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Favorite baked desserts


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This is a really difficult question to answer. There are so many.

I like (in no particular order):

Bavarian Cream with raspberry sauce

Brownies swirled with caramel


Lemon Roll Cake - especially if I put sliced strawberries and whipped cream on it


Four flavor cake - it's a pound cake w/ butter, rum, coconut & almond flavors

baklava - especially when it's still warm

Okay, this list made me realize something. I like dessert best when I make it myself. None of these is something I get when I eat out. There are probably more, but those are the first ones to come to mind. I can see I'll be baking tonight.

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i love lemon pudding cake - the kind that seperates into 2 layers when you bake it, cake on top & pudding on the bottom. my mom and i used to make it together when i was a kid, and it's always the first thing i make when i feel summer in the air.

after that, i'm a sucker for cookies of nearly every kind - esp. crunchy, sandy kinds. a particular favorite is a toasted pecan & chocolate chip shortbread cookie which we made in a restaurant i worked in years & years ago.

let's see - what else? a really good apple pie; tart lemon bars; and just about any fruit with a nice cinnamon-y streusel crumb topping on it :biggrin:

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Wow. This is a really difficult one. In our house the kids ask what's for dessert before they ask what's for dinner.

I love most desserts and cookies. These are some of the things I make most often when we have dinner guests, so I guess they must be my most favorites, in no particular order:

Rich, dense, but smooth and creamy dark chocolate pots de creme with creme fraiche & berries

Bread pudding - many varieties - with chocolate and/or caramel sauce

Orange almond cookies dipped in Belg. choc.

Cream cheese brownies with latte

Caramelized apple pie

Mascarpone cheesecake

Goat Cheese and fruit tarts

Upside down cake - nectarine, cherry, peach (my daughter's favorite)

Soft and chewy ginger cookies

Chocolate almond lace cookies

Fresh strawberry shortcake (biscuit style, of course)

Fresh fruit crisps

Creme Brulee

Geez, I could go on and on. It would probably be easier for me to write what baked desserts I don't like!


edited by et to add creme brulee (what was I thinking?)

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Bread pudding pure and simple (or not so simple).

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In no particulr order


any variety of meringue cookie, mostaccioli, frosted sugar cookies, lace cookies, florentines, brandy snaps, macaroons coconut, almond, chocolate. Do bars make the cookie category....


chocolate mud cake, chocolate banana cake-chocolate frosted, banana layer cake with buttercream and toasted extra large coconut flakes, flourless chocolate roll, occasionally a dacquoise. Lemon feather cake. I really am fussy about cakes iced with real italian or swiss style buttercream. Has to be butter no highly stable fats for moi!


there are two pies that elude me and yet I yearn for them always: peach pie and strawberry rhubarb. Almost every version I've had has included soggy wet bottom crusts, overly gluey fillings=more constarch than fruit. Thing is I've had one or two great ones and the memory of them haunt me. Sure I've made some too, but, I think there is a kind of magic that happens with seasonal fruit from its natural habitat that produces something perfect. Georgia peaches for example or Ontario strawberries and rhubarb when we've had just the right amount of rain. I know everyone thinks they have the perfect apple pie recipe but actually I really do. I like a well made frangipane tart with apricots and almonds. Ooh the sour cherry pie. And while techincally this isn't a pie, the butter tart reigns supreme in my heart - occasionally I turn it into a pie -rich and delicious. Coconut pie with a custard base loaded with coconut and topped with real whipped cream, tarte au sucre.

Jeez why don't I tell you how I really feel! :huh:

slinking off now because I am embarrassed about the amount of goodies I love!

Life! what's life!? Just natures way of keeping meat fresh - Dr. who

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What? :shock: I have to choose? :hmmm:

Nope, can't narrow it down, and I see that this list is getting full iof all of my favorites already.... I will add something that I haven't seen yet, gingerbread, fresh out of the oven, with freshly whipped cream spooned upon it. Oh, and fruitcake, any kind. Send me yours, folks, don't let it go to waste!

edited by me to add: what, no one else has mentioned black and white cookies or baked Alaskas? There, I have. I feel better now.

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I don't know if this is appropriate but I love European pastries, I guess because of my eastern european heritage and If you love pastries that are like visiting the finest Swiss watch/jewelry store then this YT is definitely worth your time to watch.


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