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  1. Hi, I'm trying to find examples of old airline menus (from earliest days) from flights to and from UK. Does anyone happen to know if there's a particular website or source for them?
  2. Susanwusan

    Cooking with beer

    Thanks, I've plumped for Newcastle Brown, £1.50 for 550ml if you're interested. I'm surprised it's got glucose syrup in it.
  3. Hi. I want to make a beef in beer pie - what sort of beer would work best, that would be available from an English supermarket.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a recipe that uses already cooked and shredded ham hock meat, mainly because I need to know the quantity of the ham needed. The only recipes I can find call for the whole hock to start with.
  5. I'm afraid I have to economise! Is Classikool a reputable brand?
  6. Does anybody else leave peeled potatoes under running water for about ten minutes before using them? This might be to do with potatoes peeled the day before and left in water to prevent discolouration.
  7. I was originally told to wash everything, even bananas before peeling them as you'd end up touching the inner fruit. I went somewhere else to work and was told not to wash anything, fruit or salad, because "it could make things worse". By this I understood that pathogens that had dried could be reactivated or simply spread around with the water. I don't know really, does anyone else know about this not washing? It's not the first time I've seen professional cooks not wash (even mushrooms) before using them.
  8. In the interest of economy and reducing food waste, I'd like to make bread sauce using breadcrumbs made from white and/or brown endcrusts. What sort of difference could it make? The recipes all call for crusts cut off of white bread.
  9. Milton solution is safe for baby feeding items, I imagine it would be safe for food. If you leave the leaves in salt water (salt has antibacterial effects), any insects will end up rising to the surface.
  10. What is the advantage of a double-well saucer?
  11. I want to use it in baking and flavouring cream or buttercream. I tried De Kuyper cherry liqueur but I couldn't use too much and it didn't give much cherry flavour. Can anyone tell me what Monin Morello cherry syrup tastes like, if it has a distinctive cherry flavour?
  12. Cherry is a fairly popular flavour, why then is it so difficult to find cherry flavouring? Lemon, orange, coffee, mint flavourings are readily available everywhere even though the original products are easy to come by. Where in the UK can I find an effective quality cherry flavouring?
  13. Hi. I work with someone (who doesn't work in the kitchen) who insists that white wine must be chilled and red must be at room temperature. The fridge the white is kept in measures 1 - 5oC, the cupboard with a light constantly on measures 22 - 24oC. It is cheap stuff from the supermarket, probably made up from wine concentrate. I don't know much about wine and I don't drink it, but I would say that the fridge temperature is way below "chilled" and the cupboard temperature is way above "room" temperature. Thinking about food safety or at least the degrading of the red wine, I have put an op
  14. 1. The point was specifically garlic bread, not bread - it would be a strange Italian table that didn't have some worthy bread to mop up the last juices from the plate. 2. I will try to forget I read that second sentence!
  15. Susanwusan


    I resorted to stewed damsons and custard, but the fruit being plain with only added sugar was delicious, it allowed us to taste the damson.
  16. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-British-food-Spagbol My guess is the garlic bread came about with the Pizza Hut and the other pizza chain restaurant.
  17. Hi everyone, the person wasn't being cooked for, so don't worry!
  18. Thank you for accepting my application!
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    I was thinking more along the lines of a dish, some sort of dessert or cake or something like that. I haven't used damsons before and I'm not sure if they might not suit some things.
  20. UK. I made the food without the garlic bread, which someone questioned. I said I didn't think it particularly Italian but she went on about it so I decided to check with experts! I think they were expecting "spag bol" as we affectionately call the popular tomato-heavy version here.
  21. I picked almost 2kg of damsons off a tree and cooked them without anything extra other than the water clinging to them from washing. The stones have been removed and the damson mush is in the fridge. I'd like to make something with it tomorrow - but what do you do with cooked damsons?
  22. Hi all. I made a Bolognese sauce as per some authentic recipes I saw on the internet. It wasn't too tomatoey, used wine and beef stock. Someone then told me that their should have been garlic bread with it. Is this the Italian way to eat the particular sauce with spaghetti, and is it usual to eat bread with pasta as a main course anyway?
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