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  1. Well, the pies will be devoured by guests and Kiddle's mysterious fork of "just a bite". The rice dressing is a favorite on it's own. I use wild rice, lots of cumin and toasted pine nuts- everyone looks for this on the Thanksgiving table! Some of it will be piled into two of the last of this years' local Jersey tomatoes then I'll shake some nutritional yeast on them and they will be baked and broiled as a delicious lunch. The last cup will go into our turkey soup- which is the reason for turkey carcass, after all! The myriad roasted veggies and butternut squash discs will be a last minute add to the soup as well. I make veggie balls out of various beans and chick pea flour, they are delicious in turkey soup- they'll go in. The breasts of the turkey will become turkey pot pie- not the South Jersey style "pot pie", which is actually turkey and dumplings(but who am I to quibble? My family hasn't lived in this colonial era town for 200 years yet, I'm still a foreigner!), but a pie of flaky dough filled with turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pole beans and onions- all touched by cumin. I rarely make it because I am BOTH pastry challenged AND uncomfortable with shortening, but this year I am determined to find a recipe for making a flaky NON-shortening based pastry crust. The remaining leg will be eaten by Kiddle, of course- she likes dark meat the best- and the wings will be frozen for some future nefarious use. The broccoli salad has been frozen- it will become yet another pot of soup sometime, when I am in too much pain to stand in the kitchen chopping or directing others to chop. I cook for my loved ones, and Kiddle doesn't like cranberry relish, so I didn't make any this year. As soon as cranberries are a special, I will buy a few bags for my freezer, though. I like to thaw them and eat them with a bit of stevia for a snack. I have some stevia saved in the pantry since last winter, just for this treat.
  2. Heating oil- it's far too dear and we are cold of a sudden.

  3. Sweet potato pie made with molasses and Old Monk rum, a molasses based Indian rum- serious delicious.

  4. I can just imagine that everything you've shown us so far smells and tastes delicious! That pumpkin ricotta combination sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing your week with us, and please, don't feel the need to prep your refrigerator for us- why, we're all practically family!
  5. Eating:Immense brown crimini mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with garlic, tomatoes and roasted yellow acorn squash.

    Drinking: Old Monk rum and almond milk.

  6. There are a lot of great little Mexican places North of Salem(Vineland) and East(Millville)!
  7. I'm in south New Jersey- Salem to be exact, these days- not too much of real interest in the restaurant department- but my kitchen is always open if you're in the neighborhood! The sign I've posted here is from Marty's Crabs- it's an outdoor place on Highway 49 that is open seasonally- I'm not a crab person but they make other stuff, too- very good crabs is the buzz- nice people! They closed a few weeks ago- the season is April to October, it seems. There is a local diner-Salem Oak Diner- whose cook makes excellent chicken croquettes. Right now it is the "spaghetti dinner" fundraiser season- in June it was "strawberry shortcake" season- there are also summer BBQ fundraisers- one local Catholic church does chickens that are WONDERFUL.Those church, fire department and school fundraisers are the most fun we have around here. I donate baked goods to any of them that ask. There's a flea market called Cowtown nearby- Cowtown is a weekly rodeo- I go there to window shop- just yesterday I heard that there is a "diner" of a sort in the back with excellent sandwiches and pie- we'll check it out next week. I'm looking for REAL Greek food down here- haven't found it yet!
  8. A melange of roasted squash, with onions and steel cut oats- delicious cold weather breakfast!

  9. An onion and tomato salad- the last of the NJ tomatoes for 2010!

  10. Hi, thanks for sharing your week with us. I sorely miss our foodblogs.Will we getting a peek into your refrigerator?
  11. Soup! Soup is also my favorite food. I believe that everyone at least should be trained to make refrigerator soup. How else to empty the crisper of, and rescue from a fate of composting, all of the vegetables you forgot about last week?
  12. A lovely plate of fresh whole wheat egg noodles with a simple white sauce- comfort food!

  13. Wow. I'm sitting here eating a plate of fresh noodles with white sauce(my version is my mother's- it has nutmeg and white pepper)- my first white sauce in months, and happened to sign on to eGullet and found this post! Awesome! I learned my version of white sauce from my mother- she made the best macaroni and cheese with it, and also a mushroom sauce for egg noodles- and it formed the base of a lemon kissed sauce that she would sometimes make for broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and fish.There was a rice dish that incorporated it as well, but the memory of that is so faint, just a hint in my mind. I rarely make white sauce these days- we eat very light fare mostly, and only once in a great while do I whisk up a small batch for a treat. Comfort food, you know. How often does everyone else make this, these days?
  14. I've never had gluey brown rice in my life, what am I doing wrong? LOL Now, on a serious note, I think that a mistake many people make in stove top preparation of brown rice is to treat it as white rice- it isn't! Brown rice NEEDS to be bathed in water- more water makes for heavenly plump grains, less tends to force the grains together.
  15. A fresh loaf of banana bread with a dark chocolate cinnamon icing- too delicious!

  16. Tonight I am eating a half batch of my daughter's latest brownie experiment, unfortunately, it is delicious!

  17. I grind them up in a mini chopper and use them in coatings for fish, salad dressings and in veggie burger recipes.
  18. We have nowhere to eat in the Coop right now, we just brought my partner's estate into the house and every room is stuffed! This Shabbat we will be having string beans and rice in tomato sauce, seasoned with allspice and onions, and we will eat our Shabbat meal on chairs in the kitchen. We are very happy because I am about to get some more radiation and chemotherapy, after being on palliative care for almost 7 months- and that means lots more time for Shabbat meals! How about everyone else?
  19. Today I am eating cake batter from the anana cake that I am baking for the local tearoom- in the cutest Colonial era above-the-store kitchen! Yep, even now I can not resist being roped into making some kitchen messes!

  20. We have a teeny tiny plot of land here at the Coop (our home is on a 50'x50' LOT!) and we recently got our very own Billy the Bin for the yard.We're Earthy Like That! I do not put meat or bones in the beast, but we do put in egg shells and coffee grounds. I'm going to add the dryer lint now- we have very little in the way of leaves! Does anyone here know anything about the time frame for un-shredded newspaper? We don't have a working shredder, but I'd like to add paper to our bin.
  21. I am eating frozen sliced oranges. I am eating a LOT of homemade breads and beans these days, alongside heaps of roasted squashes- it's winter at Cape Coop!

  22. Today I made felafel, pita bread alongside the challahs, yogurt and a lovely apple upside down cake for tomorrow's lunch- we are having guests! I can't wait- Shabbat Shalom y'all!
  23. is embracing a low status.

  24. is embracing a low status.

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