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  1. Rotuts thanks you just changed my life holy crap I have been wasting time thank you !!!! I tried the recipe the eggs just made the best boiled eggs of my life ..no photos because they look like eggs I did half duck half chicken a dozen of various sizes because if they didn't turn out they would go to the animals anyway ..well not one out of a dozen mismatched eggs wasn't used in a particularly yummy egg salad I just made with baby grape pickles ..I am in heaven and no way with the amount of eggs we get if I need hard boiled eggs I ail ever NOT make them in the IP ..everyone popped on out of the shell and no green rims no smell (mine rarely smell sulfery ) I am so happy to eat some food today I can not even express words …I am shocked and this is constantly that good with boiled eggs? hope IP appreciates this thread is all I can say! Thanks Anna for sharing that miracle for me today ..I feel so much better I hate being stressed and trying to make food make sense I am really late but still in the game …in fact more living room IP meals ahead here so I will have to run through the thread like a cookbook now eta I cooked a dozen eggs and made egg salad so little time???? I did not measure but it seemed so short total prep to eating I found the recipe before you posted but now I know how to look ..good grief
  2. I can not find the spot where you guys boiled some eggs seriously I see them talked about and am I blind ? is there an easier way to navigate this thread so many good recipes but where are the eggs? I am so hungry and not thinking straight I guess LOL they are probably obvious
  3. Sylvialovegren slice them up after half cooking them and use Alex's combo of butter maple syrup and bourbon toss them together ..then put lots of butter salt and pepper …it all works bake until bubbly and beautiful bourbon maple and butter are the bomb with sweet potatoes I can not think of a better combo i Have added pineapple juice and it is even better
  4. It can only taste better Rotuts I can not imagine you would find anything off but you will find it different! and better probably … do it Rotuts yes! I do it I build my stocks change them rotate them and move them around into very many creations as I keep adding and adding when they are supersaturated they are my ramen base but no I have not had anything taste "off " just better
  5. Darienne thanks for the help I am fixing it and will post the link to the entire album once i am sure ok so here is the reason why (except waiting for my husband to clean his messes) …DIYs are not for the folks who can not stand to divert here and there ..see who the hell would put particle board under and sink? whomever did this sink to begin with ..OYYYYY I had it covered with crap for so long and kept all my cleaning stuff under hear so pardon the filth but …well you are looking under my sink during a full on remodel ….so you get what you see LOL ! fortunately this is the only board at the bottom of the cabinets i have to replace other than that they are super sound and I am going to prime and paint them I am thinking of tiling the board under the sink as well? why not I have tiles ? and time? but do I have the energy? SURE I DO!!!! MIND OVER MATTER!!!! we bailed on the day and went out for soup so I think that showing food is important as well since nourishment makes strong workers and honestly I have eaten like crap lately and need more food in bowls .perfer soup form since the weather turned butt ass cold out! first food pic so under the sink tiles it is this could have been so much worse underneath and believe it or not this is a HUGE relief I have pulled some pretty disgusting things from under things in this house as we have progressed ok the flooring isn't that that awful stuff it rips and ..argh I can not wait for the satisfaction of pulling that shit up ..I ADORE demolition it is the best part of doing this getting ready to cut the holes in the walls for windows to the living room ..I am cutting them out and husband will come in and do the framing and make it look good short history of our house? ..we inherited it from our landlord ..we were going to buy a condo and move to Seattle proper when I retired but the plans changed when she died and we were in her will so long story short ..we are here the house was started in 3500sf of brick home ..old school rambler built on bluff with views out every window…daylight basement with views out the side that is not built into the bluff..we are bult into a solid dry bluff and have a super dry basement ..that was a shock to both my husband and I coming from places that had dehumidifiers and sump pumps in basements LOL …it was started in 1960 by a shop teach of a High school and he had a little ADD I am thinking because wow …frankly ..it was never finished at all …..lots of starts and not finishes …. the bones are solid the electric and plumbing to die for …outlasts everywhere !!! the floors are solid oak upstairs and some flagstone in the entry ..I am torn about but will leave because my landlord "Mary Kay " adored them and I adored her ….the house had NO central heating at all so we had to do that with a contractor that and the roof where the only things we had to "hire out" for we have two beautiful gas fireplaces that were here when we came but never use them because they cost a fortune to run! we built 3 bathrooms literally from the subfloor to the ceiling and I myself proudly have built two sunning showers (little brag inserted the tiles are so damn tight in my bathrooms you can hose them down have remodeled four bedrooms and built myself a yoga room it is a lovely home and neighborhood and I am so grateful !!! what a gift huh? one we had to work our asses off but it is just so nice living here i will never move (eta THIS huge to me house was hers ours we rented was a cute cottage in a lovely little town nearby and she actually left that two our kids..no we did not have any idea this would happen and were in literal shock for six months because "who does this" ..Mary Kay did!) so the last thing we needed to do was the kitchen (best for last right? ) and so it goes here we are and here I share I am gong to get off my ass now and go cut that board tile it and get the kitchen primed today ..yes I am that is the plan …ok one more cup of coffee not eating for me is not good an I am the only cook in the house do not like fast food and am seriously having problems with eating now …help???? the weather has turned and I am trying to cook outside but yuk the instant pot is fine but you know what? all my food is spread in bins so are all my cookings supplies because now the kitchen is officially out of service for a while I have to cook in pots around the house or whatever ..argh I am just hungry and tired .. I put a really nice mixed grain in the Instant pot that I bought at Hmart I can eat that and an egg ..often… the next few days but when you are exhausted have no kitchen and gross all day what do you eat? my husband is grouchy too he is used to my cooking and a seriously spoiled man!
