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  1. I haven't eaten anywhere that the ladies who lunch would, except for Italian at Petaluma, and since I'm not doing too well with the eating lately, I barely touched my soup. I'm actually following this thread to see if someone mentions a place that I can visit with friends who have begun to meet me at MSK for 'lunch'. All I want is a home made slush! I walk up to the 90's and down to the 20's on 1st Avenue, but haven't been hit over the head by anything(I know, that's in bad taste, but I was right there at the scene on Monday, and I couldn't resist!).
  2. Wow. Your home is eye candy. Thanks for welcoming us so fully into your nooks and crannies- I'm really enjoying seeing such a girly, frilly, sparkly yet warm(and full to the rafters with accoutrements!) house. I don't find that good yogurt in NJ in a fat free version... and I find the full fat version too rich to eat on it's own. How is the fat free stuff?
  3. Excuse me, but I fully intend to be called a senior NOW, and I am 45.
  4. I adore raw fruit on a tart, but not kiwi... I just don't don't care for the flavor of kiwi alongside pastry- feh. I really like raw apples, they are so fragrant and CRUNCHY! It's a great experience. I think it's kind of denigrating in an amateurish way to use the word amateurish when we're describing other cooks' work, myself.
  5. I have to admit, lamb is THE major reason that we end up visiting the kosher butcher, as opposed to our regular ShopRite or Wegman's, for meat. The chains have a decent selection of chicken and turkey, and some beef and duck, too. But lamb is much easier to get at a kosher butcher, in any way you like! At a chain store, you are relegated to the basics, chops and shanks, with a rare soupcon of stew meat. Ground lamb is NEVER available.
  6. I have this OXO Good Grips peeler and last year it mysteriously 'disappeared' in the dark recessess of our kitchen. We couldn't find another OXO anywhere locally- well, OK, I don't go out much these days! We ended up with 5 other peelers, we hated them all, INTENSELY. Once you get used to the handling of a certain peeler, it can be difficult to switch to a new one. Thank goodness, the OXO finally showed ,when we began our prePassover cleaning, this week!
  7. Lime vinaigrette sounds GOOD, but you know me, I'm partial to BISCUITS.
  8. I like to buy a shoulder roast and slice it into 'medallions'. There are always lots of scraps left, mostly fatty bits, but some meat. I used the scraps for stews and vegetable dishes. Especially good for flavoring string beans and rice, made with tomato sauce and allspice! I mallet the flesh lightly and then put the slices into a large glass baking dish with one of two or three seasoning blends- my daughter's favorite is rosemary, sliced garlic and a sliced apple. I refrigerate this for about a day, then take out the slices of lamb meat, drag them in some garlic and rosemary seasoned flour or matzoh meal, and cook them in a pan at a medium high heat. My daughter adores this dish, with applesauce. I always buy kosher meat(which has been previously salted and soaked), so I don't salt it- but we also always salt at the table in our house.
  9. There was lamb in the Kosher section of our local ShopRite yesterday- US$5.99 a pound for shanks, US$15.99 a pound for chops- and they were those tiny chops- which always freak me out and remind me of babies. My daughter is planning a foray to Lakewood for a lamb roast and some ground lamb. She likes it when I slice the roast into medallions and broil them. The ground lamb is for yebra and lahme'ajim- it's time to teach her how I prepare those foods.
  10. The new chemotherapy that I am on has changed my sense of smell and taste completely. I've lost 24 pounds in the past 3 weeks because of it. UGH. Everything still has aroma and taste, but it's all mucked about- for instance, bitter is unpleasantly so, whereas I used to enjoy it immensely! Tomatos taste of ketchup- especially if they are mixed with fresh basil! Wood oven baked pizza tastes beyond awful- and I've been offered 3 different pies from 3 different pizzerias! All of my teas are unpalateable as well. So is coffee. I can still stomach blueberries and bananas, eggs, some olive oils, and commercial apple juice. Until yesterday, grape juice was very pleasant, but last night I found the bitterness in it unbearable. This is very interesting, as I've never cared for bottled apple juice before. The strangest thing of all is that I have tried 4 other chemotherapies in the past year and none of those has effected this kind of change, or ANY change, in my senses. IT STINKS.
  11. Daniel, you box your clothes and mail them home and then you pack the important stuff into your luggage!
  12. I truly miss Hydrox, the treasured store bought cookie of my childhood. Oreos are terrible pretenders. The outside isn't so awful, it's the filling, I can't stomach it, or stand to have it in my mouth! I agree about ice cream, still amazing in it's cold and melty, sweet and icy goodness!
  13. Lior, I beg you, please, stop torturing me! You keep posting photos of cute young Israeli men and beautiful tempting chocolates! I want my Kiddle to come home after her year in Israel (at least to bring me some food). Chocolates and adorable men on your end, and Daniel Rogov posting about the abundance of lamb in Israel in another thread- I'll never get my Kiddle to come back to me! ,)
  14. I wonder if Kiddle can arrange to bring some home in her luggage next year?
  15. mmmmm, doughnuts. This thread has taken a nice direction.
  16. Wealthy people who keep Kosher homes. Well, there have always been basement kitchens, but this 2 kitchens in the main living area bit is a recent trend of conspicuous consumption. They're really one, big, humongous, overwhelmingly LARGE kitchen, divided with subtle colorways, into 2. You get to have at least 2 of everything! As we live with one extremely tiny rental kitchen, the mind reels.
  17. oh.wow. 2 kitchens. We have plenty of folks with 2 kitchens in our neck of the woods, but none in 2 different apartments as yours are! Um, does this mean that we get TWO refrigerator shots?
  18. And, um, could you tell us about the food?
  19. I only like mousse without a skin, unskinned pudding unnnerves me. Cover that nakedness up with whipped cream, at least!
  20. I adore any broth, with LOTS of garlic, and lots of fresh squeezed lemon. It really kicks a head cold in the 'butt', too! I also find that quickly drinking a few ounces of hot rum, drunk with a raw sugar rock held between my teeth, knocks me out and, well, even if I don't GET any better, I certainly FEEL better! For comfort, I make myself a strongly brewed, hot pot of Constant Comment tea, though. It's the tea that my mother's mother made for her, when Mommy had polio as a child. Consequently, it's the tea she made for me whenever I was 'under the weather 'n' under the covers' as a child. It's not my favorite tea, but it reminds me of being cared for, and that's such a comforting thing! Reading everyone's posts so far, it seems that the consensus is that hot liquids, with alcohol, hot spice, ginger or garlic, are the proper weapons to wield against colds, doesn't it? Yay, they're all yummy cures!
  21. Salt is delicious on ice cream... I like to drag home made croutons through my ice cream. Since I make my croutons in olive oil, I suppose that must be a part of the deliciousness, too.
  22. This was a fantastic blog, thank you! As an aside, I've always appreciated cute boys who cook, and you are quite a cutie yourself... it's nice to be able to picture you when I read your posts now... so, thanks for the 'eye' candy! Edit: Did that sound like I was hitting on BOTH of them? LOLZ, no, I'm just gunning for HER, I would never mess with another girl's boy!
  23. Are you referring to illicit substances? ← Well, are pickles or doughnuts considered illicit?
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