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Octoberfest dessert recipes


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No, Sachertorte was invented to feed Fürst Metternich in 1832 by Franz Sacher who after some years opened a speialty and wine shop in Vienna in 1848. This was the offspring of the now world famous Hotel Sacher.

Oktoberfest Dessert?? You rarely go to the Wies'n to have dessert... Maybe some Bavarian might know that better but I doubt that there are special Oktoberfest desserts...

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Did a little google search and found a few octoberfest desserts on epicurious. Rustic pear tart with Late Harvest Riesling, apple raisin strudels, bavarian cream with raspberry coulis - and my personal favorite - beer-braised sausages and sauerkraut - a classic octoberfest dessert - more dinner!

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An interesting, and long-departed, restaurant in Austin on Congress Avenue - name forgotten, but not the food ... used to serve a very interesting dessert: an intense dark chocolate creme brulee - really more of a pot de creme, together with a glass of Liefman's Frambosenbier.

Now, Liefman's is a Belgian beer, and creme brulee and pot de creme are French, and chocolate is definitely Mexican, but ....

Being that there really aren't any Oktoberfest konditorei treats - other than the above-referenced sausages poached in beer, or schweinhaxe, or pig's knuckles in sauerkrate - I think the Liefman's and pot de creme combo is a fair suggestion. The dessert was not very sweet, and the beer had a tartness to cut the richness of the dessert. Otherwise, apfel strudel or some kind of sweet dumpling would be the next best choices. Or possibly a German version of a Hungarian sweet: Hexenschnee - 'the witches' froth'. Freshly made, lightly sweetened applesauce, laced with cinnamon, is folded into a common, or French meringue, and further lightened with whipped cream. It is served in bowls or champagne coupes, topped with brandied cherries.

Myself, I vote for the beer and sausages!

Gut appetit!


Sharon Peters aka "theabroma"

The lunatics have overtaken the asylum

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they make these really cute heart cookies decorated with the name of your significant other on them for oktoberfest...you could do mini ones (these are as big as the horses that pull the beer!) and that would be cute...but more petit four than dessert.

there's also baumkuchen which always looks better than it tastes to me

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I have to admit that nothing of the mentioned "German specialties" seems really Oktoberfest-specific.

Baumkuchen is traditional in Winter, very difficult and cumbersome to produce as each layer needs to be baked after the other without making the old ones to dry...

The heart cookies can be found on every similar fest. They are so hard you would never eat them. Freshly made, it is a type of gingerbread (Lebkuchen). Gingerbread is more renowed from Nürnberg.

The beer specialties are Bavarian, but whether they have an offspring in the Okoberfest I don't know but I doubt it.

My advice: make a good Bavarian dessert if the motto of the runion is Oktoberfest - this will do...

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can you find a dark beer to use in the Chocolate Stout cake recipe?

The recipe is on epicurious, search for Guiness Cake or Stout cake to find it....

It's not traditional by any stretch of the imagination, but at least it would be in keeping with the spirit of Octoberfest!

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I dont know what this is called but it is very popular with my German friends this time of year

you take a sweet yeast dough (kind of like a brioche dough I guess) and spread it in a pan (like a pizza pain) then add a layer of custard (I think one made with Birds is fine that is what it tastes like) ...cut plums in half then slice them thin in a fan like shape and fan/spread them out over the top of the custard then sprinkle with sugar and bake ...

it is really very good!

btw when I asked for the recipe this is how I got it!

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