fresh rolls , spinach in a bag that was not ' baby ' [ they had that too ]


more of Teenager Spinach.  tomatoes on the vine


etc.  I did get three different brie's , a blue , and two brands.  will try them


as soon as they age.   TJ's has a fine selection of brie , from FR


I used to get the one that oozes , most awful looking pieces , and age them at home.


all in all  , a wonderful selection.. of stuff


made ,my day.   I felt comfortable moseying around


taking my time and getting the lay of the land  and were the stuff was I 


was interested in.


lucky me !


no wine though.   TJ's for that , eventually when my stock runs low.


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no , just one.


Im not really a Ham Man


Im more of a Sale Hound.


Ill trim it up into ' several day ' portions


ChamberVac  and freeze.


I do plan to soak the slices in ice cold water for a few hours 


pre-use.  pat dry


Con-Aga's does of NaCL  won't suit me in a few years\


Im in Training now !


and make a H&Swiss tonmorro


no Swiss @ Aldi


have some Jack Cheese , best I could find


pre-slided  best I coud find


will find some real Swiss @ TJ's


not that " Baby Swiss "  which is &W*%&$_%@_E%@

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4 hours ago, rotuts said:

no wine though.   TJ's for that , eventually when my stock runs low.

Do you mean no wine was being sold? My Aldi's does have a wine section. Not as impressive as TJ's but at least they had some.

Or did you mean Aldi's did have wine, but that you go to TJ's for that?


“Peter: Oh my god, Brian, there's a message in my Alphabits. It says, 'Oooooo.'

Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.”

– From Fox TV’s “Family Guy”


Tim Oliver

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no wine in Aldi in MA


the Gov / etc distant relatives 


control wine etc


than the licenses 


so no wine.


TJ's is fine or me these days.


in Brookline , several towns over , toward BOS


with very little parkeing


the TJ's others sells 


"" Booze !"


it's a town decision in MA


and its very expensive for a 


Restaurant to be able to get a liquor license 


I don't wonder why.  I know .


Beer and wine should vibe included 


in any health departments certification 


oF any restaurant 


booze ?  not so much


Im pretty progressive


No ?


Thai noodle should be able to sever 


Ice Cold Singha 


See ?

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I now examine the Aldi weekly circular


with renewed interest !


as we all know , Ad's  are a series of lies.


misdirection , etc.


so :  Aldi Savers ( in Red  ! )  ' savings on savings on savings '


however , some Aldi savers indicate what the price ' was ' and what it is now.


[ ed: pls excuse  .  it's a slow day .  sunny , warm in the back room , but cold outside ]


in this week's circular   ( in black for the price 0


there are items from Germany :  ' Deutsche Kuche '  brand


apologies to Duvel , can't remember the APPL key sequence for an Umlat 


I take it that the german items were a one time , large purchase


at a value point , and when gone , gone.   fine


TJ's in California  did this from time to time , etc


they do offer this week , in black type


a 20 lbs bird seed bag :  " Heart to Tall Wild Bird Seed "  :  $ 6.99


I used to get 40 lbs bags at Walmart , and now get them from TheWall


on line , as Walmart is not a place I might go to any time soon


the price difference is :  $ 6.00.


nice.  but nicer for me , I can deal w 20 lbs bags.


I'll get one on Tues ( senior hours ) and see if there are significant


difference from the Penningtons Walmart version


Im guessing the sunflower seeds are the most expensive in the bag


anyone get these bags ?


of course , in my area the Squirrels eat most of the SSS 


before the cardinals arreive


so ...................

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Aldi does "German Week" every so often and gets heaps of the Deutsche Kuche branded stuff in.  It's all very tasty. While you're there, if you like red fleshed fish, give their salmon and steelhead trout a try... that is usually of excellent quality.  

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Christopher D. Holst aka "cdh"

Learn to brew beer with my eGCI course

Chris Holst, Attorney-at-Lunch

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1 hour ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

There must be a new Aldi somewhere near here as I've been getting their circulars in the mail.  Not that I could get there.


The Aldi that recently opened near me offers delivery via Instacart and curbside pick-up.  That said, I’m not familiar enough with their offerings to order sight-unseen.

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Some of the DK branded stuff is actually from Germany and some is 'inspired by Germany,' 'Made in the USA.'  Noted on the front of the packages.  I look forward to the Bavarian wieners, natural casing, which are from a meat packer in Chicago I've read.  Their Parkview Deli (?) regular wieners and sausages are made in Wisconsin, I believe.  I wish DK weeks would come around a little more often.   I like the 'Never Any' chicken sausages --- but, they're the only chicken sausages I've ever bought!


The Pane Turano is good.  Tuscan Pane at TJ's may be a little better but Aldi is much closer to me.


The Steelhead trout and Norwegian Salmon are always 'Aldi Special FInds' and 'Available while supplies last' starting on the first day of the weekly circular, which is Wednesday around here.  I've never scored any but my circulars are frequently delivered late and I don't remember to check the online ads until too late.  Atlantic Salmon - pretty much always in stock but not fresh when I've looked at it.


I used to rely on their Happy Farmer cheeses for sandwich slices and occasionally the Specially Selected block cheeses but they've introduced Emporium Selection as a brand and there seems to be a lot less variety.  I will stock up on cheeses at TJ's.

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8 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

There must be a new Aldi somewhere near here as I've been getting their circulars in the mail.  Not that I could get there.


