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  1. They stopped US Mail service here in Texas where I live. I drove into town and bought some groceries without any issues. 😢 My new headphones and headphone amp are sitting in Dallas for two days now so, no high quality music from my cellphone until after this weather moves through. After the cluster@#$%! from last years ERCOT failure, people locally are acting like the next ICE AGE is here and all the "dinosaurs" are going to die.
  2. At least you got a refund. Mine wasn't refunded even though it was insured but, that is a story for a different day on a different forum. I did score the pot I wanted on Amazon that was out of stock at Fissler.
  3. A lot of products with the SAME ingredients taste really different. Bread and Beer are two obvious ones to me. Beer brewed with the German Purity law have the same base ingredients but, in my experience over there vary in taste and mouth feel significantly. German bakeries use common ingredients but, the variety of bread is enormous.
  4. Regarding Walmart generally and Walmart.com specifically, there is no pasta available from "Great Value", "Sam's Choice" or, Barilla Collezione though I saw some Tortellini once on the shelf. The "LOCUSTS" seem to really scarf up all the pasta round here in East Texas.
  5. Regarding the size, with a lot of the Italian imports I see different sizes available with Bucatini. Regarding Barilla, I find it to be better than Skinner and American Beauty but, that is like saying I prefer it to the pasty glue we had in grade school! With a ~20 cent premium over the common mass market pasta brands I guess my expectations are a bit high. To be honest, in back to back personal tests of Barilla and Great Value (Walmart store brand) I find so little difference I'd call them the same personally. Taste and texture to me of these two is basically the same and Great Value is about 40 cents cheaper on a 1lb box.
  6. I'm looking forward to a trip to a town at 45 minutes away to go to a Kroger store and buy some of the pasta so highly recommended here.
  7. There aren't any Safeway stores in my state. Sounds like it might worthwhile to see if I can find some when I go to see my sister in another state.
  8. Any comments on Colavita versus De Cecco versus Kroger Private Selection? Those are the main "premium" brands in the <$4 range that I have reasonable access too (reasonable quantity, reasonable shipping, or reasonably close). I looking for quality at a reasonable price. Assuming they were all three the same price, which would you get and why? Is one better for long noodles and another better for shapes? I'm probably going to get a few shapes in addition to a few long noodle shapes to "test drive" and I want to focus on the better options initially.
  9. 👍 Yep, trying to avoid mushy overcooked spaghetti from the common grocery store options. Overly watery mush (random store brand pasta with Prego/Ragu might as well be in a blender jar with a straw) is terrible IMHO.
  10. Fusilli Bucati look interesting. I have tried the braid and various twists which work pretty well in salads and soups but, with sauces I find them a bit irksome on the plate. Farfalle, shells, and elbows also work pretty well for something like Mac'n'Cheese. Cavatapi (sp?) is one I tried once in some soup which was a fun shape but, a bit messy with the soup. I'm looking for a noodle to work better on a plate with a thin sauce. For more meat based sauces, I like a heavier noodle. The "hollow spaghetti" shape looks like a good choice for this application, though short hollow spirals might be a good option too.
  11. Thanks! The Kroger Private Selection looks really good and is definitely on the lower end of the price range. Bronze cut and Italian makes it a really good option for me right now. Their Gnocchi looks really good too!
  12. What is the difference between these two? Apparently, Bucatini is in short supply because some wackos think they make great straws! 😯 Then "Big Pasta" got US Customs to block the importation of one brand because they didn't add enough "iron" to their pasta to be legal for importation from Italy! 😲 Looking for some good pasta, I came across Colavita in these two styles as I don't want flat pasta or one of the other shapes. It looks like these names are used interchangeably but, they are different pasta shapes. How are these different from each other? Is the hole size different? Is one thicker than the other? In the $2~$3 per pound range, where do I get good "dry" pasta? What brands and shops are the better ones to shop at? Amazon can hook me up with 20 pounds of Colavita for a reasonable price in today's inflated market but, other brands and sources might be a better option. I am looking for quality pasta, not cheap mass-market pasta from the local grocery store that carries bland mushy Skinner and American Beauty. TIA, Sid
  13. Sid Post

    Bubble tea

    Thanks @lemniscate ! Hong Kong style Coffee Tea sounds interesting.
  14. Sid Post

    Bubble tea

    Thanks @MokaPot ! Random Chai tea and Chai coffee drinks never really caught my taste buds. Not good, not bad, just not memorable. I'm not a big Mocha drink guy either. I'll probably try some Lychee drinks next time I stumble into a random Asian grocery store when I go to Dallas and maybe a few random options from in the aisle. At the moment I'm into French Vanilla espresso based drinks but, my taste buds are getting burned out and are ready for something else.
  15. Sid Post

    Bubble tea

    I'm growing tired of "Starbucks" type coffee things and want to try something different. I generally like Asian things so, Boba or Bubble tea seems like a good thing to try for a change of pace. I tried some British tea which really wasn't drinkable until I added milk and it went from bad to really good. At that point, my personal bias against milk in tea went away.
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