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  1. Thank you so much! I will let her know. Ellen
  2. Thanks for the reply. She knows how to make it, because we use homemade here all the time. But she doesn't want to wait months for it to develop flavor. I was hoping there was just some local difference in shopping she wasn't picking up on... Ellen
  3. My daughter is working as a nanny in Bonn and can't seem to find vanilla extract in the stores. I hesitate to ship alcohol via mail (especially internationally), so I am wondering if she is missing it or there is some trick to finding it? Please help, she's whining... Thanks! Ellen
  4. Stuartlikesstrudel - (mmmm strudel!) This is the one time I actually use my microwave. I throw a potato or two - depending on how many I am serving - into the microwave until almost cooked and then peel and grate them on the biggest grater I have. Toss with butter, salt and pepper and lightly press them into the pan. Put in the fillings and eggs like usual and bake. I don't know about healthier, but it tastes good and saves me from making a pastry crust. And I always have potatoes on hand.
  5. The people in my life are always happy to have Breakfast for dinner. Quiche made with a grated potato crust and some spinach and cheese is good with a salad. But waffles or pancakes and bacon or sausage are always a hit. The ingredients are always around and easy to throw together at a moments notice. And it's an easy one to let people help make. That makes them feel special and you get more time to talk.
  6. Yajna Patni, thank you. That's how I feel about it. I don't want "kiddie" drinks and I want to learn to make drinks that taste good. I am starting some syrups. Thanks for the ideas. Where do I find Elder Flower?
  7. Thanks for the info. I didn't realize that. I will have to look more carefully.
  8. I can get bitters. That LLB sounds good. Thank you Shalmanese! And I already have pineapple juice so that's two new drinks. Thanks jrshaul. I will have to look at some of the infused syrups. I may have to experiment on an orange syrup. Any more?
  9. I know this forum is for spirits and cocktails, so I hope this topic won't be amiss. I don't drink alcohol. Believe me, the world is a better place because I don't drink. Not just for me but for anyone who comes in contact with me. You're just gonna have to trust me on that. Lately, I have been looking at techniques bartenders use to improve the taste of my drinks. I have seen a couple of topics where non-alcohol drinks have been discussed. What I'm looking for now are ideas to make my drinks taste better without adding any form of liquor. For example, today I bought myself a cocktail shaker. I pounded a few ice cubes with my handy (clean!) meat mallet. Then I squeezed a half lemon into the shaker, poured in some simple syrup and shook vigorously for a bit. Strained that into a martini glass and twisted a bit of lemon zest over it. It's the best lemonade I've ever made. What are some other ideas for improving my drinks? Thanks, Ellen
  10. I don't think the texture will be compromised byyour cream cheese. My recipe uses cream cheese and cottage cheese. I run it through the blender and don't bother to strain because it's oh soo smooth. I use a spring form pan and no water bath. The center finishes cooking after I take it out of the oven. I haven't seen organic cream cheese here. Perhaps a new excuse to shop? Ellen
  11. I grow tomatoes and I never seem to have enough. When I am thinking about sharing, I usually ask first how much the person likes tomatoes. If they love them, I share with no strings. I figure they will use them in a way that makes them most happy and that makes me happy. If they are so-so or don't care for tomatoes, I find another way to bless them with something from my home. Then I stop worrying about it. If they tell me what they did with them, I ask how much they enjoyed it. Then I join in their happiness with them. If they say they let them rot, I find something else to give them next time.
  12. I pray at home before meals. I expect that others will respect that it's my home and be respectful during the prayer. It's brief and free form - I like to hope that means inspired. I don't ask someone else to pray at my table unless I know they are very comfortable with it. I don't pray in restaurants - I guess because I don't feel comfortable pushing my beliefs on others - or maybe because I'm am not the host usually. When at someone else's home, I follow thier custom because I care for them and respect them. I have occasionally seen other pray at a restuarant. It bothers me when they seem to be making a production of it.
  13. Tupperware parties still happen. At least in this part of the country. They are fewer and farther between, and have to compete with Mary Kay, Stampin Up, jewelry and candles, but I get a couple of invites a year. Here is the official site: http://order.tupperware.com/coe/app/home
  14. Eel sauce? sounds quite interesting. Brand name or source? I buy eel sauce at the Asian Market down the street. It's on the right hand side of the third aisle on the right. <grin> Since that may no be helpful to you, let's see if I can post a picture...
  15. I buy dried wild mushrooms from Costco. Then I grind them in the coffee grinder I use for spices. I throw them in a LOT of stuff - homemade hamburgers, meat loaf, gravies, sauces, pretty much anything that needs that extra flavor.
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