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  1. I joined in 2004. I had been reading for a few years before joining. I still read more than I post.
  2. In Louisiana and on the east coast I preferred Blue Plate mayonnaise. Ive heen in AZ for foour years and don't know if the receipe has changed like most other things.
  3. Tried the newly reopened Silver Dragon on Saturday. Pretty good food. They have Hong Kong stlye food on two different menus. One for American and one for Chinese tastes. Two America couples and lots of Chinese families/couples. My wife liked her food a lot as did I. We'll be trying them again.
  4. A36 is a low carbon steel used for structural shapes. I guess it would depend on the stainless grade's heat retention
  5. This is a set I have. It goes along with a few other custom knives and a bunch of Victorinox knives. http://www.bgoodeknives.com/
  6. Depending on the adopted code there is an exception IF the kitchen HVAC system is designed to handle the outside air temperature.
  7. The last bout of intestinal stuff I had the Dr. asked if I had eaten rice in a restaurant. She said it's the number one source of food poisoning.
  8. Until two years ago we did without a microwave since 1996.
  9. Tried the noodle shop a week ago. Not bad but... The wife did not like her chicken and noodles. I had beef and noodles. The chicken and beef both had a weird-ish soft texture. I'd give it another try as the flavors were decent. The crowd was three anglos and the rest orential. Watching the noodles being made was interesting.
  10. Was at little miss yesterday. Best BBQ I've had in years. Great Texas-ish style brisket. The sample of turkey was great. Going back this weekend to try their shortribs.
  11. Growing up in South Louisiana the smells of childhood are rich and varied, strong coffee, file in gumbo, frying anything, fresh seafood, saltwater, and spices. Having a father from northern Louisiana I have memories of pot licker and greens, biscuits and gravy. and fresh vegetables. Others are coffee mixed with cigarette smoke, stale beer from the local bar's trash, fresh bread from the bakery next door to our unair-conditioned school (at about two in the afternoon just as we were becoming bored to tears), the restaurants getting ready for customers, 'dressed' roast beef po-boys, the smell at the butchers as he made fresh sausage, and too many others to list. But the strongest food smell I remember is the spicy boiled shrimp laid out on wooden platforms to dry in the sun, the canvas that covered them for protection at night, and the smell of the shells as they were tumbled off in what looked like huge dryers. Then the shrimp packaged six or eight in little cellophane bags stapled too a card backing ready for sale.
  12. I can appreciate the even dice and the ascetics of them in the dish. But the size of the dice has little in cooking evenly. If the dice lays flat in the pan, ( _ _ _ ) instead of vertical ( I I I ) the thickness will be almost the same because of the nature of the onion. There may be minor differences in cooking time but not enough to matter in most cooking.
  13. pyrguy

    Packed Lunches

    I feel the same way about work lunches. Leftovers from supper the night before, sometimes good, sometimes not so much. Cold sandwich??? Not every day. I'll be watching for ideas.
  14. The wife ha RA so I do most of the cooking. She does use the OXO stuff and the Victorinox Fibrox line of knives. Some are pairing/steak type knives with the small handles. Others are like this one (CLICK) with the larger handles that seem to work on some days.
  15. I have a cast iron waffle iron with those spring handles. I STILL have to use potholders to use it. The springs get WAY too hot to touch. They do take a little longer to come to temp than the handles on my other cast iron.
  16. pyrguy


    Sliced into rounds, breaded with corn meal, and fried was a treat growing up.
  17. I find it interesting that people that would have others be tolerant of their views are intolerant of views that disagree with them. You cannot have it both ways. The bottom line, if I read the news and they reported it correctly, was they had a marketing plan that used traditional families not non-traditional. Their company, their marketing. Good, bad, or otherwise. Don't like the product or the marketing, don't buy it. Simple.
  18. Those marks on the burger patty were sprayed on. You could see the widths change as they went over the edge.
  19. We used to eat at a great brew pub. But... staffing issues caused a down turn. The last meal we had there we were served 'house made' burgers. They had 'diamond' grill marks on one side, looked like an expanded metal home made grill, and straight on the other. Oh, and they wrapped up the sides of the patty.
  20. I don't know if it's perfect but Cook's Illustrated's chocolate sour cream bunt cake is pretty dang good. It always disappears quickly at parties.
  21. Great burgers on cheep white bread is a wonderful thing.
  22. I have not found Cajun food to be particularly "hot spicy" though pepper sauces are always on the table for individual adjustment and add-ins. Here is a snippet from an interview with Chef John Folse giving a a good explanation: "Cajun food is always seasoned, but not always hot and spicy. Spicy insinuates that the food is highly flavored with peppers such as cayenne, Tabasco, etc. However, highly seasoned, which Cajun cooking certainly is, refers to flavor in our food: onions, celery, bell pepper, garlic, green onions, parsley and even herbs, such as basil, thyme, tarragon and rosemary. " Heidi - that is certainly helpful for a cajun-virgin (sounds like a band name). By that description, I'd say my meal above hit all the high points quite well! Cajun is all about the blending of flavors not necessarily just the heat. One of the best explanations I have read.
  23. Bacon Cheese Burgers on a pair of KrispyKreams has been fair food for a couple of years now. I tried one at the South Carolina State Fair three years ago. Interesting but.... Would of been better with a real burger patty rather than that frozen hockey puck.
  24. Had a propane stove in our old house. Didn't have the BTU output it would of had on natural gas. Really not enough to notice the difference.
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