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  1. What would be the quickest way to set a blancmange, and would it depend on whether cornflour or gelatine was used?
  2. I'd like to use it as a cake ingredient but don't want to disrupt the ratios and create a mess. Can it be used as a flavoured whole or partial substitute for the sugar or fat, it would be a normal sponge type of cake, either in one whole part or layers to be filled with something else.
  3. Hi, how would you incorporate dulce de leche into a normal sort of cake mix, for the purpose of making it taste like caramel?
  4. Susanwusan

    Rocket soup ideas

    The pepperiness was the concern - the potato idea sounds good.
  5. Hi, I've got some rocket to use up and decided to make soup out of it, but I don't want it to be all rocket - what other veg would go well with it?
  6. I don't really know, but they are definitely palliative.
  7. It would be the palliative care stage, trying to avoid metallic tasting food.
  8. I've been told that for those receiving chemotherapy, food can have a metallic taste. Are there ways of preparing food to stop that from happening or foods to avoid?
  9. Hi. I want to cook (in the oven) rashers of bacon and then freeze them individuallyfor later use. What would be the best way for a simpleton to reheat one - a microwaveable suggestion would be good. It would be from frozen.
  10. The NordicWare muffin pan (bun tin/tray) looks to be really lovely quality when enlarged. This is the one I was looking at https://www.nisbets.co.uk/vogue-aluminium-12-cup-muffin-tray/c561
  11. Hi. Has anyone had experience of using aluminium bun trays, used without the bun cases?
  12. Is there a way to stop a cake from rising more in the middle without using a wrap around the tin?
  13. What would be the ideal size chunk of cheese and would that differ according to how hard the cheese was, for nibbles.
  14. Fry was the original thought, but baking could turn out to be a better method.
  15. What's the best way to coat pieces of cheese with breadcrumbs. Hard cheeses as well as Brie, and does the rind on rinded cheeses need to be left on? I might have to coat them the day before.
  16. Yes, that's the sort of sweet and sour I was referring to, the neon gloop, but without being so neony or gloopy, a "nice" version. I wasn't thinking of battering the chicken, frying it a bit, letting it cook in its own juices or with a bit of moisture added and then stirring into the sauce, the sauce being a requirement, not just a coating on the chicken.
  17. has anyone got a nice recipe for a chicken sweet and sour sauce?
  18. I was looking for a version of this pie that I had made some years ago. I couldn't find the exact one but I did find this one that can easily have coffee added to it and some walnuts popped on top. https://southernfoodandfun.com/old-fashioned-fudge-pie/ If I times the amounts by 2 - 3, can I do that with all the ingredients or would I have to make some special adjustments? I hope to make a large one (in a rectangular tin) rather than 2 or three smaller ones. Also, is it a traditional recipe from anywhere in particular in the world?
  19. Susanwusan

    Old Menus

    Why is the Captain's Table menu different, and much simpler, than the others?
  20. Hi, would potatoes dauphinoise, broccoli and peas go with toad-in-the-hole, followed by queen of puddings?
  21. Professional Stainless Steel Food Processor with Blender 1000W| Adexa FP407 Buy KENWOOD MultiPro Express FDP65.860WH Food Processor - White | Free Delivery | Currys Those are the two I'm deciding between for light use on a daily basis. The extra blenders etc., are not important, my main concern is the food processor.
  22. I'm looking to buy an inexpensive food processor. Is the Adexa brand reliable for such equipment?
  23. Hi all. Can someone please tell me what raviers are and then give me some examples of the hors d'oeuvres that might have been made at the Trocadero in 1960?
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