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  1. Both are Chef Set brand, which doesn't sound inspiring, but as they are both from a catering supplier, shouldn't they all be professional quality? p.s. I have a question about babkas, if anyone wants to tootle along to the Regional Cuisine section. The pan will be used mainly for boiling eggs, but it will have to do double, treble duty with other things, which I why I wanted to make sure I bought the right one. lol. I know.
  2. I don't think either of them is clad aluminium. I'll have to choose the stainless steel one because it will end up going through the dishwasher and when I scrub them, dark grey stuff comes off. I don't suppose the height/ width thing makes a difference to anything really.
  3. The Bidfooddirect website doesn't have all that information on the products.
  4. 96102 and 95822 are the ones.
  5. It's Bidfood, I can't copy the link without being logged in and other info showing.
  6. Hi, I followed this recipe allrecipes.co.uk/ recipe/10305/ polish-babka , using a bit less currants and a small amount of chopped dried apricots. I greased and sprinkled the tins with nibbed nuts but didn't glaze. It turned out fairly dry - is that how it should be?
  7. The supplier sells two 2l saucepans. One is 18cm (for those who are curious, with a lid for £11.64) the other is 16cm (without a lid for £11.99) Does the width and height make a difference in any way with this size of pan? The first one is definitely stainless steel, the other doesn't say.
  8. It was a round cake, and to be honest, I don't remember it exactly, but it was cut less and more irregular than battenburg. I might have to venture into the world of facebook and ask on his page. I think it was a curved pattern.
  9. I would expect if they are are on television and supposedly professionals, they ought to know. Part of what they are doing is teaching about food as well as entertaining.
  10. Has anyone else got food-related pet peeves? I've just been annoyed again by somebody on telly saying dulchy de leche, instead of dulthey or dulsey. And then there's the same problem with "choritso"! 😣
  11. Perhaps I shouldn't have called it a recipe since the cake itself doesn't matter, it's more the technique of cutting it this way and that and fitting it together to create the effect that I'm after. I thought it might have been on his foundation site, but it isn't. I think now it might have been a guest appearance on somebody else's programme and he did something different for it.
  12. I don't know what the flavours were, I'm not sure there were two flavours, it might have been one colour sandwiched and the line helped give the effect. The main thing I'm interested in is how he went about cutting it to achieve the look. It was a round cake as far as I can remember.
  13. Hi, many years ago I was watching JP on television making a two colour wonky or wavy looking cake. He was cutting it this way and that to create the effect, I think the whole thing had a normal position, i.e. it wasn't tilted or anything like that. Do you know which cake I mean and what it's called?
  14. Susanwusan

    Flan tin

    And a flan parisien or patissiere is an egg custard in a pastry shell.
  15. Susanwusan

    Flan tin

    My flan is the sponge base with a layer of fruit placed in the indent and a jelly layer over that with cream piped on as decoration. Sometimes I apply a thin layer of custard before the fruit. This is a readymade version Baker Street Large Sponge Flan Case, 200 g: Amazon.co.uk: Grocery
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