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  1. Hello my fellow eGulleteers! I've been invited to a deli meal of my choice in Philadelphia. I've never eaten deli in Philadelphia, any suggestions? I must have pickles at the table and I am thinking of eating a very fatty corned beef sandwich.I do not eat meat often so I really want this to be an amazing corned beef sandwich. Fresh cut french fries is a bonus, as well,kishke stuffed in the traditional genuine derma is the ideal. Thank you all!!!!!
  2. She's making the "plain pie dough" recipe from The Settlement Cook Book*, minus the baking powder. this is the only "regular" cook book I've got out of storage right now. As it is her first pie(at the age of 24! ) I think this classic recipe is actually a good start. *1944 edition
  3. My daughter brought home the most delicious local red apples this week, and wants to bake an apple pie tonight. Her first on her own pie, so exciting for me! We have vegetable shortening in the house, so I told her to make a quick shortening crust, then she asked me how to make a crust, how to make the filling, and finally informed me that the 7 cook books I've got at home unpacked do not have any pie recipes. I'm coming to my fellow eGulleteers- your go-to shortening based crust apple pie recipes. pretty please?
  4. Citric acid is sour, in fact, sour salt IS citric acid. It is usually not from citrus, there is some kind of mold that is cultivated for the citric acid it produces. anyway, citric acid activates the sour taste receptors on your tongue, but nothing else, so you will not get a citrus flavor when you use it in your cheese making. I hope that you get great results from your cheese making adventures!
  5. sounds good, it IS good in hot cocoa- I make my cocoa with just water, cocoa, sugar and a pinch of salt, and sometimes I add cardamom, as if the cocoa is a coffee.
  6. So glad to see you are still lunching and sharing it with us here!
  7. Yes, I was intrigued by that, too. DM is just not my kind of writer, I suppose, just not my thing, I'm the colorful type,methinks! I like Martha Stewart's magazines and show(I HAVE seen it, even without having television!) and her book on organization, for reference and riffing off of, as well, her rice pudding recipe is divine. I've made a few things from her magazines, and always had success. edited to add: I think of DM as what folks say about Martha Stewart, a bit too precious, a bit too snobby. Slow food, indeed, how absolutely PRECIOUS.
  8. Isn't that funny? I abhor Deborah Madison's books! So dull to me, the food, the writing. But, in my mind, there is no need for a vegetarian book, when I am cooking vegetarian I just cook, and don't use anything with a face!
  9. Ditto for me, THIS thread is worth an eGullet visit! I also adore grilled lettuces, so amazing a flavor and texture!
  10. We have a method when we are stuck ordering pizza from a chain. We order a thin crust, VERY well done, NO cheese, with sauce and whatever fresh vegetables they offer. Sometimes I add anchovies to half of the pizza, my daughter won't eat them.We ask for basil and oregano on the side, and sometimes "parmesan", although I don't eat it. We ask for sides of sauce and if it is edible, well woohoo, we dip the crusts. IF the cheese is guaranteed to be real, and we DO ask what brand it is, and we DO check online for ingredients of said "cheese" first, we might order it on half of the pizza, but that hasn't happened in years. We have never had a terrible pizza when ordering this way- a few times we have excellent pizza. The secret to getting a decent tasting meal when ordering from a pizza chain is in ordering only the parts of the pizza that will be edible. The cheese will mostly be inedible, the meats will be disgusting, the crust will be wan unless cooked to a char. Fresh vegetables will be edible at least. BTW, my daughter worked in a Pizza Hut a few years ago when a friend needed someone in one of their shops. He was so grateful to her for taking care of the problems he was having in the restaurant that he offered us many free meals, but my daughter didn't bring anything home, ever, and she never ate a thing there except for fresh chopped tomatoes from the salad bar. The ingredients in their "fauxd" freaked my daughter out and brought her back to join me on my journey to eat more REAL food.
  11. Thank you Chris, you've been a real light here. I hope that you will now have the time to enjoy the rest of life, as well as the time to come and visit with us here.
  12. OK, Steve, this new chapter in your life does not get you a complete break from us here- I sure hope and expect that you will continue to ask your wonderful questions of all of us at least once each season! In a more serious tone(not my strength, I admit!)- Best hopes for your next steps. Bravo for moving forward and grabbing a new adventure, change can be a wonderful and intellectually invigorating catalyst for new joys!
