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Cooking with "This Will Make It Taste Good", by Vivian Howard

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Vivian says she is planning to cook from This Will Make It Taste Good live on Instagram, one flavor hero per month.  This month, she made Nacho Normal with Community Organizer, answering live questions along the way. 

If interested, you should be able to watch at this link


Edited to add that someone asked her if the recipe yield of each flavor hero was sufficient to make all the recipes in that chapter and Vivian said yes, that it was planned that way.  Nice touch.




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This morning, I saw beans on @Kim Shook's breakfast plate and decided to do the same and made up a portion of the "Bake Beans Again" recipe (p 182) that uses Community Organizer. 


With the Community Organizer already made and some cooked Rancho Gordo Yellow Eye beans, this was super easy to toss together and bake.   Very flavorful. 

Since I only made a 1/4 recipe, I probably should have baked them for less time or used more of the bean cooking liquid for a more saucy result.  I'll watch out for that next time. 

Between the diced country ham, the beans and CO, I'd say the serving size is very generous. 

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