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  1. BobGermany

    Weiss vs. Wiess

    @Bill Poster Wieß is a beer style. @cdh it is not a mis-spelling nor is it in relation to a single product nor is it only found in Cologne. Wießbier is/was the forerunner to modern Kölsch. It is a beer very similar in style to Kölsch, however, it has a % of Wheat in the grain bill. As wheat wasn't allowed in beer after 1516 it fell out of popularity. It is still brewed in Cologne, by a couple of different breweries and due to the Craft Beer movement in Germany its popularity is increasing. Check out Ale-Mania Bonner Wieß, a great example of a Wießbier. Light and refreshing as a Kölsch but with the banana fruitiness of a Weizen.
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