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  1. Take the Ninja suggested temp times with a grain of salt. They are way off...
  2. You can buy the pot separately but it is not compatible with other models because of the handles
  3. Your right about that grill grate... Also after a while its hard to clean.. I even bought a grout brush to clean it. I don't use it a all anymore.. instead, I bought a Lodge handless round grill plate 9 1/4 inches. I really don't need grill marks. The thing I use the most is the wired roasting rack accessory that had to be purchased separately.
  4. The IP Duo Evo Plus (which was discontinued ) and the IP Pro Model have a wonderful new type pot with a flat bottom and handles. I saute with it on my induction burner instead of using the IP's saute settings. Love that pot...
  5. I have the 5 in 1 without the probe and love it. I've had four different air fryers and this one gives me the most consistent results. It has also been the easiest to clean with the ceramic surface. The square large surface area is also useful and allows me to use some of my own baking dishes. I do use the air fryer functions more than the grilling and use my own probe with it.
  6. Looks like it turns the instant pot into a Ninja Foodi which is a combo pressure cooker and air fryer and seems to have a cult following. The Foodi comes with an air crisping basket which probably could be lifted out to shake or move the food around. I guess you'd need to buy some similar inserts to use that unit's lid effectively.
  7. I use barkeepers friend and afterwards I give it a soak of vinegar and hot water. Usually comes out like new. Funny though... I ordered the non- stick inner pots and found they stick like mad.......gave them away...
  8. I was curious about how you deal with the chicken feet? Do you cut the toe nails?
  9. Made Urvashi Pitre''s Butter chicken recipe like that with the chicken thighs and sauce on the bottom, with a long legged trivet and one of those stackable tiffin-like pans on top for the rice. It was delicious not to mention very easy.... I used the 6 quart IP for that. I would have tried it in my 3 qt but I have not been able to find a long legged trivet that fits the diameter.
  10. Enjoyed the Vietnamese Caramel Salmon from that book...was surprised that the only liquid called for was about the 6 tablespoons called for for in the sauce....was delicious. I liked the book enough to order the sequel: Comfort in an Instant ....due out Oct 16. My library doesn't seem to have it on order.
  11. Question for those that have the Breville or Cuisinart Air Fryers. How are you cleaning the air fryer coils??? I have two air fryers and maybe once a month or more frequently if I make something greasy, I have to turn it upside down and clean the inside top and coils with a damp cloth and brush. These things really get a grease build up that gets burnt on. I have one basket type and the slats have gotten such a baked on build up that I no longer use it. I have my doubts whether mine are going to last just based on the heavy usage. Reason I'm asking ...my Breville toaster oven is on its way out and it certainly would be nice to have a toaster oven and air fryer all in one.
  12. I haven't tried breading shrimp for cooking in the air fryer but I have had an issue with floured items tasting dusty even though they were well sprayed with oil. Tried the Kentucky Kernel that the air fryer groups rave about but found that dusty as well. I also saw a suggestion of trying 00 flour.....that it might work better because its finer....haven't tried it yet though. As for coatings ...I bought some Zatarain's Louisiana fish fry. I dipped some fish in egg and then the Zatarains... too spicy for me but I saw that the main ingredient was corn flour, so I bought Bob's corn flour and have been using that to fry whiting. Actually, liked that.... Need to leave air fryer on the counter because it gets used several times a day...thinking about moving the toaster oven and microwave...
  13. Actually Americas Test Kitchen is working on an Air Fryer book and were looking for testers. This month they were testing out an air fryer recipe for Air Fryer Coffee-Chipotle Rubbed Steaks.
  14. I hear the Philips needs less shaking and turning because of the design. I tend to use alot of sticky stuff in marinades so the thought of the Philips mesh basket gives me pause. On the other hand most of the other brands seem to have peeling issues. I have a Secura 4.2 and wish I'd gotten at least a 5.3. I' love doing whole chickens in there but I have to spatchcock it or it won't fit....Tastes better than any supermarket rotisserie chicken. A 5 to 6 QT air fryer could easily accommodate a 5 lb chicken. Also, mine is too small to accommodate some of the pans I'd like to use.. the next size up would... Incidentally, Philips now has a new XXL size. I think Williams Sonoma may have it available now. Till now it was only available in Europe.
  15. Thanks! I just got a Secura Air Fryer. My Breville Convection Oven gave out after 10+ years. Going to try and use the Secura instead for the time being.....