  6. Hi Linda nice to see you as well …the light is better but the clouds never leave neither do the tears ..just have to keep pushing them aside and try to "participate" in the world joyfully..even if it is "forced joy" if you do it long enough …the joy comes back… go figure ! baking cakes in jars is very easy but we all know "easy" is relevant of the moment in time……until like my girlfriend who is an excellent, seasoned and very very smart …baker had a mega DUH moment and baked cakes in regular mouthed canning jars. There is NO WAY to get the cake out of that obviously ..and after the fact she put so many yummy ingredients in …she realized in the middle of the night and sent us all a panic text ..I had eaten her amazing cake with spoon and a scoop of ice cream out of the jar. Thinking as smart as she was this was how she "intended" it to be Part one "baking in jars" 1. ALWAYS use wide mouth jars LOLOL stating the obvious but who amongst us has not done something similar if you havent you are way too perfect for me LOLOL!!! 2. grease discs of parchment and put them in the bottom of the jars 3. pour the cakes in like you would do in a plum pudding steaming pot …fill just enough to allow for a rise to the top of the jar not over (you can cut it off it if goes over it all looks the same after aging …it is up to you if you want to cover the cakes ..depending on the cake but if you cover them do it very loosely to allow some expansion but remember they are canning jars so they can put up with a lot 4. I just stick them on a tray and bake at whatever the recipe calls for you are just baking in a glass cake pan think of it that way…you could put them in a pan and steam them as well I have not tried that but my friend did she put a plum pudding in jars and steamed it and it came out great totally plum puddingish 5. take them of the oven ….ATTENTION another obvious but DUHHH moment that could happen DO NOT PUT THEM ON AN ICE COLD COUNTER LIKE I DID WITH BOSTON BROWN BREAD (and that also cooks up really nicely in jars) every freaking one cracked) 6. put a little shot of booze of your choice over the hot cakes, wipe the jar rims well to make sure they are clean and put the canning jar lids on they will seal while they cool ..voila' cake for decades sealed in the vault! .. part 2 getting them out 1. open the jar tip it over and see? it may come right out but not likely.. LOL that is why there are more "steps" 2. run a knife around the rim and it should come out 3. dip the jar in super hot water this should do it and just kind of hit the bottom like a ketchup bottle 4. get a spoon and give up (honestly this has never happened they are really very easy to get out (as long as you use wide mouth LOL) I will gladly share and eat this old school recipe …black cake vintage 2012 later here is a photo of it in the jar / … it is just too early for me to eat a black cake but around 3pm with a cup of coffee give me an excuse!!! and since you asked to see it I should slice it and taste for a true showing right? ..and really it IS THE "holidays" now ! and i have a few in the pantry from various years to taste but I will start with 2012 so good to see you Linda thanks for posting many hugs sent black cake cookie sound amazing! worth a try for sure
  7. I forgot to add I have my flicker act to public so you should be able to see the whole album I only use it to post here and on another board? I wonder what is wrong ? anyone know? you should be able to just go look at the photos all of them I thought? I hate I can not edit …my mind doesnt work that fast and I edit too much and talk to much through my fingers here is the typing table how cool is this and it fits right into the pantry YAY! paint and tile the top with some left over tiles from another project and a coffee roasting cart it will be I love up cycling ..have done it all my life and glad it is something that interests folks would like to show the bender that is a very cool tool I will bend some hooks and post it when I do them next you can make handles nobs and hooks out of silverware or anything flat that bends /tfits perfectly YAY! problem solved I am tired of moving this roaster around
  8. OH i wanted to add but cannot edit … this is the ONE meal a year I get back for my investment in my son's college education ….so I PUT A LOT OF PRESSURE on him (intentionally and fairly I think ) to preform his best and wow that boy can cook! So I really do look forward to this as a meal I do NOT prepare anymore but get to enjoy full on …and I do very little the enchiladas are in the freezer already waiting to be baked …. mother brag over ….I love that I can say I am going to my son's for the holiday ..it is hard to explain to anyone who does not know us how deeply amazing it is Happy Thanksgiving to you all !
