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  1. Scratch Guacamole - Labor Intensive

    I don't get it, slicing and scooping 72 avocados should take all of 20 minutes. It's by far not the most time intensive step of making guac.
  2. Freezing coconut curry

    Yes, curries freeze very well. In general, I've found for best quality, it's best to freeze curries at the 80% cooked stage. Most curry recipes will have you add the bulk of the ingredients at the start of the cook and then add certain ingredients towards the end like potatoes/green beans/herbs/peas etc. Portion off a small amount of the curry that you intend to eat that night and add the late stage ingredients. Let the rest of the curry cool and then freeze, adding in the late stage ingredients after defrosting.
  3. Recommended Sous Vide Circulator?

    Anecdotally, I've found from my friends that those who just have the Joule use it way less than those who have both a Joule and an Alexa. The ability to voice command the Joule removes a lot of fiddliness vs using the smartphone app.
  4. NOLA reports that 25 separate women have come forward alleging systematic sexual harassment while working at the Besh Restaurant group. The entire report is lengthy but contains a laundry list of chillingly disgusting accusations.
  5. Restaurant pet peeves

    California Restaurants and Bars Now Prohibited From Serving Water Sans Request
  6. Homemade Broth/Stock lasts how long?

    No, you said the same amount of air molecules are still in there which is demonstrably false.
  7. Homemade Broth/Stock lasts how long?

    This is incorrect. This would occur if the pressure cooker were in equilibrium with the surroundings but it's not. Pressure cookers contain a one way valve. If it starts with N molecules of air inside of the vessel and then vents some mixture of air and water vapor, then logically, there must now be less than N molecules of air remaining inside of the vessel and so the air pressure is lower. Only the water vapor gets replenished so as you continue to vent, the proportion of air gets lower and lower. You never reach absolutely 0 molecules of air inside of a pressure vessel but you get close enough to not matter. Thats why all good pressure canning instructions have a detailed section at the start on how to properly clear out the headspace. Air in the headspace at a given PSI causes lower boiling temperatures, resulting in possibly improperly canned food.
  8. Always a tough question...

    There's an infinity of recipes on the web now. Nobody is buying a cookbook in order to accumulate more recipes. It's fine to credit and say "I originally got this recipe from X and made the following tweaks Y'.
  9. Favorite Thermometers....

    A man with one thermometer knows the temperature of everything. A man with two thermometers knows the temperature of nothing.
  10. Slow Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce

    FWIW, if you don't want to deal with skins, even slow roasting already canned tomatoes greatly improves their flavor. Buy whole peeled tomatoes in cans, cut them in half and remove the stem, roast cut side up and then use as you normally would.
  11. California burrito is a SoCal thing, centered in San Diego. It's practically unheard of in NorCal. There's a few places that do it in San Francisco but it's not standard. Like any regional specialty, finding it outside of the region is often a challenge. If you find a place that serves both french fries and burritos, you can usually talk them into making it as a special order. The problem is, outside of SoCal, there's not many places that do both. Another dubiously stoner yet pretty amazing combo is subbing broken nacho chips for the rice.
  12. Aging a steak w fish sauce

    previous eG thread.
  13. Oxtail Soup

    For an entire ~2000lb cow, there's only ~4lb of oxtail so it doesn't take much for demand to rapidly swing prices. Enough price insensitive yuppies started buying it because they saw some recipe on food network that it's shot up in price, same as flank steak or chicken wings.
  14. You're chopping your vegetables too coarsely. This is about the texture you should be aiming for.
  15. Oxtail Soup

    When they were cheap, oxtails were a neat substitute braising cut that would save a few bucks. But now that oxtails have gotten stupid expensive and I've never found them at a price worth it for what you get. Remember, whatever price per pound you see them at, multiply by ~3 for a similar yield to whole muscle meat. In almost all circumstances, chuck, brisket, shank or cheek is going to be better value. The only time I ever absolutely have to have oxtail is for my oxtail ragu ravioli. They're braised in just a tiny bit of red wine + aromatics and there's nothing quite as unctuous, the texture is almost like an egg yolk. It takes all day to make but it's so intense that I only serve 3 - 4 per person so one batch can last for quite a few dinner parties when stored in the freezer.