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  1. Hello, working on an en croute. Have made many, and feel good about the basic ones that I do. But I wanted to try something different in there this time. Has anyone done a foie inlay before? Doesn't have to be perfectly round, in fact id rather it just thick slices through it. I guess my question is does it need to be cooked before, like a terrine and then sliced and put in ? Surely its just not laid in raw ? I feel the fat runoff wold be too much. Thanks for any advice !!!! Danny
  2. Anyone ever tried this and been successful ? Seems like a unicorn. Finally had this about a month ago and it was so amazing. Just wondering if anyone had any luck ? thanks !!
  3. This is Continued from a previous post, thought id start fresh. Has anyone successfully replicated this ? I have been doing so much research about this and cant seem to find any concrete trials of success. I know there was a chef in Kuala Lumpur who did it w an isi but cant find an exact method. Can anyone help with this ? D
  4. using 6 and up mediteranian octopus. Doing a slow stove top braise for about 2-3 hrs, and coming up with around a 35% yield !! Does this sound right ? Anyone have any tips for a better yield ? sous vide,
  5. Very very interested in this series of books. I have Toscana and Roma but are searching for all of them. If you have any that are just sitting on your shelf that you would like to get rid of $$ please message me or email. Dannycombs@gmail.com
  6. Very new to writing schedules. Never have done it before. Got promotion recently and have to start. Wondering if anyone has any advice or any Templates they would be willing to show me. Thanks for any help..
  7. Limited usage with isi but to have a foam/ froth with butter or browned butter would really work in this application. Can anyone help me out with a good method? thanks in advance.. danny
  8. So I wanted to keep a meringue in a isi to have thru service to torch on top of a dessert. Is there a way to keep a basic meringue in an isi, or a marshmallow-y fluff in an isi. I really looked around but couldnt find a thing. thanks in advance for the help.
  9. this is geared more towards the functionality of sous vide in the restaurant in regards to reheating and serving. We have been getting used to our new circulator by reading, researching, testing, but mainly so far just cooking eggs and different veggies. I am starting to feel a little more comfortable on my temps and times with proteins, especially after reading the section here. But we have Baldwins paper, under pressure and a ton of other notes. I guess my question is, now what. Say i am doing chicken/cornish hen, i have circulated the breast , legs seperate. chilled, then i want to
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