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Tovala Smart Oven


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The Tovala is a smart oven that can bake, boil and steam meals at up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 to 30 minutes. The meals come prepackaged from Tovala or can be made using a crowdsourced recipe platform..


Unlike the ridiculous June oven, this one is priced at a much more reasonable $349, $199 if you buy during the kickstarter and comes with steam.


The whole meal delivery service idea seems kind of far fetched and idealistic. The truth is, oven heating alone is only an appropriate technique for a very small number of meals.


However, the tech seems cool and the price is on point. Will this be able to pull market share away from the Cuisinart Steam Oven and other high end toaster ovens?

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PS: I am a guy.

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their prototype is a tricked out CSB.  they seem to have ripped out the display, added a barcode reader insead


as they would probably would have a nasty suit on their hand, they seem to have changed it up, at least in appearance 


for the final product.


I can't imagine them making it bigger than the CSB, but maybe.


I didn't get to the cost area.  and I agree  the prepared meals won't take the company very far.


the prepped meals are 10 - 15 dollars, but I missed how many they feed or the shipping costs.


this might work for the Silicon Valley StartUp coders, or plain-old coders with no time and lots of cash


or expected Options.


they could have a Little Bus driving around the SF Bay Area  delving these treats, with recyclable boxes/freezer packs


like the old days, when the milk man came by every day, and they had glass bottles.


out side of areas like that, best of luck to them.

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I noticed the kitstarter link:




it is indeed being marketed to Tech-eys  four meals ship free


their dimensions are  13  x  12 1/4


BVXL is   14  x 11 1/2 ( not including the circular area at the back for the Pizza End )


CSB  is  12  x  10 1/2


a 1/4 sheet pan is  13  x 9 1/2


there is a little play in the width due to the runners that hold the rack


the 1/4 sheet pan is i " too wide for the CSB


so its very possible this steam oven might accommodate a 1/4 sheet pan


if so, and you can by-pass the scanner thing-ey


so it might be a decent gamble to get one for 199  there are 66 slots left !


229 shipped


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there is a control strip on the R top of the oven


it looks like it have many choices.


if anyone finds out more about this 'strip' Id like to hear about it.




now I can run two at a time if this works out


on  a different circuit of course.


thanks @Shalmanese   


for the tip

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Good looking oven.


I might be interested in one of these (since it is very clear they do intend that you can cook whatever you want in it and won't be stuck with ordering their food) except that it appears that you have to have a smartphone to work it for the 'do your own thing' at any rate. Too bad they didn't integrate a panel on the front with those nifty stylized buttons on them that appear to be part of the app so a phone is not absolutely critical for that - and I guess also allow you to connect somehow to your computer/laptop if an 'update' needs to be uploaded.


I could see this product being also useful for the elderly (especially when they have kids or part-time caregivers at a distance who could buy this and maybe even the meal packages for their parent(s), or could make meals to bring over and freeze in their parent's fridges to be pulled out daily. Having done the 'pre-cook or assemble and deliver meals for my parents' thing for many years in the past, I see potential there.


I think they are deliberately vague about the packaged meal 'portions' however. In one place I read that the meals could feed UP TO 4 people each. In another, they talk about the packages containing one or two portions while also talking about the cost of a 'meal' being $10-15. Is a 'portion' deemed to be a 'meal' (for how many? I think only one!). I suspect that one needs to order, at $10-15 per PORTION (400-800 kcal each portion) ... which, by the way, IF the food looks like what is pictured and that quality can be maintained over time and varying shipping distances, etc., may not be a bad price in this day and age for that quality, etc. ... but if you had 4 people in a household that could be a very expensive meal. Perhaps it is doable however if you are a high tech 'kid' who works 20 hours a day and lives alone.

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I have the feeling, with no data  that the strip along the top might work for 'Home Cooking' with out a iThingy.


you can see a bit of it when the guy pushes start on one of the two vids.


Ive asked them about this.


I can cancel my 'share'by april 5 or 6


if Im not happy with the warranty or the use it yourself controls.


the product in the Chinese Factory looks OK to me.


again, a little subtle bus in the bay area, maybe running on Used Chinese Cooking Fat would be a Gold Mine


and other Tech-ey spots


Austin TX ?



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if this type of product interests you


Id pledge the 229, and if before 6 april no worthwhile new come to me or others, it seems you can cancel out


and owe nothing.


that's my take.

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That seems like a (potential) improvement on the Cuisinart I just purchased especially as you can completely ignore the meal delivery service they are pushing so very hard.


What I am extremely happy about is that there are more players entering this price/form factor for combi ovens which bodes well for the future I think.


--formerly known as 6ppc--

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I love Players




They Play Slow


the payer we want to get their speed up


is PedroG's  Electrolux  2.5 CubeFoot


which will never leave Europe do to 


Mergers etc.




a CSB and a Tovola


best I can do in my life time.

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I signed up for one on Tuesday afternoon at the 199 (230 after shipping) price.  I've been following the Cuisinart Steam oven thread(s) for a while now and have been sooo close to picking one of those up several times now.  Came across an article about the Tovala in my google news feed on Monday and did a little reading.  After verifying the interior and exterior measurements, confirming that I could prepare my own food in it, seeing the one year warranty, and admiring the design aesthetic, I pulled the trigger.  1/3 lower cost than the Cuisinart Steam Oven and seems like it should do everything I would need it to.  I paused the kickstarter video and tried to figure out exactly what controls are on the top panel along the front since I'd be manually inputting settings but I couldn't make them out.  Not a real big fan of having to use an idevice in order to tell it to turn on.  I have absolutely no interest in ordering their prepared meals, although I might get a few for research purposes.  Reason being, I suspect that the bar codes on the meal packages that the Tovala scans might only carry time and temp info (as opposed to actual food contents, etc).  Might be worth it to crack that code and maybe create a card of commonly used settings (in barcode form) and tape it to the side of the machine. 

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that's an interesting idea you have about the  cracking the code.


I also ordered one, and have the CSB.   with some new wiring ( long over due ) or a sturdy extension cord)s)  I can see running two.


Ive gone over their vids several times, and the pics at the Chinese factory are encouraging.


of note re cooking bar codes, if  you believe their PR, and Ill give them the benefit of the doubt for now


they portion and cut the ingredients for a single cooking   meat and veg.  that makes a lot of sense  


however, you will get the hang of a steam over fairly quickly, esp. if you study  the CSB thread.


eventually I can see cooking various similar items 'en bulk'   chilling them if you like, then reassembling them in complete portions


on a 'space-saving' container and reheating them w steam, as then they would not dry out.


December can't come quickly enough.


has anyone else here taken the Plunge ?


Amazon in my area  ( BOS Burbs ) has amazon vans deliving Amazon stuff


I can see similar vans delivering these packs of food to the techies in the Bat Area for sure.


they are the ones that can easily afford it.


you work for Google/Apple/Facebook   you just get this as an employment inducement.


or  they have a "Meal-Plan-Bar"  where you pick up your meals on the way home


if they let you go home.


rats.   I should have patented that. 



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Rotus - see if you can find out where the excess water goes? I can see the internal water reservoir for adding water - but can't see where the drain might live.

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hard to say.  indeed the water 'jug' is indeed inside the devise


Ive sent them two questions and have not received and answer


re the warranty and the control features for 'home coating '


im not so worried.


did you get one delivered in " Buffalo "



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one thing I find interesting


they only wanted  $ 100,000 USD


cheap advertising ?


I think they have this in the bag.


SF, Austin, NYC, TGA  with their own vans


you got tech-ey in the GTA ?

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