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  1. It is a small pan- think an egg or two at most or instead maybe one medium Russet Potato cubed. It isn't large but I suspect the same qualities exist throughout their range of products. I only bought what I needed since I neither have the money nor the Desire to acquire their whole range of pans.
  2. Apologies if this or similar has been posted before. Mods please move accordingly if my search missed something. That being said I LOVE borgeat black steel pans. It equals my Darto love actually. Backstory is I needed to replace a ~35 year old teflon pan used mostly for camping was still mostly non stick but had become unfun as in very convex bottom which was fraught w/ hassles to cook with (why yes we take cooking while camping as seriously as @ home).. So there we were, my Beloved & I needing to replace the old frying pan from the camping box but dest
  3. I miss Bourdain's wit, insight & perspective very much. Restos have only just started to reopen here in the past few days & I felt it especially important to eat out & tip 50% more than usual in Tony's memory today.
  4. A very dry rose (think Schilcher) would be a nice compliment too.
  5. A good (IMHO) documentary about Stone Brewing's opening a brewery / taproom in Berlin. I think it is interesting & as someone who spends a good amount of time in Berlin I do have some opinions but for non beer geeks I'll refrain from commentary until later. Gripping story I think & i'm interested in hearing what you guys think of course. Trailer: https://youtu.be/gQw8MV60RAg
  6. I'm late to the party but hey cook-offs are forever. I've made fried chicken many times at home & have always not enjoyed the dance between a nice crust and getting the chicken properly done without cremating the crust. I thought what the hell why not sous vide the bone in chix prior & then coat/fry as per usual- in theory then at least then the chicken should be nicely cooked through and would only be concerned with when the crust was a ice colour. I took 4 bone in skin on thighs, cleaned them up a bit (any excess skin/fat into
  7. We regularly spend a couple weeks in AirBnBs overseas & we usually take the following in our knife roll / luggage- we could pare it down some but we have never had a space /weight issue thus far. the only hassle is, of course, that much of this this stuff can't be carried on & will result in having to check at least one bag when flying. 2 Chef's knives, my favorite one a 9" Gyoto + a 9" Deba that my wife's quite fond of. 2 Pettys (paring/boning knives) one large, one small. 1 microplane; useful for so many things. a Therma pen Corkscrew a small sili
  8. My thoughts turned towards packing today. Really if you are me or my partner the most important thing to pack is a knife roll. Cutlery in rental apartments is sucky(tm) and I suspect this apartment will be no exception. Without further ado- My gyuto. Sea's Deba. 2 pettys. A microplane, doublesided water stone, throw away pepper grinder & cutting board - We leave the latter 2 behind to enrich the flat. Anything else doesn't matter; we both know how to pack & travel light... But for the knives, it would be all carry-on. Funny really - Sea & I pretty much pack
  9. So yeah. So it begins with deference to the forum guidelines. I've been going to Venezia for a good long while now. I look forward to shopping for lovely seafood & eating in restos owned by dear friends. Thanks all for the encouragement. I'll reboot this food-centered blog real soon now as we depart for Venice. Quite a contrast to the last time actually - When I last blogged Venezia by chance the whole financial world imploded. We have a different apartment this go round as the one by Arsenale we'd used for years is off the market. This one is by s
  10. Caffe coretto helps! I myself relish that cold damp Venice winter cold. My favorite time of year.
  11. A new Thread will be coming soon now that I have some clarification as to what goes or doesn't here. I hope you all enjoy it. I do actually put a little effort into my writing here. Thanks also due to those who expressed interest in the continuation. A dopo. J.
  12. I'm uncertain whether this has been covered or not; I don't think so as far as I can tell, - with the recent spurt of hurricanes as a reminder I think this is a topic worth exploring. Obviously, the solutions I propose, fit our needs but as always YMMV & I'm actually quite interested in what other folks do. We live in Southern California so hurricanes are hardly a real concern but earthquakes are very much on our minds. an example in point - We had neither power nor gas, phone for that matter, for a full week after the Northridge earthquake. We did just fine since I raided all
  13. Yes. Thank you- I've been very remiss. I'll start a new topic tomorrow - Subject = most likely Venezia 2017 autumn like a moth to a flame redux. That suit?
  14. So yeah... The next trip (or actually several trips later) is forthcoming latter 1/2 November thru early December this year (2017). . Any interest in following along? I enjoyed blogging that once upon a time & would like to think I have mise en place for another go. Up to y'alll.
  15. There's a *ton* of useful stuff I or we as in myself & partner use every day as a direct or indirect result of egullet threads. So yeah; as someone noted this can become an expensive thread... Pretty funny though how much this forum has given us over the years. Equipment that is sublime recommended by trusted friends here. I won't even go into techniques that were learned here & serve us so very well; fodder for another thread maybe? Anyway, I guess this counts as thank you & acknowledgment for how very valuable this place has been to us over the years. Hence my interest in how it
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