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  1. When I'm visiting someone who doesn't have cinnamon in the cupboard for my milk, I put Coca Cola in the milk. Yum.
  2. My daughter eats grapes with soy sauce. She's loved the combo for years. I've tried it, but UGH. TRULY HORRID. However, if you mix some cut grapes into a stir fry with ginger and soy sauce, heaven!
  3. If anyone is interested in getting a group together for a weeekend forage in the Monmouth County area, email me!
  4. Oh My Goodness! Kiddle and I would love to go to farmer's markets up here.... I'm getting a map and figuring all of those Monmouth County places out for the weekend. Anything off of Rt 9 is a mystery to me.
  5. I don't know the mechanics involved, but since my move to NJ I DO know that you MUST go to a 7/11 to find the diet Coca Cola flavor, as I have yet to find it at the other convenience stores. What's the name of the place up here? Oh, Wawa. I went to a few and couldn't find the diet flavor, so I looked up 7/11 on the 'net. I can only assure you that diet Coca Cola flavor Slurpee is available at the 7/11 on Route 9 just North of Englishtown. Meet me there and I'll share my next hunt (for a coconut fruit pie) with you.
  6. Ok, my mom's demilune. She used it for her American style charoset every year. I took a photo of it but I'm a newbie and I don't know how to get the picture loaded here. Anyway, it's stainless steel, Made in Japan, nothing special, the black paint long ago wore off of the handle, but it was Mommy's! My secodnitem is my mther's hand mixer, a gift for her bridal shower, 1961. It's beautiful, creamy white enameled and heavy, looks like a rocket ship. It has a delicious peculiar motor odor that sends me right back to my mother in the kitchen, mixing batters. Of course, looking for it just led me to find out what I'm getting for Mother's day, it needed some repairs and it has been REMOVED from it's hiding place! My kiddle is the sweetest!
  7. My kiddle will not eat her artichoke without butter. She prefers the butter softened and unsalted, and then she drags the leaves in the butter, then very lightly touches the bottom of the leaf to her little pile of kosher salt. She then saves her cut up artichoke bottoms until the end of the feast. She pushes them into the butter bowl and spoons the entire gloppy product into her greedy little mouth. I'm assured at least 2 perfect days of kiddle cheer when there are artichokes and butter on the shopping list! Now, my personal favorite thing is when someone makes Cuban toast for me and butters it well. Of course, if you add fresh roasted beets, a pickle and caviar to the plate, it REALLY becomes perfect. I also have a favorite quickie food, toasted and then well buttered Cuban bread rounds with tomato slices, capers and finely sliced onion. Yum.
  8. Hey, let's all make plans to meet for lunch in Elizabeth. As a transplanted Floridian, I'm missing my Latin restaurants and the food looks so good!
  9. Please, research it and give us a wonderful PICKLE! Half sour and crunchy. Ahhh, with a well made sandwich, yum.
  10. I have been known to drive 20 miles out of my way to find a 7/11 with a working Slurpee machine. I adore the diet Coca Cola flavor.
  11. I prefer to choose my sides at times, but if a dish calls for a certain accompaniment according to the chef, then I'd prefer to have it included. And, I think that this should be at the restaurant's discretion, not the client's. Thanks for asking!
  12. Hey, I'm new to NJ and I'd LOVE to be included in an eGullet tour of Elizabeth, I'm located in the tiny town of English...as my kiddle and I like to say. We've hit Elizabeth a number of times getting to the airport.... I'd be thrilled to travel the backroads for some great food!
  13. Rebecca263


    Hey, I've eaten at the one in South Beach a number of times! The food is good and fairly inexpensive. I heard that it is a chain, all I can say to that is "Wow!". That's what chain should be, good food continued all over. Overall, I think that this place has good food, decently priced, and an unpretentious atmosphere. Does the NY one have a bar? And good salads? The Piola in South beach does. And, you can get fresh coffee.
  14. Thanks Elizabeth/Betsy! That's exactly why I've joined the forums, we can't seem to find anything near us... of course, the driving all over creation is a bit of a culture shock for us, too. We're from South Beach and Miami is a lot easier to negotiate. It's just been easier to hop a train to the city, so far. Or give up and walk to the neighborhood ice cream parlor. Can anyone send out a list of "ethnic" areas in Monmouth County? So far, all we've found is Kosher pizza and markets South on Route 9, and a farmer's market in Freehold. We're very much into off the beaten path, if it's within an hour of us. Thank you!!!
  15. Funny you should bring this up, I'm about to put my excess books on ebay this weekend, just finished typing in the auctions... and here is this post! I own too many books, and periodically I decide to trim the fat, so to speak. Besides, we've finally finished unpacking the library and found multiples of huge tomes like the Gourmet books, and even 2 copies of an oop Jacques Pepin book! I've really got to catalogue my collections, it's awful. My suggestion is to get rid of the books you won't use, and spend the proceeds buying those truffles!
  16. Why are you hesitating to make the pie? Perhaps it's time constraints? I have to say, I've not found a great bakery yet, but I've only just moved here, and I'm in the Freehold area, which seems to be a wasteland. Unless you're looking for ice cream. Or diners. Well, give us a bit of time to explore. We're still running to NYC a lot.
  17. After reading this topic yesterday, I bought tickets for a trip to New Orleans! I'm going to be traveling to NO (for the FIRST time!) in late April with my 15 year old kiddle. My two problems are that we'll only be there for 3 days and kiddle does not eat spicy food. She'll eat shrimp heads and fish eggs and snails, but she's even averse to a good garlic sauce, forget about any pepper or curry. 'It just ain't happening' as she is wont to say. So far, my meal research has led me to Muriel's, The Coffee Pot, Three Sisters, Elizabeth's,Casemento's, Acme Oyster House, La Crepe Nanu, Zotz Coffee House (I've heard the bathroom is an adventure),Domilise's, Mandina's, Uglesich's and of course Cafe Du Monde for an early beignet and cafe au lait break, or a really late one. Now, mind you, we've only got 3 days, and really, it's 2 1/2 days worth of meals.....and I still haven't really chosen a fabulous dinner spot. After your trip, do you think you could post your results for everyone else's future edification....that is the betterment of future mastication for others? Thanks! [i"The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see." G.K.Chesterton
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