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  1. After some experimenting and filling my freezer with different dumplings, I like pork and leek and pork and vegetable the best. Bibigo and Pulmuone have thin wrappers which I like and cook up well in the air fryer. Although, I haven't had in a while Ajinomoto gyoza dumplings were pretty good. Also like the TJ's Thai shrimp dumplings..
  2. Wow ...got it as a prime day lightning deal for 5 dollars. The pizza pan was 7...
  3. Hmart has pot stickers that work wonderfully in the Air fryer. House of mandu even gives AF instructions. 360 at 12 min turning half way. I do spray mine with a little oil. Bibigo's brand also works well. I also like the Pulmuone brand. Over at Target Chung's puts out an eggroll that tastes great air fried. No extra oil needed. I am only cooking for one and have a 6.8 qt and still wish it was an inch bigger in diameter than 9 inches. You only want small batches of food in it, preferably in 1 layer. If it's over stuffed it won't cook evenly. I had a dial air fryer initially. It's not a big learning curve to transition to cooking function buttons.
  4. I'd say the outer measurement of the handle side is closer to 8 3/4. Side without handle is 8. cooking area about 7 by 7.
  5. Couple of things. I'm only cooking for myself. It's relatively small ...the grate is 8 x 8 inches, so it can hold a leg quarter and another leg. Cleaning a big basket is a challenge for me as I have limited use of my left arm and hand.. So, this small one is manageable. I've been also using the grate on top of one of my old baking pans which I line with foil... Makes cleanup effortless. The grate itself is easy to clean and nonstick. Also, I add a little water to the pan which seems to prevent smoking and my smoke detector going off. I made some char siu chicken a few nights ago....no smoke... I use the pan mostly for protein, chicken , salmon.
  6. Yes, since my Ninja foodi Grill is now sitting on the curb, I did buy the Cosori Duo Blaze. Was 180. but prime deal made it 125. Curious on whether having an additional element on the bottom under the cooking vessel will make things like chicken more prone to burning.. Prime day also has The Instant Vortex grill pan. It's a wonderful small non-stick grill pan which I've been using daily in the Ninja. I find it indispensable and I'm sure it will fit the Cosori.
  7. Price is right but looking at the Cosori thinking I don't really use the grilling feature much on the Ninja and it takes up alot of storage space especially that grill grate.
  8. My Ninja Foodi Grill died last night...not that I'm complaining. It lasted almost 3 years. In that time I've not used my oven at all. I did find that I barely used the grill option and daily used the air fryer option so an air fryer is indispensable for me. I'm considering The Cosori Duo Blaze which has a heating element on top and bottom and is 6.8 quarts. Does anyone have any experience with this model?
  9. Take the Ninja suggested temp times with a grain of salt. They are way off...
  10. You can buy the pot separately but it is not compatible with other models because of the handles
  11. Your right about that grill grate... Also after a while its hard to clean.. I even bought a grout brush to clean it. I don't use it a all anymore.. instead, I bought a Lodge handless round grill plate 9 1/4 inches. I really don't need grill marks. The thing I use the most is the wired roasting rack accessory that had to be purchased separately.
  12. The IP Duo Evo Plus (which was discontinued ) and the IP Pro Model have a wonderful new type pot with a flat bottom and handles. I saute with it on my induction burner instead of using the IP's saute settings. Love that pot...
  13. I have the 5 in 1 without the probe and love it. I've had four different air fryers and this one gives me the most consistent results. It has also been the easiest to clean with the ceramic surface. The square large surface area is also useful and allows me to use some of my own baking dishes. I do use the air fryer functions more than the grilling and use my own probe with it.
  14. Looks like it turns the instant pot into a Ninja Foodi which is a combo pressure cooker and air fryer and seems to have a cult following. The Foodi comes with an air crisping basket which probably could be lifted out to shake or move the food around. I guess you'd need to buy some similar inserts to use that unit's lid effectively.
  15. I use barkeepers friend and afterwards I give it a soak of vinegar and hot water. Usually comes out like new. Funny though... I ordered the non- stick inner pots and found they stick like mad.......gave them away...
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