  9. omg I am always embarrassed to post under these stunning confections but that is the nice thing about this place "room for all" and on that note (if I already posted these forgive me I am really tried and not sleeping well at all lately ..excuses excuses) ..but I did make some cracker jack! / this has been my dinner I am ashamed to admit for a few nights now probably the reason I am so tired I am eating like crap lately has anyone used "mushroom popcorn" for caramel corn ? if so is it the same as the extra large ? I used Amish extra large for this and really like it nice big corns
  10. emmyeatsjapan on youtube she just tasted 10 flavors if you are interested and I almost lost my lunch thinking about the combinations she was trying and hot horrible they were ..then noticed this thread and yes it is a "thing" LOL wow ..then I went to the cookie isle and saw the explosion ..our local commissary on base has a full Isle of cookies and a full Isle of chips and I am so overwhelmed by snack foods that now that I am wanting to try some I can not even begin to begin so I havent …I will just watch you guys trying away …. and wow I had no clue Oreos had gone so far. I like my Oreos, regular …I think?
  11. traditional for us as a family are Santa Fe style "Christmas" enchiladas half red half green chile we have had them on our table with the turkey for 35 years and counting new I am making rainbow challah per my little grandson who thinks that having it just on Easter is not enough he wants to start making it on Thanksgiving and Easter so that is "new"
  12. wow i had a melt down over that didn't I ? sorry thanks for the great ideas I am going to repack the boxes this weekend it may have been my frame of mind …you think? they do look crappy but I think they looked crappier when I posted and I felt so distraught …
  13. thanks you guys sorry for the delay in getting back but the time spent doing all this ..well it takes time the penny tiles are legal you guys are so funny and yup I can crack open the tiles anytime and reclaim them because they are not at all damaged by the process ..lets just say I am holding them on the wall until needed LOL and I have lot's of Canadian pennies in there and other coins that look like pennies and some that don't for added interest I threw some giant Chinese coins in a few tiles … I am using a heavy duty glue glueing them to mats the templates are a waste pennies are all the same size so they sit on top of each other you do not need an extra thing .. and then putting them up like regular tiles because there is no way I would attempt a wall epoxy..how pretty it would be though ..oy but scary as nice as that would look I can barely seal a table with out dust and crap flying on it ..I have all these animals and live on a dirt road ….old school just going to put them up with mortar and grout them in then seal them as usual . I bought the mats but will buy no more the rest of the pennies i will just mortar them up around the tiles so i do not have to cut them Alex the oven is going to be the Bosch convection actually i think you posted about it thank yo..u…we have opted out of what we really wanted and are donating money to sponsor a Syrian family so we are cutting back on the budget we never had LOLOL .." we are pulling money out of our asses " is what my husband calls this project thanks for the interest, comments, complements it is slow going but as soon as i finish stripping and priming the skeleton (today I am going to take the hardware off and try my new sprayer inside the cabinets…wish me luck LOLOL every project needs a new tool and I am the toolbox queen I got me some good tools and they are MINE! anyone touches them …well I will not post what will happen because no one will ..LOL…i will post more my husband and I are bit different in our DIY styles ..he works a mess flings tools and never cleans his areas …land et's just say I do none of that. so when we do DIY I patiently wait for him to go in with his OWN tools do his work and then bitch at him to pick his shit up for three days..when he does and the areas is spotless .(.37 years this month we have been together ) I take my tools and go in and do my work behind him ..he does all the electrical ..plumbing and structural things I to all the painting tile work and small structural things like hemming the cabinet doors and if I mess them up he can fix them so we do work well together if we don't work together. there is also a solar tube installed not sure if I mentioned that but wow did it bring me some light even on the gray days i rarely turn the light on in what once was very dark hole ..how a room can actually "suck light" is beyond me… but my house has lots of windows is well lit but somehow and someway the way the little kitchen located? it literally sucks light ..if that makes sense so lots of things are "light" oriented except the