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  1. This was one review I found... omeone else said it was good, who knows until you taste it Abie brought me home 5 bottles of this Viux Labbe Berling.... 5 stars Nasty as all get out! The aroma is pleasant enough almost makes you hopeful. but it's got floaties in it.... the after taste is that of ether or someother industial componant... it gets ZERO stars from me. I"ve been giving it as gifts for the holiday and I'm still stuck with a full bottle... I can't even mix it with something and mask the ether.
  2. Hmmm.. I wonder if there is any influence from the Yakuza!
  3. What type of wood (barrel) do producers use? And has any Saki producer brewed Saki using a barrel which previously held a different spirit or wine?
  4. This might helpa bit
  5. Topic of conversation last night was Ramsey eaterie losing one star and my GF brought up an interesting topic- she swears Tokyo has far more 3 star restaurants than FRANCE. This may be an exaggeration (after two bottles) but could someone clear this up? Why so many?
  6. Doesn't have to cost a fortune- I prefer polish\russian vodkas luksusowa Stoli Ketel Crater lake Seriously..
  7. Just got this email from a friend..I know this link is rubbish! Just turn the computer on its side!
  8. Neisson sounds good for Daiquiri's. I will hunt down a bottle. http://www.thedrinkshop.com/products/nlpde...7&afwinid=96969 Above is a Pinky bottle link. It was originally launched by Seriously.. (produced in sweden with Facile)but since the MD of Seriously.. did a runner to LA, I don't know who is distributing this now
  9. Is Neisson a good mixer?(I havent tried it) To add- I heard good things about Elements rum from two soho outlets. Unless I am mistaken, they appear to be using the same bottle as Seriously..Pinky vodka. Are the two companies in any way related?
  10. You are looking for a Premium white rum with 'Brand History', a contemporary look and isn't yet in the UK... There is an interesting rum called bambu you should check out. It doesnt have any 'history' but could be what you are looking for
  11. Bill Poster

    Weiss vs. Wiess

    just tried Stella Artois' new wheat beer (4%)- i forget the name- not as 'wheaty' as a german wheat beer
  12. Cask strength and only 45%.. packaging is a bit ropey- Is it a gimmick for certain markets?
  13. Price includes bespoke design/build/materials and all hardware(projectors/software applications etc. There is an installation charge i think. Even with exchange rate.. A killer bar for 20-30 grand(sterling)? How much is the average club design budget?
  14. The lightsource is below- a series of projectors runs the length of the bar area
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