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  1. Thank you for a very nice meal I had tonight. I would never have thought to pick up those Chicken chili lime burgers or the mango jicama slaw... had it on Brioche buns I bought from Aldi ....bought some TJ's corn and chili salsa Also bought some TJ's English Butter Fudge...It's a very small white and blue box and easy to miss. It .was a very nice pick me up with a cup of coffee
  2. Looks very tempting... collecting inserts for my instant pot has started to become an obsession... How tall are the individual plates?
  3. Yes, please report back especially about the timing using the two pots together... I bought this tiffin as well and I love using the carrier to lift things out of the pot instead of slings. I'm using the lower pot.often especially for reheating, but when I use the two pots together the pot on top seems to take allot longer so I can't rely on recipe times I've been using. I'd love to hear the experiences and the timing adjustments if any, of those using the two pots together.
  4. Saw a recipe where they thawed the contents and used it along with halved cherry tomatoes to stuff red peppers. I think I'll pick this up next time and try that.
  5. Fasta Pasta

    After reading this thread I picked up a Pasta boat for similar reasons...very limited use of one of my arms due to traumatic injury...I can kind of guide things with the bad arm but, lifting or reaching is a big problem..... I don't see any instructions in timing for asian fresh lo mein noodles or for fresh ramen noodles. I would normally cook them about three minutes in boiling water. Anyone have any experience using those or similar noodles in the Pasta boat or Pasta Fasta?
  6. Good to know since the brand sweet potato flour I bought from Hmart was Korean. lol
  7. I recently bookmarked a recipe from Madame Huang's Kitchen ( Carolyn Phillips) blog for what she calls Big boy lemon chicken. The coating she used for the pounded chicken breasts got my attention. After marinating, they were coated with an egg white and then dipped in half sweet potato flour and half tempura flour. She says " it crisps up into a crunchy, super-light layer " and that it's her current favorite fry coating. On the sweet potato flour she advises to get a Taiwanese brand....
  8. Has anyone tried the Gyro slices. They were sampling them the other day. I did not buy them. I've stopped myself from impulse buying their samplings. Used in conjunction with tzatziki sauce, the makings of a Greek salad and some naan...It would be an easy dinner. Tj's uses beef with a little bit of lamb in their Gyro meat.
  9. Actually, I was't aware. I'm a smartphone illiterate. I think you've just made several of my Kindle cookbooks usable I don't need to see the whole recipe on one page but, I would prefer to see all the ingredients listed on the same page and instructions on the next...... The other reason I was thinking I'd be happier with the print version is because the kindle repeatedly shuts off while cooking from the recipes....very frustrating Palo.. Most of my Kindle cookbooks have location numbers instead. I'm at a loss to see how they correlate to anything. I just swipe my finger forward or back till I get to what I'm hunting for. I did notice the Bruce Weinstein Kindle book has page numbers. If it goes back to three dollars I'll order the Kindle version otherwise I'll probably opt for the print version of Instant Pot Obsession..
  10. Downloaded a sample. Print is one of the clearest I've seen but, as in many cookbook samples for kindle they stop short of showing how an actual recipe renders. If I have to navigate to different pages in the middle of a recipe I'd much rather have the print version. On a different topic, I wanted to thank you for your Polenta PIP instructions. Polenta came out perfect......
  11. I have not been happy with most kindle cookbooks I've purchased so far, never-the-less I'd like to to know if any of you are happy with the kindle version. Does the layout work? Is it easy to navigate? Is the print easy to read? Don't know whether to try the kindle version first or not.....
  12. Seasoning a carbon steel wok

    This video from the Wok Shop in San Fransisco takes you through seasoning the Wok step by step and the method works beautifully. I think Grace Young mentions this method in one of her books.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNPe5-swL-k P.S. The Chinese Chives are really worth getting for this.....
  13. After neither my sister or myself being able to remove the skirt and cap or re-loosen the upper clamp adjustment following the manual instructions; I brought it to my brother-in-law who had the strength needed to remove it........... All is now well!!! Regarding the Brita looks like a brilliant solution for those of us lacking strength.......Love the idea but in the height department I think it would be a close call to fit my Sous Vide Supreme bag rack in it which is coming in really useful and was a very worthwhile purchase to use with the circulator
  14. I would say the same thing, but my sister also tried to no avail...... and we absolutely turned it to the left as the manual instructed.
  15. Got mine two days ago.... Made some lovely Salmon, but afterwards, thought I'd take the skirt off to dry out..... couldn't remove cap or skirt.....Impossible........ And also now the top knob of the clamp also does not turn........So the height can't be adjusted.... After waiting so long I'm so disappointed I'll have to send it back..... Wonder what the turn around time is?