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  1. lcdm


    So how was it? If you were going to head into "North" Jersey, aside from the River Palm, I would have suggested you consider The Assembly. The Park is reliable and I hope you had a great anniversary. ← Hi we ended up at the park steakhouse. The appetizers, decor, and service were great. We split the porterhouse, creamed spinach and garlic mashed potatoes for our main meal. The steak was a little tough the spinach had a little too much nutmeg & the potatoes needed more salt. All in all it was fine (just could have been a little better) we had a nice time. Next time we'll try the River Palm.
  2. lcdm


    Hi - Thanks for the replies. I think we are going to try The Park Steakhouse in Park Ridge. I'll let you know how it was.
  3. Hi - I'ved searched and read about NJ steakhouses and the thread is a little old. My husband and I are celebrating our 20th & we love steakhouses; we've been to a few in NYC and would like to try to stay in NJ this time. Can anyone recommend one? How is the River Palm Terrace in Edgewater or Edward's Steakhouse in Jersey City?
  4. I highly recommend - David Drakes in Rahway. My husband and I have been there twice - excellent food, wonderful service, small cozy & romantic. Cafe Matisse also has excellent food, wonderful service, and is small, cozy & romantic, but I would rate David Drakes a little higher. I think Cafe Matisse is a BYOB so you might want to bring something special to drink.
  5. My daughter is in Italy as an exchange student (jr in HS) for the full year. This is from my experience & in speaking with others. I do not know where you live. We had to go to the NYC consulate to apply for a student Visa. 1st I had to make an appointment by phone (which cost per minute - we called a service not the actual embassy, so no asking questions). I think I called in June and got a Sept appt. They are very strict. Which ever consulate you go to look at the consulate website and see what you need http://www.consnewyork.esteri.it/NR/exeres...RMODE=Published . Go to other travel site or the expats in Italy site mentioned above (here is one for exchange students - but it may help http://www.cultures-shocked.org/Joomla/forum/index.php. If one site says one thing and the other site says another either call or bring both items (from what I remember even the NYC site had different info on different pages). If they want something notarized get it notarized - even if it does not make sense. I had to have the bank notarize their own doc, the bank told me it was silly but I asked them to do it anyway. The Visa office wanted to see the raised seal. Make three copies of everything one to keep and two for the consulate. This may seem silly - but dress nicely, speak only when spoken to, be polite, follow all the rules (if it says to stand behind the yellow line - stand behind the yellow line) think of the soup Nazi episode in Seinfeld. If you get sent away because you are missing info - repeat back to them what you need politley, write it down & thank them. Do not argue or say - that the info is not on the site or why do I need that or I know of another person that did not need it. There was a guy standing in front of us in line that was going to culinary school in Italy and it was the third time he was back because he did not have the proper documents. One lady argued and they told her to come back in 6 months. When she said she would just go to Spain and get the Visa the consulate women blacklisted her in all the Schengen Countries (I guess they talk to each other). I think getting a work Visa for Italy will be difficult because their economy is bad and Americans are not tops on their list right now. I don't mean to discourage you - just to make you aware. Good Luck
  6. lcdm

    Naming the Shop

    When I think of white fence - doll house here's what comes to mind: The Picket Fence The Cottage Garden Alice's Doll House (reference to Alice is wonderland) Queen Mary’s Doll House (famous doll house) Iris & Ivy, Wisteria Lane, The Lilac Inn (Nancy Drew reference) (or some other kind of purple/yellow/white flower reference) there are a lot of cool old garden rose names - like Ghislaine de Feligonde light yellow/blush european rambler; was propogated in 1916. here is the story behind the name, a young officer, the Count de Féligonde, who had been seriously wounded in battle and left between the lines in no man's land, where nobody could venture to fetch him. His wife, Ghislaine, hearing it, started at night, found him, dragged him to safety and nursed him back to health. Mr. Turbat, hearing the story of the heroic woman, decided right then to name his new rose "Ghislaine de Féligonde." Plant a few of the shrubs and name the place Ghislaines Cafe When I think of pastries/old Europe - I think of Vienna: Cafe Vienna Kaffeehäuser Cafe Mozart Cafe Europa Old World Cafe & Bakery French: "Your Name Here" Pâtisserie (but not Hac - makes me thank of hack - someone not skilled or to hack up something) - no offence but that what it makes me think of - of course this may be a USA thing and different in the Philippines.
  7. I have the "Better Homes and Gardens Dieter's Cookbook" and the "Complete Cooking Light Cookbook". I like them both, I'm sure you can find them in the library so you can try them out before you buy.
  8. lcdm

    36" Ranges

    Been there. Not seen much on Capital. Everybody seems to love BlueStar. ← I have a DCS all gas 36" and I love it. DCS was purchased by Fisher & Paykel. Some of the DSC people started up Capital. American is another brand you could checkout.
  9. lcdm

    36" Ranges

    You can find lots of range info on gardenweb: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/appl
  10. I canned last year for the first time, 2 books that really helped were "The Ball Blue Book" and "Blue Ribbon Preserves: Secrets to Award-Winning Jams, Jellies, Marmalades and More". I also found the Ball website: http://www.freshpreserving.com/pages/home/1.php and the harvest forum on gardenweb http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/harvest/ very helpful.
  11. I've always had a good meal at Queen Margherita and Via Brera (both in Nutley and BYOB's). While Via Brera is a little more upscale than a hole in the wall, I had some of the best fresh pasta and osso bucco there.
  12. I received a shiney, brandy new, Fagor 8qt. Pressure Cooker. woohoo - I can't wait to use it
  13. This dish may fit the bill: Mushroom and Thyme Risotto Cakes http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/vie...la-Salad-350837
  14. Nutley Shop Rite has two spice sections - in the baking isle (which is pretty well stocked) and in the ethnic isle.
  15. Dried Blueberries, Cranberries, Cherries (from Maine/NJ/Mich) Salt Water Taffy Peanut Butter (candy, cookies, brittle) Local made jams/chutney/relish/salsa/butter (apple or peach butter) Small Batch wine/bourbon Jack Daniels soaked fruit cakes Dried smoked tomatoes Hawaiian coffee or macadamia nuts (candy, cookies, brittle) Brownies (we have had exchange students visit from Austria, Italy, France and Germany - and all of them loved Brownies - I was surprised that they did not have them in their countries - they really liked the little bite size Costco brownies)
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