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  1. A recent account of our visit to the Essigbrätlein in Nürnberg: the kitchen struggles in finding to establish new dishes and cannot yet live up to their standard level for some dishes. Nevertheless, the cuisine is quite special, very to the point using mostly vegetables and local produce in a clever way. Definitely worth a visit when around Nürnberg. The full report is here.
  2. We are planing to go end of July - what menues do they serve there as there is no info on the website? I reckon there is a classic and more contemporary one? What about price and the wine menu? Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Time for an update - although my meal had some really heights with divine dishes, the overal experience didn't click with me. Main issues were an almost complete lack of textures, unrefined dishes, an unsound menu dramaturgy and a totally overcooked lobster. Still on three level, but much less stellar than expected... One questions puzzles me: is the lack of texture and a step towards modern cuisine deliberate? So, the cuisine is still stuck in Nouvelle Cuisine with the acidulée touch... What do you think? The whole story is up on High-End Food. Enjoy.
  4. @Marc ar fraiche: any official link to the results??
  5. I've been back twice and had the Gourmet Vision a special menu composed together with Jürgen Dollase, Germany's premier food critique, to push the frontier on the marriage of East and West with a focus on Japanese flavours to be sensibly used. It was amazing I have to say. Couple of weeks later I went again to eat a more classic Voyage Culinaire which was mind-blowing again. The level of perfection is astonishing but it is more than that... My verdict from the Vision: "Looking back on Bau's development in the last 18-20 months it is clear that he first mastered the classic French cuisine on a
  6. Indeed it was end of May with a slightly changed menu from Foodsnob, Felix and Andy Hayler. There have been significant changes to the menu but the whole journey remains to be the same distant. And, the dishes before the desserts still are rather rustic and seem heavy. My main concern is the dramaturgy and that didn't change at least from the written menu...
  7. As I couldn't join my fellow bloggers dines there I had to go 'alone'. Wissler is still among the best places in Europe, but the self-imposed development of new explorative culinary voyages somehow fails so far. The new grand menu is just far too long... My verdict: "In a meal of 20+ courses one rarely encounters this consistent high-end quality. Every dish was in itself well-thought through, technically masterly prepared and elaborate up to the utmost detail. Flavours were clear, distinct and unique and textures are there to enhance flavours not to be textures for their own sake. Especially t
  8. Cannot agree more - it's excellent, unique food, good produce and nice setting and service. Can't wait to go back. My experience was easily 1*+/17 points.
  9. Finally: a first review of the latest three star chef in Germany. Elverfeld's cooking is truly brilliant but much different than Amador, Wissler or Bau. It turns out that there is quite some variety among the group of young top chefs in Germany. Moreover, it is surprising that they are all on nearly the same level of excellence and have closed the gap to European masters like Herman or Goossens. Chapeau! Here are some excerpts from my blogpost on High-End Food: "Sven Elverfeld is maybe the most modest and down-to-earth (in the best sense) three star chef in Germany. Born in Hanau close to Fran
  10. The big Voyage Culinaire (10+ courses with lots of amuse) is €180 and the excellent wine pairing about 70 if I recall correctly...
  11. Pforzheim is indeed a nightmare - there is literally nothing noteworthy in town. About 15km you find the Villa Hammerschmiede (1*) but after my last Sunday lunch there it is a clear "Can't recommend"... There are some bib restaurants around Pforzheim (10km away) where I have not been yet - just try Viamichelin...
  12. hi brian im just looking at making atrip to oud sluis can you tell me the name of the guest house or is it the one linked from the restaurants website? also is there any modern food in brugges itself? dont fancy the old 3 star there apologies cant spell it ← The guest house is called chico y luna and can be booked via the restaurant. In Brugge don't miss De Jonkman which is really great especially with respect to PQR... See my review of my last meal here. Hertog Jan is alos good but not at that level. Filip Claeys has worked at Oud Sluis and Karmeliet for many years...
  13. Can only endorse your view, felix! but this is only part of the good news I think there more potential to be unlocked - Christian Bau has just begun to free himself from the chains of classic French cuisine. This voyage will take him further and sharpen his unique style even more... As you rightly say the level of perfection is astonishing and every foodie needs to go there... I had a quite similar meal as felix a cuple of weeks earlier and it was truly memorable... The full report is here.
  14. IFS


    I finally managed to write up my first noma experience and I am still dazzled, it was simply wonderful! My summary: "When René Redzepi opened noma five years ago people thought he was crazy - radically concentrating on only Scandinavian products in a modernized way was a big step especially in Denmark where people had not been into fine dining that much. Before noma fine dining (at Kong Hans for example) was a domaine of French haute cuisine in Copenhagen restricted to the wealthier. So how did noma develop to its current state? Backed by Claus Meyer noma did have the patience and the enduranc
  15. Would strongly endorse Gresca and Rías de Galicia. Our experience at Comerc24 was mixed... For the higher end I would do Abac, Cinc Sentis, Lasarte or Moo if you don't have the time to go to Girona and do Roca (which is a MUST in the region). Reviews on Gresca, Rías, C24 and Roca on my blog High-End Food for reference in case you are interested (Sep/Oct 08). Enjoy!
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