  13. Unfortunately, I am headed into the hospital right now, might not get my road trip in after all. I'll be saving these suggestions in my Baltimore file, for the future! Especially Ostrowski's, THAT had me hungry the moment it was posted!
  14. Oh, dear, while I ADORE a good drink, I'm on 4 chemotherapy drugs at once, and myriad side medications, no alcohol for me. And, my daughter remains tiny in part by not spending any calories on alcohol, ever. The Helmand is a YES for me, I'm hoping for a meal there on Thursday night. I really WISH more places served lunch, that is our big meal-we eat a lot of small breaks each day, usually breakfast is EARLY- 8-9- after having had juice and coffee at 6 when we arise, then we have elevens, then lunch at around 2, a snack at 4 or so, and then we have a small meal at 6 or so, then we like to eat again, VERY late, after 9 at least, but 10 or 11 is the best time, for our "dinner". Did I mention, we like to eat, and we're both slender? It's because we eat often, I think. We're always grazing, too.
  15. Oh, thanks you guys! More suggestions, please, we've got days to fill! Yes, we're familiar with AVAM- nice folks!
  16. Hi! I've been resting up for a stem cell transplant now that I've come to the finish line with my disease- it's not a cure, or anything like that, but the researchers are going to learn so much and that's what makes this worthwhile for me. Anyway, I'm suddenly feeling pretty good from all of the chemotherapies and steroids, etc. that I'm getting in preparation, Yay! SO, my daughter and I are heading to Baltimore for a sudden midweek roadtrip, we so miss traveling, this will be an awesome time for us to share, another Yay moment! We'll be in town from Wednesday through at least Friday. It's my first time there, and we intend to find a hotel IN town so that I can rest a lot without having to leave the center of things. PLEASE, ANY EATING SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME. all we're thinking of doing is getting in some shows of indie sound art in the evenings(charm city art space etc.). hitting the zoo on late Thursday afternoon, a few museums and thrift shops during the days, and the outdoor showing of "Bueno Sera Mrs. Campbell" in Little Italy on Friday night. Money isn't important, neither is trendiness, EXCELLENT QUALITY FOOD is all we care about. Also, I can eat NO raw vegetables or fruit(I'm having lots of immune system issues from chemotherapy/organ failure/etc.), so the salad/raw route is out for now. I see that it's restaurant week, too! NO Morton's et al, chains bore us! Please, help a fellow eGulleteer out, amd give us the info on your favorite places!
  17. Your blog has been so gorgeous, visually and otherwise, The way that you pair your foods fascinates me. Although I eat very differently than you, there is such a common feeling to your habits- the homemade breads and attention to fresh vegetables especially. Thank you so much for sharing with us here!
  18. I think that whenever we have the ability to, we will hit up Old City for meals. Parking was cheap(except for the $30 ticket!) and there are many great places to eat. Thanks, Katie! It's O/T but I'll just say that this illness is a steady road down- there's no cure and I'm stage 4B. I've been fighting hard for five years now and I hope to have a couple more! Yay!
  19. We went to Han Dynasty, of course. DELICIOUS, as always- the wheelchair business, though, NOT FUN in Old City! Hi, KA! Thanks, everyone- I'm at Temple for radiation every weekday now, we may brave Old City again with the cursed wheels, now that we've seen it can be done.
  20. I'm thinking Han Dynasty- been there so many times but that is because it's good. The wheelchair thing is new so I'm at a loss as to how to get in anywhere. Can't even get in and out of my house!
  21. I'm at Temple radiation and a friend is visiting- any suggestions for a good meal in Old City will be appreciated. (PS: I'm in a wheelchair)
  22. I adore "wasabi"- but I suppose that doesn't count amongst the food illuminati here- as it is an actual item- horseradish. Artificial almond flavor(tastes like cherries but better!), Butter Rum Lifesavers, ANY flavoring used by Blue Diamond Almond, fake banana and ANY frozen ice confection flavor are all tops as well. I DON'T like artificial lime, mint or chocolate flavors.
  23. We go to a lot of fundraisers which feature food- we're in Salem so we stick to the area surrounding this town and the 15 or so miles surrounding us. If anyone is interested in meeting up for some country style food fun- PM me anytime!
  24. As usual, your writing is friendly and instructive- thank you so much for sharing your Pesach with us!
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