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Favorite cuts of meat

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I don't do intestines, at all. Any animal.

I eat a piece of meat only once a week so it'd better be good. If red meat then no more than 75g. We struggled so much on holidays in Argentina and Chile.


Typical animals:

  • Beef: shin, cheek, bavette and most braising cuts. Tenderest cuts for tartare. Heart, liver, bones and veal's sweetbreads.



Veal sweetbreads (Lyon, France)



  • Lamb/Goat: leg, shoulder, ribs. Heart, liver, sweetbreads.

Goat's heart and liver


Lamb's ribs


  • Chicken: thigh, crispy skin, marrow, liver.



  • Duck: thigh, breast (sometimes), skin, liver, fat, carcass.

Peking duck in Peking



  • Goose: thigh, skin, liver, fat, carcass. Breast for curing only.



  • Pork: belly, belly, belly. Cheek, pretty much all cuts. Liver, skin, fat, blood, bones.

Mangalitsa pig. (Budapest, Hungary.)



Pig's blood. (Taipei, Taiwan.)


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On 9/7/2019 at 5:02 AM, Anna N said:




The piece of which we speak.


This is a chicken butt!


It is delicious - much fantastic fat around that morsel. 


The oyster, as mentioned previously is a roundish piece of dark meat hidden right against a bone, which is extremely tender.



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I'm not sure I have a favorite. Let me give you an overview.



My got to steak would be a ribeye but I've been ordering filet mignon because it is smaller.


Strip steaks are good in a pinch.

I get boneless spare ribs to make stews


I've always got veal shanks in the freezer for a nice osso buco.



I love lamb. My mother used to make lamb fritters but I never got the recipe from her. She would put the lamb in a port of water and cook until it was tender. I don't know what cut she used or what she seasoned it with. Once cooled and shredded it was mixed into a pancake-like batter and fried up. It was one way to divide our family - those that loved the fritters and those that hated them. This is one of the reasons I married my wife - she loved them.


Lamb chops - any kind

Rack of lamb

Roast leg of lamb.



I Love a good pork chop. Particular favorite is the "porterhouse" style but loin chop in a pinch.


The tenderloins are so versatile. I grill them, cut-and-pound them pan fry and make schnitzel, pork parm, etc.


I made pork osso buco once. It was delicious and maybe a little too rich.


Ham, roast or smoked pork - Bring it on.



I'm clearly a dark-meat person. I would rather have a leg or thigh than breast meat. Regardless if it is roasted, grilled, stewed.


Nothing like a good duck breast.


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