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  1. I want to make and freeze macaroni cheese. What is the best way, or recipe if you have one, to prevent the macaroni absorbing all the sauce during cooling, freezing and baking. My plan is to cook the pasta, cook the sauce and mix them together, then when needed, put the container in the oven to bake (and thaw).
  2. Susanwusan


    I found the last of my Stella cherries on the tree this morning and still have a few Czar plums. The apples and pears are not ready just yet. The supermarkets and markets have lots of different fruit from all over the world, still.
  3. It'll be from the supermarket, but when you consider there's lemon juice (it'll be freshly squeezed 😇), mint leaves and elderflower, I'm not sure I'd miss the fresh apple juice flavour.
  4. 🙄 I don't know how I missed it. Thanks.
  5. Regarding this recipe, https://www.pinkladyapples.co.uk/in-the-kitchen/desserts/pink-lady-apple-and-elderflower-jellies, how much juice would 4 - 6 apples produce? I don't have a juicer so I'll be using bought apple juice.
  6. What's the easiest way to make mini pastry cases using a mini bun tray, but without having to roll out the pastry and cutting out lots of circles.
  7. Can you source a tall filter plug used in commercial kitchens? There's the small plastic bit that goes in first, then there's the tall plastic tube that goes in it that might secure the seal. You probably wouldn't need the metal mesh tube part. On the subject of that sort of plug, I came on here to ask if there was a source that explained the benefits and the use of such a plug. I'm trying to convince people to get better use of ours.
  8. Susanwusan

    Recipe Bloopers

    A recipe book in Spanish has the word spice in brackets after the word clavo. Not sure it's quite what you want in this thread, but I thought it would be of interest, slightly humorous and a bit worrying 🙂
  9. Is there anything available to help organise staff rotas?
  10. What would be the quickest way to set a blancmange, and would it depend on whether cornflour or gelatine was used?
  11. I'd like to use it as a cake ingredient but don't want to disrupt the ratios and create a mess. Can it be used as a flavoured whole or partial substitute for the sugar or fat, it would be a normal sponge type of cake, either in one whole part or layers to be filled with something else.
  12. Hi, how would you incorporate dulce de leche into a normal sort of cake mix, for the purpose of making it taste like caramel?
  13. Susanwusan

    Rocket soup ideas

    The pepperiness was the concern - the potato idea sounds good.
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