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  1. Zirael

    Dinner 2020

    Here is my first kebap. Quite good, but I feel I can do better
  2. Zirael

    Pee-Pee Boy

    Yes, "the simplicity of genius"
  3. Hi there! I'm a beginner coffee-lover, so I collect opinions on the best coffee brands. Yeap, I know that it's a matter of taste, nevertheless feel free to share your favorite coffee brand. Either beans or ground coffee, whatever. I tried about 20-25 different coffee packs and I'm just looking for something new. If you know uncommon recipes of coffee, you're welcome too! As for me, my favorite coffee is Lavazza. I don't like bitter coffee, so this one with fruit and honey flavor tastes good for me.
  4. Hi folks, I think you've heard of bulletproof coffee. My family likes it, and we usually buy it in a cafe nearby. I want to try making bulletproof coffee myself. I've already found this recipe, what can you say about it? Share your recipes, thanks in advance. p.s. what blender do you have? I need to buy one for this purpose. Currently, I'm choosing out from this list, but I'll consider any other options too.
  5. @heidih thank you for the great recipe! I'll try it on the weekend! I'll use olive oil instead of canola oil, I hope it's ok.
  6. Zirael

    Breakfast Cereal

    Your husband prefers making them with water or with milk?
  7. Zirael

    Dinner 2020

    How do you marinate pork before grilling? Looks very tasty!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here! I've started going to the gym and I want to stop eating junk food and cook myself, so I hope I'll find something good for me! Also, I'm a big fan of coffee! Peace ✌️
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