  16. How long in the instant pot? In the IP were they cooked in the water or steamed above? Looks delicious. I wonder what other foods would benefit from that combination of cooking....
  17. The non-stick liner is available on the Instant Pot Store website in the 3 and 6 quart sizes. I have an order for the 3 qt glass lid with them as well that they have not canceled. Their sealing rings in the 2 pack are sold out for the 3 quart, but the single clear 3 quart is still available. Shipping seems to be free for these items.....
  18. Love... love...love... this mini...Don't think I'll be dragging out the six quart to often. The mini seems to be meeting most of my needs. Made risotto tonight....nice! I've seen people commenting that the mini takes more time (it's 700w as opposed to the 6 qt 1000w). I have not found this to be the case. One thing I am noticing, however, is that this seems to send a more intense stream of steam when opening the valve, so I have to remember to put a dish towel over the valve when I open it. I had to laugh when I attempted to get a glass lid for it from Amazon...... They happily informed me my order would arrive some time in January....Forget about getting an extra gasket, or liners non-stick or Stainless any time soon..... Enjoying Melissa Clark's book. The recipes are well thought out, clear and make use of all the capabilities of the machine. There is a nice selection of international recipes. The recipes concentrate on quality rather than quantity containing 75 recipes but you can see the the care that was taken in perfecting each one. I made the Caramelized Salmon the other night... Loved the taste and the texture of the salmon was perfect....and no albumin lol .... The instructions added a lot less liquid than I was accustomed to adding to the pot but, I followed the instructions as written and the dish was perfect. Same applies to the Spanish Garlicky Squid and Chorizo I want to try.... Try to find the liquid in that..... lol .... one minute at low pressure and release... I was a little confused, so I can imagine how this would appear to someone new to the instant pot trying to reconcile Melissa's instructions with the directions that came with the pot. But I trust that Melissa has perfected the instructions for her recipes. The only thing I found myself wanting were some optional variations in the recipes, because some of the techniques seemed so useful and adaptable for other creations. Very happy with the purchase and hope there is a volume 2
  19. After reading your post I bought one. Been away and didn't try it out till tonight....What a little gem it is! I made the Miso Claypot Chicken from Lucky Peach's 101 Easy Recipes...with some adaptions-- although not called for...I added some Lap Cheong and sauteed both the chicken and the sausage using the saute function. I used 2 rice cups of rice instead of the one the recipe called for (the rice cup only measures 3/4 of a cup) 1 cup jasmine and 1 cup haiga-mai. A little more than 2 rice cups of water. Timed it for 3 minutes. was aiming to open the pressure release after 10 minutes but got delayed, so turned out to be 15. Turned out much better than in my small Cuckoo rice cooker I had more than enough for two servings, plus another serving for freezing and yet a bit more stored in the fridge. It's small enough to keep living on my counter and the small inner steel pot is easy to clean and maneuver in my sink. I can see where this is going to become my main pot...Surprisingly, lovely purchase. Expecting Melissa Clark's Dinner in an Instant tomorrow, so hopefully will have many more to adapt to the mini.....
  20. I have been using the Instant Pot Duo 6 Quart for a few years now and am very happy with it. However, I am a single household and usually need to freeze much of what I've made. When making smaller quantities I rely on pot in pot cooking. I'm seeing the popularity of the 3 quart with RV people and wondered how functional this would be for a downsized house. Can it really be used for more than side dishes? If you have both sizes, how often do you find yourself using the smaller one? Any experience with this size would be appreciated.
  21. Thank you for a very nice meal I had tonight. I would never have thought to pick up those Chicken chili lime burgers or the mango jicama slaw... had it on Brioche buns I bought from Aldi ....bought some TJ's corn and chili salsa Also bought some TJ's English Butter Fudge...It's a very small white and blue box and easy to miss. It .was a very nice pick me up with a cup of coffee
  22. Looks very tempting... collecting inserts for my instant pot has started to become an obsession... How tall are the individual plates?
  23. Yes, please report back especially about the timing using the two pots together... I bought this tiffin as well and I love using the carrier to lift things out of the pot instead of slings. I'm using the lower pot.often especially for reheating, but when I use the two pots together the pot on top seems to take allot longer so I can't rely on recipe times I've been using. I'd love to hear the experiences and the timing adjustments if any, of those using the two pots together.
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