counters they are going to be dark and that makes me nervous a bit but wow they do look good ..they are buffing a little each day both of the guys between their regular work it is going to take a LOT of buffing before they can be installed yeah that dog is a cutie pie but a spoiled brat and betrayer he will move in with anyone given the chance if they have better food and a softer sofa ….shameless hussy boy! ..we got a call from a neighbor one day he snuck out and walked two blocks into someones open house drank and ate out of their dogs bowls then hauled his but onto their sofa when they called us to come he did not want to leave? oy silly beast I believe I answered any questions asked if not I will reread this again when I have a bit more coffee and my eyes focus OH speaking of coffee! I am so excited have a roaster and it is an albatross but in cleaning the basement I found an 1950s typing table that works perfectly for a mobile stand for the roaster ..so very excited ..fun shopping the basement! also found a qual egg pan and my pancake ball pan (do not ask me to spell that pancakes name LOL ) I am excited It was my sons favorite breakfast it will be fun to make them for my grand's now ) ok do I give up the cookbooks now? ..YES!!!!! exempt for the heirlooms …they are all going to be gifted and donated digital is the way for me now ..still love to read them and just finished the Suffrage cookbook but then they go out the door like a novel wound not keeping cookbook or buying them if I can help it . wow I could only post that hear and people would understand how HUGE that was for me to do and say…
  14. I know I should start with photos of the kitchen but I can not find the "before " I promise I will post them when I do but the hole I am living with will be more profound with some before photos LOL…oh well this is the best I have for now ….and the best I have is what I was so excited and anxious about ..it is my brand new concrete countertops! wow they are done and I am so grateful and happy with the results my husband and his partner did a fantastic job! … as of now Both of the concrete countertops have been poured…. I could scream with joy! ..for a grand total of $200 I now have custom concrete countertops that anyone would be very proud of ! they look just beautiful and will out live me for sure very happy with this ..once they are cured and cleaned up and installed they will be a nice slate gray here is the sink side the other side is the same but the cooktop will go in instead of the sink /penny tiles in progress with a nickel boarder
  15. we should delete this if there is one ? I am all over the mushrooms and had good luck …it has been fun harvesting but the rains are here now so it is not safe to go foraging right now
  16. I want to send some pickled peppers and pickled sour grapes …do you think I could vacuum seal instead of jarring them? thinking of the space they wouldn't take up! and less glass in the box? it sure would look terrible opening a package and finding a sealed bag of peppers but I could put more stuff in the boxes if I do that with the pickles ..then maybe put them in a sealed flat container ? OY I DONT KNOW THIS ALL LOOKS LIKE CRAP NOW I have 6 "care packages" on the table trying to fill them with a Puget Sound tasting party in a box for folks I will not get to see during the holidays… I have a bunch of jarred and dry things in there that I made and I purchased a few local products ..am adding dessert wine and roasted coffee and before the package goes I will put a loaf of homemade bread… a savory and a sweet homemade something in there (biscotti or Italian pepper cookies for the wine and coffee ) …they are large boxes but are filling up fast…my problem is tit all looks so terrible … just like I tossed crap in with no thought ..not happy with this and there is no "wow" factor ….presentation matters when you open a gift package I think … ..I am sure they will be appreciated …but I wanted them to be prettier ..the folks receiving these boxes ..I adore them and want them to feel it when the box is opened ….now it just looks like a box of food… ..oh well I am probably the only one who will care ..but shoot …argh these look awful ..guess it is what it is ..a box of food …maybe when I get the baked and freshly things in it will be nicer to open not thinking the pickled peppers in a sealed bag are going to make this look any better argh I love sending boxes …just hate how these look right now and am having kind of a fit over it ..any advice on perking up the look of a mailed box would be appreciated for sure
  17. did you taste it out of the bag Kim? I have looked at that they have huge bags at the commissary now and I wondered if the grandkids would like it ..how does it taste dry? I hate to buy a huge bag and not know what to do with it but it would be good for the earthquake kit I would think?
