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Greater Phoenix Dining: Where To Eat?

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Today I made an excursion to the first real cheese shop in Arizona.

The name is Petit Fromage and for such a small enterprise, there are some amazing cheeses. (I bought a few, plus some cultured butter and two kinds of goat butter).

It is inside and part of:

D'Licious Dishes

5345 N 7th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85013

(602) 274-3663

And which has some amazing foods to either eat there or take home, lunch and/or dinner. Scrumptious stuff.

My dinner this evening consisted of small pieces of two of the cheeses, pears from Whole Foods market and grapes from Fresh & Easy market (I had never been in one and my van just sort of turned in on its own as I was driving down the street!) also some bread from Whole Foods.

I decided to spend an extra night in Phoenix on my way home from New Mexico and am very glad I did. I sincerely hope that Petit Fromage makes it because Phoenix really needs a dedicated cheese market.

I will write more about the cheeses after I return home and will post in the Cheese topic.

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Was at little miss yesterday. Best BBQ I've had in years. Great Texas-ish style brisket. The sample of turkey was great. Going back this weekend to try their shortribs.

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Bianco sold out to a local restaurant group, it's not the same since Chris left the building. It's still really good pizza, but, it's just not what it was. My other favorite pizza place (Metro) also changed hands and just isn't great any more.


Here are a few assorted places:

Mrs. White's Golden Rule -soul food

LoLo's Chicken and Waffles -soul food

Arai Pastry -small but authentic Japanese bakery, snacks like currypan and melonpan, bentos next door at the convenience store (can't really eat here, get some pastry for the road)

Nobuo at Teeter House -Japanese

Tarbell's -established famous chef

Binkley's -newer famous chef

Tomaso's -my favorite Italian place, excellent service (if you've never had osso bucco, try it here)

Haus Murphy's -authentic German food in a beerhall, lots of beers on tap, my German friends really like this place


There are a lot of other places, try searching around, the local paper has done a series of articles on the 'ten best' and 'twenty best' of a lot of types of food, you'll find some hidden gems there.


Oh yeah, if you drive through Albuquerque, try a fast food place called Stufy's. (we always called it "stuffy's") It's a low-rent greasy spoon, but, they put EVERYTHING in fresh, hot sopaipillas -taco filling, a hamburger, apple pie, a turkey sandwich, or breakfast. Get extra sopas and honey, just because. If you go through town twice, you might want to stop at Garduno's at Winrock, to see where Breaking Bad filmed a scene. (also, get the sopaipillas there, too)


I know I am missing a lot of places...

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I second Haus Murphy's in Glendale. The last time we went they had an oompa band in the biergarten and excellent food inside. We were disappointed because the pork shank and sauerkraut which we'd been eagerly anticipating wasn't on the menu that night. We asked about it, and the watiress said, "Oh, we always have it. It's just that the regulars know to ask for it." One of us had that, the other had the sausage sampler, and we shared. The beer was good, too. That was over 5 years ago. I'm glad to know it's still there.

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Little Miss BBQ brunch, Wed before Thanksgiving. We arrived at 10 to stand in line and ate at 1130.

Parking lot was well managed and the line is nicely appointed with shade, water, and tantalizing smells.

Tried the beans, cole slaw, cheese jalapeno grits, turkey, sausage, pork ribs, pulled pork, brisket (fatty) and 'smoked pecan pie'. We were short a body so skipped the lean brisket. May never make it here on a Thursday for pastrami or a Saturday for beef ribs, but that's ok because it was brisket for the win! ( everything was good but the turkey and sausage couldn't stand up to the pork and beef).

Excellent pecan tart tho I couldn't find any smokiness in it.

House and mustard sauces were enjoyed by others (i dont like barbecue sauce). Meats were tender moist perfectly seasoned and perfectly smoky. So worth the drive and the wait!

We'll be back!


Newe(er) smoker = #3


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