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  1. Best Wines $10 and under -- 2009

    2005 Castoro Cellars Reserve Syrah, Paso Robles
  2. TN: Current Releases from G.D. Vajra

    These are such great wines. That Langhe Nebbiolo is an amazing value.
  3. Expensive Wines Wasted on Untrained Tasters?

    I think wine is no different than food. Someone who has never tasted fine cuisine will probably be taken back by El Bulli. The same goes for wine I have seen many inexperienced tasters prefer simpler wines to more complex ones simply because the more complex wine just has too much going on. If you are accustomed to food and wine as background music you can be shocked when in comes to the forefront and you may not like it. To second Jim's point, price often has little to do with complexity these days.
  4. How to tell a very good wine

    Are you going to start a video blog Jim?
  5. Five wines

    I have had some wonderful wines from nerello mascalese, which seems to love those volcanic soils. Hey, maybe I should plant some in Oregon! It's amazing that the prices stay so low on those Sella wines. They're classic beauties.
  6. Grilling peaches

    Isn't aroma everything when shopping!
  7. WTN: Three from Recent Days

    Huet Chenin is beyond belief in all its forms!
  8. TN: Slummin'

    Cleaning house Jim?
  9. Mosel Wineries

    Anybody on this list: Rudi Wiest Selections They may be able to help you with some appointments.
  10. Price: Another Wine Sense?

    Daniel - being of similar age, you probably remember the days of the 20 point scale. I still find that more acceptable than the 100 point scale, which I believe attempts a level of precision not possible. Did you not like the 20 point scale?
  11. Help with wine pairing

    A nice chilled Fino Sherry like Lustau would be perfect. It's a much more refreshing aperitif than Amontillado.
  12. Pairings with Andrea (Immer)

    Perhaps it should be Wild Bill
  13. Languedoc/S.French Wines in New York

    Widest I don't know, but for quality I'd check out Chambers Street Wines.
  14. NY Times on Beaujolais

    Frankly I think the wines are better than ever. By commercial plonk I mean that most of the wine produced in all regions is of basic commercial quality. Is that short enough?
  15. NY Times on Beaujolais

    What "type" of wine do you think Beaujolais is? All wine regions, including the Bordeaux you still buy, produce 90+% commercial plonk and Beaujolais is no different. Why do you choose to define Beaujolais by the lowest common denominator and Bordeaux by the highest?