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  1. I plumped for cherry flavour jelly and made chocolate and cherry trifle.
  2. Is there a difference between schnitzel and escalope? Is one beaten first and the other not before breading?
  3. I know what you mean, they'll be really artificial. I might do it differently.
  4. Hi. I'd like to make a chocolate jelly using cocoa powder and already-flavoured jelly crystals or blocks instead of gelatine powder. What sort of flavour would compliment the cocoa, or be disguised by it? Mostly available flavours are strawberry, raspberry, orange. Other possible flavours would be lemon, lime, blackcurrant, cherry.
  5. Can thinned yoghurt be used as a buttermilk substitute?
  6. If the point of paella rice is that it stays separate and cooks without having to be covered, and arborio rice is meant to turn out creamy, how can arborio rice be a suitable substitute for a paella rice? Sainsb's have a "paella rice" but it doesn't specify what rice it is on the website - does anyone know?
  7. Paella pan would be the common term. Paellera is probably what you're thinking of.
  8. Bangers and mash with gravy - yum! Perhaps taxi driver's background wasn't English? Anyway, we even had a cartoon called Bangers and Mash, back in the 80s.
  9. Susanwusan

    Cooking in milk

    I sometimes want to change the flavour in a simple way and also add to nutritional value. I use the drained milk in the soup. Spot on with the scorching... I'll try heating the milk first in microwave and then pouring onto potatoes and simmering. UK milk top codes (whether foil or plastic tops). Blue = full fat Green = semi-skimmed Red = skimmed Gold top is from Jersey cows that give higher fat milk and I have seen in recent years a purple top milk in the supermarket, but I don't know what that's about.
  10. I've tried plain boiling peeled and cut potatoes, salted and unsalted, in normal blue top milk. Each time, the milk curdled. Will it always curdle because of the potato or is there a way to do it without the curdling?
  11. Crusting buttercream. Is that what they call an oxymoron? I'll have a look into those, thanks. I take it the sugar in those icings would keep the product from going off too soon?
  12. Hi, what is a good recipe for icing that can be spread or piped and kept at room temperature for a few hours? A buttercream icing would be most suitable but I can try anything else.
  13. There's really nothing to scrub off - it's perfectly smooth. I rang the company, Chef Set, and they're only open two days a week! I expect it is a very low quality product. I would like to know though if anything is likely to leach into water or food if I use it again so I'll give them another ring on Monday.
  14. The potatoes and water went in first. Anyway, it is stainless steel - should that happen? I've had stainless steel pans before for a long time without that
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