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  1. Keep trying . ← I am young, I have time, and I am determined to find a stir-fried pasta dish to like.
  2. Interesting. I've not met a stir-fried pasta dish that I've liked before.
  3. LOL. That's what people used to say to me when I was at home. Now I actually eat what feels like ridiculous amounts of rice.
  4. I've not had Khao Mun Gai myself, but I think it's quite similar. Thanks for the link, Kristin!
  5. Hi Jason, I went there a few weeks back. You're right... It's another Roppongi and so on Hills, but much smaller in scale. I enjoy going to the Maru and Shin Maru birus because they are so spacious and open. Akasaka Sacas is not like that. They've opened a branch (amongst others) of a Singaporean restaurant I really like, called HAI NAN CHI FAN. It's much smaller than the Suidobashi branch and doesn't have the same Singapore food court vibe to it either... But, the advantage it has is that it doesn't close between lunch and dinner. I went on a Sunday and it was PACKED! There was a queue of about 20 lemmings outside this place when we got there, so we didn't bother sticking around. We ended up waiting for dinner time and going back to the Suidobashi branch. ← A chain called Hainanese Chicken Rice? Is that all they sell or what?
  6. miladyinsanity


    Yeah, my mother used to make soup with them too, which I think is a waste of good vegetable! Watercress is so easy, because you can swish it around the sink, and then throw it into a few inches of boiling water. I just sort of let it sit in the water for 3 seconds, flip it over to get the watercress at the top cooked, let it cook for maybe 10-15 seconds or so more depending on how it's looking, and then take it out of the pot. ← That's the only way my mom cooks watercress, and it's the only way I eat it, LOL. And I usually hate vegetables that are not crisp.
  7. miladyinsanity


    Interesting that nearly everybody puts bananas in their smoothies. For some reason, I cannot abide by smoothied bananas.
  8. Generally, most bloggers I know take one of two stands: Don't say anything unless it's something nice, or let it all out. Anecdotal evidence says that the latter gets more readers, but then, the latter type of blogger tends to be more controversial anyway. I've also learnt that it's better not to let them read the reviews before it goes up, and quite frankly, I'm not going to let him know that the review has gone up unless he asked me specifically to do so. From what you've said, the shop and the guy was quite helpful. But the product was not so good. Make that a clear distinction. Every little bit of good news helps.
  9. When I run out of ideas or just want something more than S&P without digging through the spice cupboard, I salt and dump in some of whatever curry powder I happen to have around. It's also great for days when I don't have time to putter around the kitchen making a real curry but crave the taste.
  10. I have seen them hulled, but only around Chinese New Year. Like Dejah, I've only seen them in mooncake fillings...oh, and some places use it to decorate a type of steamed yellow sponge--don't think it's ma lai goh, though.
  11. That's a mighty fine gold sculpture you've started there at the back ← Sculpture sure is a good name for that.
  12. Personally, I like to make it with firm momen dofu (= tofu). Check out the China... Forum, and you will find a thread on mapo tofu, where some say they like to use soft tofu. So, that's really depends on your preferences. I used to use a premade mix (Marumiya's) for decades, but now I prefer to make it from scratch. Again, check out the China... Forum, you will find a nice thread on making mapo tofu. ← Umh, according to my mom, Japanese brand tofu seems to be softer than the Chinese brands. Maybe that's why?
  13. You could make little eggplant sandwiches (filled with goats cheese) on the griddle? Maybe as a side-dish?
  14. miladyinsanity

    Flounder Roe

    On days like this, I feel ridiculously proud to be an eGer. Mentaiko is on the list of things I have to make myself when I get back to Manchester.
  15. Quavers. Crunchy, light-as-air cheese snacks that are chockful of E numbers and the like.
  16. I'd do it if I could find it. Let me take a more thorough look around. ← Yay! We can trade, though I have no idea what you'd want from the culinary wasteland I live in.
  17. Can anybody be bribed to mail caramel salt kitkats to me?
  18. My mom taught me to enjoy food, and that it's worth traipsing and arguing with dad over directions (for the record, my parents are the two Wrongs who produced kids with Right senses of direction) to find something really, really good. My mom taught me to taste, and that trial and error will get you to that awesome dish you had in a restaurant. My mom taught me to be daring, to try everything--even if she still refuses to eat raw fish. I've loads more actually, but I'm missing my mom now--it's my first year away from home, and I've not seen my mom since December.
  19. As far as I know, you can still get ice cream like that, can't you?
  20. Those definitely aren't pandan leaves. I was told they were betel nut leaves, but not sure whether that's true either. Sure is an acquired taste though.
  21. LOL. I know. I had such a bad craving, I just made a pan last night.
  22. Oh, happy belated birthday! Also, I would have been disappointed if there were less cake in this blog.
  23. Nope. Of all the faked fruit flavors out there, I think durian's the worst and I actually eat the real thing.
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