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Protected Designations: Protecting Regional Food Names

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A lot of the breweries will just put "Kolsch Style Ale" on the label, instead of actually calling them Kolsch. Pyramid's Curve Ball and Alaska Brewing's Summer Ale are good examples.


Erik Ellestad

If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck...

Bernal Heights, SF, CA

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the EU is fixing to become an "all-car-derailment-train-wreck"

every offended snowflake is having it's day.


the package has a picture of an Alp?  and that's unSwiss?  having a picture of an Alp means "Made in CH?"

my goodness the amount of packaging graphics that must be changed is staggering....


in USA, Barilla was forced to change it's packaging because it said "Italy's #1 Brand of Pasta"

the package also clearly states "Made in USA with USA and imported ingredients."

somehow this "misled" consumers into thinking it is made in Italy. 

the  problem is not the packaging, the problem is the stupidity of USA 'misleads'


some court just ruled that USA made cheese could be labeled / sold as "gruyere" because for some odd ball reason, the USA is not governed by EU law....


time to revisit the 'Champagne' issue . . .


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Indeed, @AlaMoi.


A couple years ago I read "Real food fake food : why you don't know what you're eating & what you can do about it" by Olmsted, Larry, author. Found it really interesting. Here's a link to the Internet Archive edition.


The book is responsible for a change in my purchases of Parmesan amongst other items.




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I gave up fake parm in a can / packet in high school, last century....

you want parm?  get a block, get a grater, make it so.

(just bought an eBay old-new-stock style KA attachment with conical graters for 'larger' qtys....)


fact:  not everyone has a local fish monger with "real fish"

fact:  fake lobster is labeled as such

fact:  adulterated EVOO is less a problem in USA now, since the FDA got 'religion' - but in the EU all the laws they pass are not enforced by any entity and fake stuff abounds.  keep in mind, there's a CA standard, a German standard and an Austria standard - and none of them agree on what is EVOO . . . fwiw . . .


not even a good powder puff article for 2016 . . . imho

frankly, anyone who ever though the green can of mystery powder was really cheese . . . oh dear, not sure what to say about that.



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20 hours ago, AlaMoi said:


time to revisit the 'Champagne' issue . . .


Oh, no!   You're going to tell me that my afternoon quaff is just California sparkling wine?    🙃

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