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  1. brucesw


    There's a store locator on the website. The Grand Openings list doesn't show any in NJ.
  2. brucesw


    Some of the DK branded stuff is actually from Germany and some is 'inspired by Germany,' 'Made in the USA.' Noted on the front of the packages. I look forward to the Bavarian wieners, natural casing, which are from a meat packer in Chicago I've read. Their Parkview Deli (?) regular wieners and sausages are made in Wisconsin, I believe. I wish DK weeks would come around a little more often. I like the 'Never Any' chicken sausages --- but, they're the only chicken sausages I've ever bought! The Pane Turano is good. Tuscan Pane at TJ's may be a little better but Aldi is much cl
  3. No Del Taco or Wienerschnitzel here. The former has tried twice, the most recent time in the last couple of years, and just hasn't been able to last. Wienerschnitzel left 30 years ago or so but they are elsewhere in Texas and may be in some of the outlying suburbs. I liked the hot dogs back when and usually stop for old times sake if II see one on the road. I checked Taco Cabana out of San Antonio which labels itself fast-casual - no tamales. Taco Palenque, a very good Mexican fast food chain out of South Texas (only one here) - no tamales. Likewise a local taqueria 'chain' pl
  4. I never paid much attention to these products. If they were available in the 60s which I was at UT Austin I never saw them or heard of them. I tried a few over the years and didn't get the appeal until the poster Huiray here on eG started posting about them in the Lunch and Dinner threads. I don't read the site much anymore so I don't know if Huiray is still posting. In answer to a question once he recommended Dragonfly, Nongshim, & Myojo Chukazanmai brands. I've never found the first locally, Nongshim is almost as ubiquitous as Nissin and Maruchan here; I've had a couple of the Myojo
  5. Darienne - the restaurant meal I alluded to was 50 years ago. Of course it's possible I'm remembering wrong. Perhaps I should just say it was the first time I experienced a Chile Relleno made with something other than a bell pepper. The Wiki entry identifies the dish as originating in Puebla, Mexico, which is no where near the Texas-Mexico border or San Antonio, where Tex-Mex originated, and says that there it is typically made with a poblano pepper, which is named for Puebla. But others are used. Everywhere. Yes it's possible I've never tried one that was well prepa
  6. Thanks for this Darienne. I'm a native Texan but I don't recall that I've ever encountered a Chile Rellenno casserole before. I'll have to look through some old community and church cookbooks and the like and see if there are any that I just missed. I've never liked Chile Rellenos. My mother loved them and would always order them and it was one of the few Mexican dishes she made at home. I thought they were always way too greasy and soggy. hers and the restaurant versions Maybe I just never had a good one but I gave up long ago. Funny that Lisa Fain makes a sidewi
  7. Hi Smithy, I passed thru Sweetwater a year and a half ago on a road trip to Fort Collins. Fortunately or not, It was not meal time either time I sped by so I didn't stop, but I had made note of a couple of places that were of interest to me if I was hungry. You may have already found these: Allen's Family Style Meals - judging from the pictures, this is the dictionary definition of 'humble eatery.' There does appear to be a pretty full array of known, national fast food chains in Sweetwater. Daniel Vaughn of the Texas Monthly BBQ Blog has post
  8. Trappey's brand pickled jalapenos are cold brined and remain very crisp; likewise their pickled okra. Cajun Chef is supposed to be another brand that is cold brined but I've never found them in grocery stores, only seen them in institutional sized cans in kitchens. It's the cold brining that makes the difference, as with kosher dill pickles. Look for the terms 'cold brined' on the label or something like 'never heated.' I can't find a picture of the TJ's product online that I can make out all the script so I don't know if TJ's are.
  9. Sorry I've forgotten to post about my findings. San San has changed hands it seems and more of the store has been given over to a slightly nicer restaurant dining area. The food, alas, seems to have gone downhill. There was no book section. I took another look at the temple near me. When I first discovered this place the tea room had only 4 food items on the menu and 6 teas; then they dropped one of the food items. Looks like they've got someone a little more accomplished in the kitchen now. The 'Intro' page on the website mentions a gift shop, library and classro
  10. We have a couple of Buddhist vegetarian places here and I love going there from time to time. One, San San Tofu, is a grocery/household goods store with a steam table restaurant. The combo meals are a fantastic bargain and the vegetarian dim sum is great and I've bought some of the frozen mock meats (chicken meatballs, dumplings, etc.) I'm thinking they may have a book section somewhere in the store that I haven't noticed before. I'll try to get over there in a few days and see, maybe at least get some titles for you? Another thought - is there a Buddhist temple in Phoenix? Th
  11. Very interesting. I ate at Tocabe when I passed through Denver a year and a half ago - just one meal, wish I could have sampled more.
  12. The signage in my store identifies it as a cheddar. Nothing on the package that I could find, however.
  13. The soup and the bread are calling to me.
  14. brucesw

    Jack in the Box

    Flipping thru my grocery circulars this week I came across a fold-out flyer for JITB's Food Truck Series. Mostly the flyer is coupons for regular menu items but there's one coupon for a Food Truck Series combo meal for $5. The front and back of the flyer introduce the FTS - three sandwiches on a 'new toasted baguette:' An Asian Fried Chicken sandwich with Gochujang mayo, a Prime Rib Cheesesteak with cheesy garlic sauce, and a Pork Belly BLT with tangy honey aoili. I'm not falling for the 'prime rib' but I must admit the other two interest me. Here's the web page; clic
  15. The menu. Looks very good but I'm wanting to see the meat pounded thinner (PTL on the brain, here ).
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