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Methode Rotuts

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it would be much easier for me to get a Red iSi  that was 750 cc


w one charger for the dead space .........


but tomorrow. 


when Im less Fizzy  


and have dug out one WoodPile


Ill get something for sure


any sales anywhere for Tomorrow ?



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18 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


I am confused.  For the 1 quart iSi the max. filling volume is specified as 1 liter, and a liter of liquid comes to the max fill line marked on the vessel.  There is headspace above that.  Why would you use only 500 ml?



I was confused; I think the minimum volume is 500ml. Please ignore.

Notes from the underbelly

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I am interested in carbonating wine, but like the idea of using a 5 LB CO2 bottle, regulator and hose system. It looks like you could put one together using parts from Amazon or eBay for about $100. Anyone tried it? It seems like you could do thousands of bottles from 1 tank and the cost about $20 to refill.





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very interesting vid




a lot of emphasis on saving money , something I respect


however , No Wine was mentioned 


Im wondering if the PureFizz no longer exists , except on ebay because of liability issues.


the 750 cc and 1 L model require you to release the pressure before you open it


or Bad Stuff will Happen , perhaps to your Eye ?


so Id go with other the PureFizz  ( 750 if you can get it new ) or the iL


or just go with the iSi


the initial investment is high , and its not fool proof esp after


you have a few " toots ' of the MR


make sure you understand what these pressure might do to you if you don't pay attention.

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Forcing CO2 into solution is easy... you don't need anything more than a good source of CO2, and a pressurized vessel.  A 10lb CO2 refill at my local welding shop (where I've become a regular over the past decade or more) costs $22... That provides me with about 6 months worth of all the carbonated beverages I might desire.  Since I'm a homebrewer, I've got a heap of 5 gallon kegs, two of which are dedicated to seltzer duty and reserve seltzer duty.  I've also got a few "carbonator caps", widgets that have the same connector as the kegs do, but then screw onto 1 or 2L soda bottles.  Put whatever you want into the soda bottle (I use plain seltzer bottles because soda flavors can cling), chill it down to 33F,  hit it with 50PSI of CO2 and shake for a minute, and you've got a lovely bottle of  fizzy stuff.  

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Christopher D. Holst aka "cdh"

Learn to brew beer with my eGCI course

Chris Holst, Attorney-at-Lunch

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Agreed forcing CO2 into solution is easy.  But I can't unsee photographs of pressure vessel parts embedded in concrete blocks.  I'd gladly pay people like iSi who have thought about these things.  I pay $125 for a case of thirty boxes of CO2 chargers that last me over a year.


Plus I don't have space for the Dave Arnold infrastructure.


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Good Lord. When my kitchen appliances begin attacking me, I'll know it's time to quit cooking.

Don't ask. Eat it.


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