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Air-fried egg method to "change your life"


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gosh, I know the media is always in search of the next trillion click post . . .

but this air fryer "trick" is supposed to change your life.

any takers?


"Next, she closed the air fryer and set the timer to three minutes at 160 degrees.

Once the three minutes were up, she opened the air fryer and took out two perfectly air-fried eggs."


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I did "consulting" work for decades - which left me more than anyone ever wanted . . . in places like a Residence Inn with some things defined as 'heat producers' for cooking.


that "fried egg" just don't git it - nowhere even close . . .

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38 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

Not the fried egg of my dreams and it won't be changing my life but some people are using these devices in dorm room or office break rooms so yeah, maybe...and I suppose it could be improved on. 


For a dorm room an A4Box would fry a much better egg.


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looks to me like its been cooked at 160c rather than 160f.

I think 160f (~71c) is about the temperature the white coagulates but the yolk would harden or thicken at a higher temperature so shouldn't be hard. The picture seems to show the yolks already hard.

3 minutes might also be a bit long particularly if the air fryer was to overshoot temperature wise.

Also there is no white "membrane" over the yolks which is a bit odd if it was a low temperature cook.

Theory might be fine but the application of the theory  may leave something to be desired.

Be kind first.

Be nice.

(If you don't know the difference then you need to do some research)

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and the latest . . . how to poach an egg in the microwave . . .


wouldn't eat that on a dare . . .


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