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  1. 2005 Castoro Cellars Reserve Syrah, Paso Robles
  2. These are such great wines. That Langhe Nebbiolo is an amazing value.
  3. Recommended wines from the 2008 International Pinot Noir Celebration: Australia * Bindi, Block 5, 2006 - Brilliant, fresh and loaded with up-front fruit. * Frogmore Creek, 2006 - Leaner and more compact than expected, nice balance with a long elegant finish. Austria * Wiengut Fred Loimer, Dechant, 2006 - Delicate, floral and impeccably balanced. Refined pure pinot noir. France-Burgundy * Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru, Domaine d'Ardhuy, 2006 - Lush, exotically spiced, but still tight with a firm structure that needs time to resolve. * Marsannay, Les Faviéres, Domaine Charles Audoin, 2005 - Lovely s
  4. Notes of my favorites from a trade tasting of over 100 Italian wines in Portland Oregon hosted by Columbia Wine Company. As usual, all are recommended. Admiralty Imports Barolo Canubi, Brezza, 2001 - A classic beauty that is nowhere near ready to drink. Big time tar and roses in this wine. Barolo Chiniera, Elio Grasso, 2004 - All you could want from one of Barolo's greats. Rich, powerful and structured. Barbaresco Riserva, Gallina, Ugo Lequio, 2001 - Another elegant classic with great balance. An excellent nebbiolo. Sagrantino Montefalco, Antonelli, 2004 - Deep, rich and powerful with substant
  5. I think wine is no different than food. Someone who has never tasted fine cuisine will probably be taken back by El Bulli. The same goes for wine I have seen many inexperienced tasters prefer simpler wines to more complex ones simply because the more complex wine just has too much going on. If you are accustomed to food and wine as background music you can be shocked when in comes to the forefront and you may not like it. To second Jim's point, price often has little to do with complexity these days.
  6. Recent wines I have enjoyed, most under $20. Veneto Bianco IGT, Anselmi, San Vincenzo, Italy, 2006 - The lovely light gold color is a proper prelude to the balance of this excellent wine. So few producers get the concept of balanced richness in white wines. Substantial without the least bit of heaviness or cloying fruit or oak, the smooth creamy texture has just enough bite to keep it refreshing. As usual this wine is a tremendous value offering far more complexity than almost anything at this price point. Best of all, the second glass is better than the first. Riesling, Bergterrassen Fedespie
  7. Are you going to start a video blog Jim?
  8. Recent tastes I’ve enjoyed, all under $20 except for the Barolo, which is about $40: Isola de Nuraghi IGT, Perdera Argiolas, 2004 - Produced 90% from the monica variety, this is a wonderful bargain in a wine that actually has a distinctive character. No great wine here mind you, but a very interesting drink. With just enough earthiness to keep it interesting and enough bright fruit to make it charming. A nice wine with hearty home cooking. Barolo, La Morra, Mauro Molino, 2003 - Modern Barolo that manages to still taste like nebbiolo. Not my favorite style, but still a well crafted wine. Like
  9. Crémant de Bourgogne, Domaine Huber-Vedereau - 100% pinot noir and you can taste it. At $22 this is an amazing value, unfortunately only 100 cases were produced so grab a case while you can. The flavors and aromas are more fruit driven than yeasty lees driven, but there's more than enough toasty character to keep it interesting. Very long and bright with a creamy texture. Lovely bubbly. Champagne Brut Réserve, Domaine Marc Chauvet - Here' a Champagne very high on the "wow" meter. Grower Champagnes like this are so much better than the big commercial brands that it's embarrassing. This is a won
  10. 2006 Soter, North Valley Pinot Noir - a relatively new wine for Soter that debuted with the 2004 vintage and they decided to keep. Crafted from a blend of estate and purchased fruit the North Valley delivers the Soter style at a more moderate price and in slightly larger quantities. Typical of the 2006 vintage, the North Valley is forward and fruity with bright touches of cassis and wild blackberries on the nose and on the palate. Graciously silky from start to finish those that like their pinot velvety will be well satisfied. It’ll be better next year, but why wait? 2005 Soter, Mineral Spring
  11. Sauvignon, Marigny-Neuf, Vin de Pays du Val de Loire, 2007 - A bone jarring, slap in the face refreshing style of sauvignon blanc. Lovers of New Zealand sauvignon will love the ample “cat pee” punch, but there is more here with a bracing slate and mineral component. This is better than brushing your teeth as your mouth will never feel cleaner than it does after a gulp of this tart beauty. A baby Sancerre that longs for goat cheese or oysters. Bardolino, Le Fontane, Corte Gardoni, 2006 - Light, almost delicate with a pure, simple clean fresh cherry nose and a lifting freshness on the palate dri
  12. Craig Camp

    Wine Notes

    All of these wines are $15 or less and are recommended: Château Bouissel, Fronton, Classic, 2003 - Southern French estates offer some of best bargains out of France. This wine is substantial without being heavy and with the structure coming from the negrette will improve for a year or two. Rich and warm with a dark color from the malbec the tannins in the finish make this perfect for rich stews. Cassoulet anyone? 50% negrette, 20% syrah, 20% cabernet franc, 10% cot (malbec) Imported by Normandie Imports Covey Run, Syrah, Columbia Valley, 2004 - What we have here is an American Côtes du Rhône a
  13. Craig Camp

    Five wines

    I have had some wonderful wines from nerello mascalese, which seems to love those volcanic soils. Hey, maybe I should plant some in Oregon! It's amazing that the prices stay so low on those Sella wines. They're classic beauties.
  14. Craig Camp

    Grilling peaches

    Isn't aroma everything when shopping!
  15. Huet Chenin is beyond belief in all its forms!
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