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  1. Someone mentioned Constant Comment tea a while back. Tasty and good memories!
  2. A friend gave us a box of 120 La Tisaniere herbal infusion sachets, long since used up. Boxes of 25 sachets in single flavors are available in the U.S. but are rather expensive, running from around $10 to as much as $23. I see them on line from the UK for from 2 to 4 Euros. We will be visiting France shortly. Is this brand available at French markets at reasonable prices? lkm
  3. I've been given a bag of beets. The beets we love in a variety of ways, but I've been told the greens are good too. Raw in salads? Small leaves only? Stems? Steamed like spinach? How do YOU fix them?
  4. Thanks for all your suggestions. I always keep a canola/olive oil blend and Chinese rice vinegar on hand. I'll start there with a pinch of sugar and a few herbs and see what happens. One of the German salads had dressing that was faintly yellow, so perhaps mustard was part of the recipe. A couple of you mentioned watercress. In several of the German hotel salads we had, what they called "garden cress" was an ingredient. Very tasty, slightly peppery. I haven't been able to find any where I shop, but I did find it in Germany in a shop. Tiny leaves. I may have to grow my own. It was a tasty addition.
  5. Traveling in Germany in April, we ate in three hotels, all of which served fresh green salads with nearly identical vinaigrette dressings that were nearly clear, not oily at all, with bits of herbs, maybe slightly sweet even, just delicious. We thought the vinegar was probably a rice/wine vinegar and the oil very fresh and light. Any ideas for recipes?
  6. Thanks for your suggestions! They all sound good. Thanks too for comments on storing the opened jar. I'll comment later when I've had time to try your ideas. lkm
  7. I have a large jar of Costco sun-dried tomatoes in oil. What do I do with it? Thanks.
  8. Rancho Gordo: Your new press is wonderful! Really a work of art. Thanks, all, for so many tips on making corn tortillas. I'm curious: what else can a tortilla press be used for? Does it work for flour tortillas as well as corn tortillas? Pie dough? Thanks. lkm
  9. I bought a cast iron tortilla press on Amazon last week and am very pleased with it--perfect circles, thin tortillas. I used a dry cast iron pan to cook the tortillas. No problems with any of this, but I'm wondering about the masa to water ratio and the cooking time. The tortillas peeled right off the plastic. The finished product was tasty enough, good corn smell and taste, but the consistency wasn't pleasing and there was no puffing and little browning (not the usual brown spots here and there). Is it one of those things that just needs some practice? Ideas otherwise? Thanks.
  10. I just ordered a used copy of The Versatile Grain and the Elegant Bean from Amazon for a bit less than $5. I'm looking forward to using it. Thanks for the recommendations.
  11. Thanks for the tortilla demo. Always look forward to your Rancho Gordo newsletter! LMarshall
  12. lmarshal1

    Marrowfat peas

    Thanks for comments on the steeping tablet. How do you serve/season/use marrowfat peas? lkm
  13. lmarshal1

    Marrowfat peas

    When we have traveled in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand, we have been served a variety of mushy peas, which I hate to admit, I rather like. In Dublin in November we had some large peas, not mushy really, just served with butter and salt, tasty enough that I went to a nearby grocery store and purchased two boxes of Batchelor's Marrowfat Peas. I'm just getting around to fixing them. A couple questions: What is the purpose of the steeping tablet in the box with the dried peas? To cut down on starch or maybe flatulence? Shortly, I will drain the peas after soaking them all day, rinse again and cook. I'm planning to add fresh-ground pepper, butter, and a bit of minced ham. Any other ideas? Will these be anything like soup beans? Or just mushy peas? Thanks. lkmarshal
  14. I use my slow cooker on low heat, spray the inside with cooking spray, add one cup steel-cut oats to 3 1/2 cups water, add one apple cut up in small bits, and two tablespoons of brown sugar. I start it about 11 PM and it's ready by 6 AM. It's also good with raisins and cut-up dried apricots or dried cranberries or chopped nuts. lkm
  15. I made a tasty salad just yesterday using sweet peppers instead of greens since I had an overabundance of peppers: an apple cut up in bite-sized pieces a large sweet pepper cut up in bite-sized pieces a couple tablespoons of raisins a tablespoon of sunflower seeds poppyseed dressing Very tasty and pretty to look at. lkm
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