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Sur La Table files for bankruptcy protection


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"Sur La Table files for bankruptcy protection, plans to close nearly half of its stores. Here's the list."


Sur La Table is the latest retailer to file for bankruptcy after temporary store closures related to the coronavirus pandemic.
The Seattle-based luxury kitchen goods retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday and announced plans to close 51 of its 121 stores. It is looking to sell up to 70 stores to Fortress Investment Group, according to court documents.

The article lists the store locations that will be closed.

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Tim Oliver

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well, the store where I took my macaron class just before COVID shut down is closing, too bad...I enjoyed the class. They should be able to survive selling product online.

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On 7/9/2020 at 4:21 PM, heidih said:

One has to remember the bankruptcy filing is a loaded term  It is often a maneuver and an interim to trying for come back  Time will tell


Chapter 11 is "we hope to re-organize and keep doing business" vs Chapter 7 "we're done."


I've only l gone to my "local" SRT once. Very nice stuff but at the other end of my personal spectrum which is restaurant supplies stores.

Porthos Potwatcher
The Once and Future Cook


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Not surprising, I guess, with brick & mortar shops already struggling before the virus pushed everything online.  

I used to love poking around in their big Seattle store - always crammed with stuff.  I liked that they had a set-up where you could try out the knives for fit and balance.  

I also liked that they regularly hosted cookbook authors in the stores.  My store didn't tend to be too busy so we often were able to chat with the authors for quite a while. 

My local Thousand Oaks store isn't on the closure list yet when bigger nearby shopping destinations like Santa Barbara, Pasadena,  Glendale and Westwood are closing. Maybe due to higher rents and more competition in those other areas.

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Bed Bath and Beyond announced a large swath of permanent store closures this week also.  Due to C-19 shutdowns, they did say their online orders were up somewhere in the 70-80% area though.  I don't shop BB&B, but they own Cost Plus World Market, where I get some unusual grocery stuff I like.   I am going to watch this one a bit closely as it progresses.

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in my local Mall


various things happened over the years


its on the way to Tj's , so I keep an eye on it


way back when , when Crunch 1 happened 


and money then was cheap before that


the local mall expanded by at least 1 - 2 x.  it bedcame a 


Destination .  Wieman-Markus , ( fancy bilbao look ) 


Sacks 5th and in side , lot of serious expensive stores :


Bespoke London shoes , etc etc.


then *** crash ***  


those smaller sores stayed closed for some time,


then reopened  etc.


S laT  had a store  2 -3 x William Sonoma 


a cooking class area , decent sized , and Chop that carrot right now right here


as noted.  


I only go to the Mall to gander a Apple, right next to Microsoft , that never had any people in it


ans now those MS are closeing


but S la T contracted from the second floor  to the first  ( APPl )


and was a bit smaller than W-S   cant say if you could Slice and dice


but no more cooking school


stuff at WS was very similar to S laT  without careful inspectin


so this makes sense 


over time.

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