There's a store locator on the website.  The Grand Openings list doesn't show any in NJ.

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Aldi is really a fine complement to TJ's


TJ['s has quite a few things I like that  Aldi does not


and Aldi has some very good sales.


I got some of the Aldi large Eggs.  they were $ 1.79


Id been getting extra large brown eggs , which were $ 3.25


the Aldi large eggs were exactly the same size as the extra large  ( by weight )


I noticed they seemed larger than ' regular ' large eggs


go figure.

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thank you Aldi Fans


for your input.


i noticed @ Aldi 


they have some refrigerated Salmon.


I did not look too closely at it


ut it looked very similar to refrigerated Salmon @ TJ's 


from Norway.   Ive tried it in the past @ TJ's


and as long as you look in to the ' back ' of the selection


its a day or so fresher @ TJ's  


I liked it , given Im looking for a nice piece


very close to the head.  note salmon fat.


I appreciate the comments on Fish @ Aldi


what this Norwegean fish an item you tried ?


Steelhead etc , Ill have to look for that.


thank your for your input.



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In The Netherlands and Belgium Aldi shops fall under Aldi North. I think I noticed this chain some twenty years ago, when I was still a student and have been going every now and then ever since. Even now, when I live in a city (population of 90.000) with access to approximately ten different supermarket chains, including a Lidl or two, I can reach in 5-20 minutes per bike (recreational speed).

Over the years some products have been praised by people who's opinion I value. Thanks to rotuts and some other people here, Roser Moth chocolate have made it's way to our house. The biological eggs are quite tasty for a supermarket product, at least I don't know better ones. Yet. 

I'm never without those little cans of double concentrated tomatopuree. They also have big hunks of gouda-style cheese on sale every now and then. The medium aged one is my cheese workhorse so to say. If I don't get my minced beef from a proper butcher, I'll settle with Aldi's biological one.


Nuts have been a let down. Especially the borrelnootjes, a coated and fried spiced peanut product. Both from Aldi, Lidl and other supermarket brands.


Lidl started to smarten up a bit a few years ago. Both locations here got an update and a bakery section. A few months ago, my Aldi got a bakery as well. Bakery as in fresh baked off bread, not a proper bakery from scratch. (I think the Albert Heijn chain started to bring bake an oven in to the stores.) After the overhaul, Aldi now is open in the evening and on Sundays. Except for the supermarket formula that relies on special needs personnel, it was the only one left that wasn't open after 18 or on Sunday.

Lidl has won some awards for their fresh produce and their theme weeks appeal to me. Aldi is starting to do more themes I feel, but it's still less elaborate than Lidl.


We do have special hours for the vulnerable in supermarkets, which are generally the very first opening hours or even an hour earlier than regular opening times. Complaints have been made that they aren't used much though.


Edit: Have noticed some TJ-products showing up the last few years, but I only specificially remember being disappointed about hotdogbuns.

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I went to Aldi last week to get hams and wound up spending $90, only a third of which was hams, mostly on dairy products, which are significantly cheaper than Kroger. Oh, and orange juice concentrate. I go through two cans a week, and Aldi's are 50 cents a can less than Kroger. I can tell no difference in taste.


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Don't ask. Eat it.


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went to Aldi this AM


same fellow was ahead of me , already in the store 


just like last week.


i was interested in thew 20 lbs bird seed.  got one bag


its similar to the Pennington's seed via Walmart, but a savings of


$ 6 or even a little more.  seems to have less sunfouwr seeds , not by much


and more cracked corn.   squirrels might be upset.   as far as I can tell , very few


birds get to the SFS ahead of the S's


I got some sourdough bread for ham sandwiches , they only had one


store brand.  I can tell its going to be lacking .


EM's and Eggs are a significant savings over Tj's



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here is the Sale Ham from last week :








it was tasty , and not very salty.  no massive gusher of water came out of the bag when opened


and today I tried these ;




TJ's no longer has generic Triscuits , so Ill try these


Ill let this cheese ripen in the cubed , and see hoe it compares to






cheese is much better @ TJ's

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  • 2 weeks later...

The three Aldi's near us have all recently been updated and enlarged.  They are clean and orderly.  I'm very pleased with my purchases there...milk, eggs, cheeses, ham, frozen vegetables, pickles, dried fruit, canned beans, rice, produce.  All cheaper than other stores in the area.  All quite tasty, fresh.  Their cottage cheese is the best I've found, consistently fresh and not mushy/watery like so many.  Better bread selection since the store updates.  I've tried some of their Germany Week items...pretty good.  We went to an Aldi in Dublin at Christmas time a few years back...yummy breads, cakes, sweets.  Anyway...we shop at Aldi at least once or twice a month.

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Aldi Tots :




perfectly fine.  similar or identical to Tj's generic.


Aldi'e EM's   are not as good as TJ's


have a hint of something that I do not associate w EM's


not quire benzene , but not EM'ish

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Agree with you that the current Aldi cheese selection pales in comparison with TJs... They used to have a very nice Stilton around xmas, now not a blue in sight.  Aldi wee bries are subpar as well... no chance they'll ripen and get runny.  I like the aldi tots, tho... never noticed them at TJs.  And I've not figured out what the benzine-y "EM" s you're ref-ing are... 

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Christopher D. Holst aka "cdh"

Learn to brew beer with my eGCI course

Chris Holst, Attorney-at-Lunch

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