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  1. It is hard to photograph .. will see what I can do about that though. Stand by a day or two, please.
  2. Yes, there can be a difference. Some are beautifully deep, smoky and almost thick and some are thin and I may as well use another kind of vinegar because those are not very distinctive. It all reminds me of the differences between cheap and expensive balsamics - and most of the time, there is a good reason the expensive stuff is expensive. I believe some are still being made by old methods and others are being quickly prepared in large factories. But further there are many regional variations on black vinegar as well - from Chinkiang to Mature (from the Shanxi area I think) and then also light
  3. mmm black vinegar and roasted chilis Those are the main ingredients I use to replace soy sauce for everything I cook lately that is remotely Asian (since I am not supposed to eat soy any more). An admirable choice, Kenneth. Did you bring any ingredients back with you - like some of that black vinegar perhaps? If so, and it is a good one, I would love to know the brand - just in case I should ever see it in Canada or stateside. Thank you again so very much for taking the time to let us all see your trip in pictures with your excellent commentary.
  4. Thank you very much, Dave. Sounds like a good plan (the one in that Serious Eats recipe). Much appreciated, especially since you have already tried that recipe and apparently been happy with the results. It really doesn't feel like ice cream weather here right now but I will dive into this tomorrow anyway.
  5. Porthos ... I live at the top northeastern corner of Nova Scotia ... probably about 5000 miles from you as the crow flies. Quite a hike - but what an adventure the trip would be. It is very close to Cape Breton Island but on the mainland and further east. It is a rare day that I have to protect things from the heat here, especially this summer. This afternoon though I drove 30 miles to the next nearest good sized town (probably about 2 k residents in that area) and it was 10 degrees warmer than here today. You would still think it was cold though I am sure (at 70F). I had heat on
  6. This afternoon I found some being sold in cones at a small canteen in a town about 5 miles from me so I bought the smallest one I could and tried it. I can tell that no matter what I do I expect whatever I produce will have more flavour and is likely to be much 'richer' than the commercial one - and definitely won't be 'authentic' but I am getting more and more ok with that as time passes. The taste was more olfactory than anything else I think: it smelled like pineapple, not much of orange. The smell was semi-ethereal and I could not really identify it through taste. There was a b
  7. Thanks, Jim. I am fairly sure I had some of this too when I was young but that was eons ago so imagining ingredients that are more 'natural' than might be included in a commercial preparation to produce a similar delight at home is more difficult than I thought it would be before I began looking up recipes. I don't remember hating what I tasted back then but when I do eat ice cream these days my preferences are to go with simple premium ice creams in coffee or caramel flavours. Do you think that the 'orange' part tasted more like real orange juice or orange soda?
  8. I had no intention of diverting from Porthos's initial post ... but I thank you all for your contributions towards helping me resolve my kitchen dilemmas. Final note: As an interim solution I have been seriously contemplating using 2 72" long cedar Veg Trugs I have never managed to get set up in my back yard. They are still brand new in the boxes so not 'dirty' yet. I don't have quite enough room to put them end to end along the empty wall next to the kitchen (due to a cabinet that opens onto that space at one end and a radiator too close to the wall at the other) however so I may
  9. If I lived in Phoenix, perhaps I would do just that. We have winter here 10 months of the year and the back yard is where the wind howls to gale force 6 days out of 7 year round, even in summer (which is more like a bad winter day for you down there). I have to tie my chairs down as it is .. but perhaps if I put my appliances on them I could dispense with that task. Would be a fun place to have people over for dinner in the middle of a snow storm too. This is not unsolvable though .. given enough time, planning and $. I don't have a 'dining room' per se (it was turned into the mas
  10. JoNorvelleWalker - I agree with you about it sounding more appetizing as a sherbet but, this is a very small town and I noticed a box of what I think is the very ice cream she craves at the tiny grocery the other day. I have never even seen sherbet in the store and this woman hasn't been more than a couple of hundred miles from here since the day she was born so I am pretty sure she has never tried sherbet in her life either. They probably ordered a couple just for her but I would bet that she is not the only local who likes this stuff. It is definitely NOT a premium brand of ice cream though.
  11. Those are great ideas, Lisa. Thanks. My real problem though goes beyond aesthetics .. it is (lack of) open counter space. I already do have a fitted cover for each of my KA mixers .. but they sit on the floor most of the time. Since they are heavy it is such a nuisance to hoist them up to counter height to use them. Same issue with my ice cream maker (which I lifted up yesterday in preparation to make some Orange Pineapple machine). Whoa is that thing heavy and awkward to get out of its almost floor level cubbyhole - and you have to keep it level because it has a compre
  12. I could put my IP in a cupboard I suppose ... but I have found a use for it almost every single day since I bought it so I would be constantly hauling it out and putting it back in. Can't say that for most of my other small appliances.
  13. Since Smithy's comment, I have been thinking about this (obviously 1st world) problem with the Orange Pineapple ice cream I want to make and I have a further question for the ice cream experts ... If I make a standard custard base and then I mix up the 'flavourings' element it will essentially be quite liquid-y and add that to the cooled custard base, will it dilute the custard too much and affect the ability of the custard to freeze smoothly? The flavourings part may include some pineapple solids but even if I reduce a juice mix for the rest there will be some liquid I imagine. If
  14. Please take notes and pictures. Wish I could be there but LA is a long hop-skip-jump from here unfortunately.
  15. Having just gone through a major hassle with Verizon (which ended up after 20 plus hours on the phone trying to sort this out that I have NO service for 3 months and am still paying for service) about phones that should but don't work outside the US, I found out that 2G is really JUST for voice (which is all I wanted but even that doesn't work here on the phone Verizon sold me though according to a local carrier it should work on 2G) ... and data won't work at all under 2G. So if you had limited but SOME data with 2G, I would call that amazing.
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