  18. I bought one of those a few years ago and it lasted exactly ONE season a windstorm took it out and I put in in a protected place on our deck..the plastic ripped and the poles bent and all my plants were smashed ..one storm in one winter season …good thing the "box stores" are great at taking crap back…they are lousy ..and I know you have wind in OK I used to live there…l I would say don't buy it…do what I do and dust bring it in the house or porch ? or take cuttings ..or let it go dormant in the garage (I disagree many semitropical plants have held for me dormant over the winter they die back and come back that is dormant to me? ) … put it on the sunny side of the house and protect it as mentioned above with a straw bail ? make a tiny cold frame and put it in there ? anything but wasting your money like I would have if they did not take returns. (my inclination would be to take cuttings and start them in the house over the winter just in case you loose the plant in whatever method you try at least you would have a back up ) ..I think you can cut it back put straw on it and save it for sure if you do not have a hard winter.
  19. Thanks! I love a productive bump! None of these have I heard of all I will try ! I listen to news radio but am on a black out wanting more joyful noise in my space
  20. Wow what beautiful lunches! You eat so beautifully....applause!
  21. May I please bump this to get a list of folks newest audio podcast favorites ? I am in a rut Anything fun and new to listen and not view?
  22. it is so pretty what faucet are you thinking of to go with it ? is there a window over you sink what will be behind it? just curious about the whole presentation of the sink if you do not mind sharing? ..I went screaming and running away from those.but they are pretty! function vs form ..it is a happy accident the whole thing is looking so lovely..I wanted copper in the kitchen badly it is so pretty .but I am abusive and untidy .. so no way would that sink work for me but if you are more for form and the eye appeal of course get what you want and that is just so pretty! ..what am I missing in single sinks? the past few years it is all I see people putting in but wondered why folks are drawn to them over a double ? I had go to with a triple because of the health dept rules when renting rooms for a B and B you must have two one with a triple sink …so I may just put a single sink in the other mini kitchen if there are reasons I should ? good luck with your choice
  23. YES PLEASE ! here is my first idea for the year and my theme for gift giving this year is "more is more and upcyle, recycle put some heart in it and give it away" I am going to make Turkish delight and this is the first combo ..oh my freaking goodness this went well together / now the hard part ..make the same flavors together into candies that look lovely as well as taste this nice . I will be using the apple juice, blackberry and this grape juice to make three different flavors or Turkish delight but have no idea bout what I will do with the other two ..practice I guess to start! I think candy making is fun. up cycling a LOT … I have vanilla galore what is so fun and I can not wait to use is a friend of mine gave me a couple of dozen little glass extract bottles that look like maple syrup containers they are being labeled ..another thing I have to figure out it would look crappy to use the sharpy like I usually do I need to figure out how to make labels please you guys how about some nice inexpensive but decorative ideas for bottling the insane amount of booze I have made?? I have nocino ready for gift giving how do I present it as a gift I wonder? as well as the nicely and shamelessly regiiftble now because it is nicely reformulated to make the undrinkable very nice indeed….now it is great for dipping biscotti …next thing will be to find a cute way to bottle and package it with some home made biscotti ? I go the taste down it is the presentation I need help with ! I…I am digging out everything I have as potential but if you have some great package ideas to go along with the food gifts ..especially liquids and I have to mail a lot of them ..thanks in advance > the kids want to give cotton candy and I have a huge Seattle worlds fair machine ..how is the best way to package cotton candy for gifts? the real and grafted kids and grandkids in my life are getting my heirloom cookbooks cleaned up and I have been writing notes to them along with my tweaks of the recipes… I am planning a party and will have the details of that soon it will be all about homemade gifting thanks for the thread I look forward to seeing …is to ok when talking about food gifts we really do talk about the packaging as well ? you guys are amazing and I want to tap ideas ..can not believe I just found pinterest where the hell was I ?
  24. you inspire me! Seriously always and still! Wow on all of this and ..well ..it all !!! you are amazing!
  25. I like going out to eat for every reason mentioned all ready …ESPECIALLY to eat someone else's food other than my own with friends! …second to just eating someone else's cooking …second to that I like to stay on trend with food in my area. I try new things get excited bitch about how it was not as good as it could have been ..go home and make it myself and go out and find more food to bitch about …it is the cycle of life
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